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Without a question the most valuable Platforms for online marketers are SamCart and ClickFunnels which are tools Designed to help you improve ecommerce Sales they also allow you to scale more Quickly than you could manually and they Are quite good at it despite this there Are thousands of tools on the internet Nowadays that claim to be able to do so However ClickFunnels and samcart are two Amazing technologies that may Significantly increase your online Stores engagement and profitability is It necessary to have both or would one Of these platforms be enough hello and Welcome to sales funnels made easy where We will teach you all you need to know About sales funnels in this video we Will be weighing in everything that we Know about sam cart and ClickFunnels and By the end we will be telling you which One we personally like best but before We begin please like subscribe and ring The bell to be notified when a new video Is uploaded with that being said let’s Get started what exactly is samcart Samcart is a web-based one-click E-commerce software that allows business Owners to create professional shopping Cart pages with just a few clicks the Simplest approach to convey the benefits Of sam cart and why your company needs It is to start with some online shopping Cart statistics this information may.

Take you off guard if you’ve recently Been bitten by the e-commerce bug and Are set to launch your online store why Most online store owners feel that Spending money on a great website and Optimizing the page’s seo will bring in The big bucks shouldn’t having a strong Social presence entice firms to come Knocking on your door no the statistics On shopping cart abandonment are far From encouraging but first and foremost Let’s talk about the basics what is the Definition of shopping cart abandonment It is a word that refers to customers That add things to their online shopping Cart then leave before making a purchase One of the most heartbreaking situations That internet store owners have is this Problem if your shopping cart Abandonment rate is too high it means That all of your advertising product Development and display efforts will be In vain according to statistics between 55 and 80 of online shopping carts are Abandoned the average rate on the other Hand is at an all-time high of 79 According to this research at least Three out of four shoppers will abandon An e-commerce site before making a final Purchase of the desired product why do So many customers abandon their carts in The final stage of the sales funnel After first showing interest in a Product simply told most shopping carts

Are disorganized and do not present all Of the information needed to complete The transaction on a single page Customers are sometimes compelled to Read so many pages that they lose Interest in a sale other shopping cart Websites contain jargon that is Difficult to understand your customers Will go on quickly if the shopping cart Is not basic and to the point the Purchasing experience will be Substantially slowed the average Attention span of a human today is Believed to be smaller than that of a Goldfish your online customer appears to Only be willing to give your shopping Basket 8 seconds of their time one of The most common reasons for high Shopping cart abandonment rates is a Slow confusing cart sam cart was created To be a simple answer to this problem It’s a cart builder that helps both Novice and experienced store owners Increase sales the software works with a Variety of email marketing platforms as A result you may utilize it to build a Sales funnel with excellent conversion Rates to utilize sam cart you do not Need to be a tech savvy online store Owner every step of the shopping cart Creation process has been considered in The software as a result there’s no need To write html code or use css the Software comes with a number of

Ready-to-use templates for your online Store you may create your checkout page In less than half an hour using its Streamlined process in that time you’ll Have introduced not only the product you Want to sell but also your company’s Payment structure to the checkout Procedure you may also construct split Tests and additional integrations Upsells and coupons samcart has a Fantastic shopping cart page builder Great one-click upsells abandoned cart And order bumps features affiliate Management a wide range of integration With email marketing tools is less Expensive than click funnels with a Basic plan of 19 per month and offers a Wide range of optimized checkout pages To name a few advantages samcart’s Disadvantages include the lack of Marketing automation features and the Fact that its affiliate center is only Available as part of its 199 dollars per Month suite so what really is click Funnels while sam cart and clickfunnels Have certain features in common they are Extremely different it is true that Creating a comparison between them is Tough why clickfunnels is a tool for Building sales funnels as a result it’s Much more than just a shopping cart page Builder it includes a number of sales Funnel design templates that will assist You in creating optimal landing pages as

Well as feature-rich sales funnels for Selling services or products online it’s Important to grasp what a sales funnel Is in order to comprehend why the two Software programs are so different a Sales funnel is the journey that a Consumer takes to purchase a product or Service the marketing funnel is wide at The top and narrow at the bottom exactly Like any other store-bought funnel the Vast majority of consumers never make it Past the wide end of the sales funnel a Few on the other hand will only follow Your mouse trap all the way to the end These are the revenue generating Consumers as a result it should come as No surprise that a sales funnel should Be optimized to reduce customer drop-off Rates click funnels for example can help You enhance engagement which will Increase the number of consumers that Reach the end of your sales funnel a Sales funnel is something that every Company possesses some on the other hand Have little control over their customers Journeys despite this data reveals that 95 of purchasers buy goods or services From sellers who provide navigable Information at each stage of the Purchasing process as a result while Your seo efforts may result in improved Visibility on google which leads to Increased prospects you must do more it Is your responsibility to lead your

Prospects through your website pages and Convert them to leads by obtaining their Email addresses these leads may not buy Your product on the first day but if you Follow up with them via email marketing They may complete the sales funnel one Of clickfunnels advantages is that it Offers a highly comprehensive sales Funnel builder that can create landing Pages handle market automation and even Have checkout pages apart from being Simple to use click funnels also Features a large number of pre-built Funnels it offers to upsell pages that Can be purchased with a single click and A powerful affiliate scheme however some Of its drawbacks include its shopping Cart checkout page feature isn’t as Comprehensive as samcarts affiliate Management is only available in Clickfunnels 297 dollars per month Version and it’s more expensive than Samcart these two platforms as Previously said are intended to boost Sales from your online store sam cart on The other hand focuses on optimizing Shipping cart pages for a small piece of The sales funnel on the other side click Funnels goes a step further and Optimizes your entire sales funnel Nonetheless both have some traits in Common which we will compare our Comparison of the two platforms will aid You in determining if you simply need

One or both in your day-to-day business Operations let’s take a look at the Upsell pages for both these tools upsold Pages are available on both platforms And they are designed to urge users to Buy more products or services upsell Pages include attempting features such As a purchasable add-on an upgrade or a High priced item according to neil patel 70 of your website’s revenue will come From leads with the remaining 30 coming From upsells affiliate administration Capabilities are available on both Platforms which aid in the creation of Affiliate accounts this means you can Enlist the help of others to sell Products and services directly from your Website the affiliate center in sam cart Is well designed and easy to use with The bar chart tool it’s simple to keep Track of profits or referrals at a Glance a powerful affiliate feature is Also available in click funnels backpack Is the name of the feature and it Includes features like affiliate Analytics two-tiered programs and Affiliate administration services this Useful function is only available in Clickfunnels edison suite subscription Which is the company’s top tier package Then there’s email marketing and Automation to consider this is one place Where clickfunnels shines brighter than Sam cart because sam cart lacks email

Marketing features you’ll need click Funnels to automate your marketing plan You can use click funnels to create Email marketing campaigns with smart Lists and action funnels for your online Store customer analytics are available On the site which can help you optimize Your marketing activities while sam cart Lacks marketing automation features it Does not interact with a variety of Marketing platforms including Activecampaign getresponse aweber drip Convertkit and mailchimp for an online Store owner who needs to establish and Improve their email marketing strategy Clickfunnels has more to offer in its Package its automation tools as well as Sales and funnel building tools will Help you boost your profits click Funnels makes creating a sales funnel Simple and painless allowing you to Focus on what matters most growing your Business even if you have no prior Experience building landing pages or Sales funnels click funnels makes it Simple to get started there are numerous Templates available to help you get Started click funnels also includes a Drag and drop editor customizing your Landing page layouts is very Straightforward you can also use this Landing page builder to host your Website perform a b testing automate Email responses manage affiliate

Networks and more in a nutshell ClickFunnels is a powerful digital Marketing platform that can transform The way you do business online small Businesses can benefit from this E-commerce platform as well because it Is a one-of-a-kind tool with numerous Functionalities there is a learning Curve and it may take some time to grasp All of the features the good news is That ClickFunnels has educational tools To assist you in becoming familiar with Everything if you don’t have a lot of Time or don’t know how to code ClickFunnels is a good option for Creating sales funnels hopefully this Video helped answer any questions you Have about sales funnels if it has be Sure to subscribe and ring the bell to Be notified when a new video is uploaded.

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