Clickfunnels vs Systeme vs Simvoly vs Kickpages // The Ultimate Review & Comparison

All right so which one should you use Click funnels or should you use WordPress or system or go high level Drop funnels kick pages simply like There’s a lot of options out there so Let’s talk about features pricing and Which one is best for you if you’re Watching this before october 4th 2022 Then we’re in a little bit of a tricky Situation because clickfunnels is Launching their 2.0 but let’s talk about What we have right now right and then After october 4th if you’re watching This after you’ll see a link in the Description or above or below to more Videos about these things and also we’ll Have more videos about specifically Building funnels in these uh platforms So make sure you subscribe all the good Stuff now click funnels is a platform That you can build obviously you can Build a website you can build a sales Funnel you can build a membership There’s a lot of stuff that you can do So let’s talk about what you can’t Currently do with click funnels and you Can check out the links in the Description as well you can generate Leads you can build sales funnels that You that allows you to sell your Physical digital products you can have Follow-up funnels with your emails you Can have Memberships stuff

Courses coaching programs videos for Your Your students in there there’s a lot of The basic stuff i would say that most People need that you can use with click Funnels i’ve used it for a very long Time i’ve built 500 funnels in click Funnels i’ve used it for some of the Biggest brands in the world tony robbins Team garcia robert kiyosaki it’s not That clickfunnels is a bad product but It has some issues that we’re hoping to Get fixed with clickfunnels 2.0 so let’s Take a look at that real quick um i was Sent this this video from russell you Can see it at clickfunnels blog before Fun liking live 2021 so it’s been Delayed it and that’s some of the Frustration that we’re seeing with People in the online space the fact that It’s been delayed for such a long time I’ve had beta access to this for Probably six months clickfunnels hired Me to do some of the internal projects And page builds the signs if you go to for example i Built that page as well inside of Clickfunnels 2.0 but one of the things That you’ll see here is yes we have a New funnel hub which is like the home Page that leads into other funnels then We have a visual automation builder we Got faster load speed crm funnels i Think this one is probably the biggest

Biggest improvement with click funnels It’s been there’s been a lot of Discussion of like okay click funnels 1.0 is it’s good it’s easy to build Funnels in but it’s not performing super Well which with a page load speed and so That’s the biggest improvement with 2.0 Uh but again we don’t have that final Like a complete sales funnel to test um We could test and See how that performs compared to other Platforms so make sure you subscribe for All those videos that we’re going to be Doing we got ecommerce features to sell Your Product Card funnels new course builder new blog Builder new page builder uh Sophisticated email workflows membership Sites uh email broadcasts you can see The visual email builder is way Different than what they haven’t Have had in the past and then we got a Customer center with uh profiles for Everyone universal elements real-time Analytics um you can be multiple people Inside of the editor at once which is Good this is something that i’m Personally very excited about is the Funnel flows you can visually see the Pages and the split testing and the Emails where they go and just quickly Edit those so that is the features and Then the pricing i think it’s going to

Be the same for 2.0 so at least it is Rumored to start at 97 a month again if You’re watching this after october 4th Then then we’ll know for sure 97 a month 297 a month and you’ll see kind of what You get here with that so you can pause The video and you can check out the link In the description as well to see all of This but uh Symboly is a clickfunnels competitor if You will it’s a supposed to be a All-in-one platform which means you Build your website you build your blog Your sales funnels your e-commerce Funnels your stores your membership your Emails everything is inside of one Platform and the main difference that You see when you go to symboli versus Click funnels in my opinion and my team Told me this as well yesterday you’re Having to meeting me and my film makers And uh we’re talking about all these Platforms and the strategy with our Youtube channel and they’re like this One looks more like a software company Whereas click funnels home page looks More like a Education company which makes sense Because clickfunnels is also selling a Lot of courses and masterminds and Coaching and events and all that it’s Just a different sort of strategy Whereas symbol is more positioned as a Development like a software development

Company right so you can see it has all These and i’m scrolling through it but This is the home page we got all the Features here so you’ll see page builder And i’m not even gonna read all this to You you can see uh All the features sales and e-commerce The funnel builder email marketing Automations crm appointments and if we Look at the pricing of this it starts at 12 per month to get one website one Funnel If you want five funnels which is Probably the the one that most people Are gonna use Is 29 per month for annual or 36 month To month so that is like 30 of click Funnels if we just look at the pricing And then you can see everything that’s Included here so Uh you get email included there Uh 100 subscribers and send 1 200 emails For 36 per month which is pretty good Because with click funnels you need the 297 plan to send emails which i don’t Use that myself either i use um Activecampaign and i paid like 15 per Month when i started and now i pay way More because i have more emails next one Is kick pages so Um cake pages is also a all-in-one Platform you can build funnel sites and Memberships in minutes one thing that

I’ll say uh straight away uh is kick Pipe kick page just has a a nice Foundry app that lets you build um Funnels and templates before you open The editor so we’ll talk about that here In a second there’s scott shout out to Scott a good friend of mine who’s using Kik pages And um Let’s look at the The features but right away the design Of the home page is super clean and it Looks like a software company as well You know they’re very focused on product Which i like Uh if we look at the foundry app by kick Pages uh key pages also released their 2.0 version so if we look at for example Let’s see system dark for example i’ll Use this one You can drag in the sections that you Want to use And then from there You can Just release them there From there you can Just click here to build a page right so You just drag in everything that you Want to use our pricing And Let’s say that’s testimonials And then we want a i don’t know a footer And you can drag these and move them Around and this is uh if clickfunnels if

You’re watching this i think this is What you what you need um not exactly it Doesn’t have to be a foundry app where You just drag everything and then click Build page but it needs to be this clean It needs to look modern it needs to look Like a Web flow or more like a traditional like Design focused conversion focused modern 2024 2025 feel and uh you know some People have said that they’re not happy With the click funnels designs and teams And templates so hopefully that’s fixed In october when we get clickfunnels 2.0 With all their features back to cape Pages they have page builder membership Sites funnels Collaborations you can invite all the Users fast page speed as well design Blocks which we already looked at and Then page automation and other features Right here you can take a look at it’s a Lot of features for me to uh go through All of them but then the pricing which i Think most people are going to be Interested in we got a 47 a month Starter plan 97 a month pro plan and Then 197 agency plan i’ve never heard About the the agency plan so let’s see i Think that the new one the new thing is 10 sub-user accounts so i could probably Then ask a funnel agency have my client Sign up inside of my account and i can Have 10 sub users with their own domains

So that’s good what i like to do is and What i’m doing right now with click Funnels is i’m having people create Their own account so they have full Control over it right but even with a a Platform no matter what platform you’re Using from 27 a month to 47 to 97 the Client can pick what platform they want To use and then uh depending on their Budget they’re like you know some Clients say oh price doesn’t really Matter like and then some people more Like in the beginning phases for them It’s a big deal they don’t want to have A lot of monthly expensive speaking of Expenses system is probably the I would say the most trending right now Because of their free plan so i haven’t Built a free a false funnel or even Landing page in any of these besides Click funnels but i will be to show you Can the differences and let you decide I’m neutral right i’m not signed with Any of these companies so i just want to Show you the platforms and you make a Decision which one you want to use and So with this you can create sales Sales funnels sales send the marketing Emails build websites manage your Affiliates create online courses which By the way your affiliates this is Something that uh clickfunnels has as Well but it’s at 297 a month so let’s See what system is charging for that and

Create your online courses automate your Marketing i like that they have this Right here replaces all of these things Replaces click funnels replace this WordPress cartridge hijabi tripod Replace this this is smart marketing Automate your your marketing Save at least 320 per month so you can See all the features here as well if you Go down i like how clean the design is Here as well to be honest all of them Are pretty clean like even This right here is pretty pretty clean It’s more of like when you land yeah It’s more about the community and the The lifestyle of a business owner than The actual software which a lot of People love as well the community so It’s just it depends on what you like it Depends on who you are as a person and What gets you uh excited and what you Know what helps you in your business so Let’s let’s look at System pricing Monthly um Free plan gets you 2 000 contacts three Sales funnels one blog One course unlimited students One automation one uh Workflow One tag one email campaign one click Upsell Deadline funnels is that natively Integrated like

The system have their own deadline Funnels which is basically Countdown timers that are customized so If there’s no fake countdown timers a Deadline funnel is Something that tracks who you are and Then depending on when you opted in it Sets the timer to like five days so if You go back to the page it knows your ip Address or you know i don’t know how Exactly how it works but It’s customized to that one specific Person even in emails you can have Deadline funnels That has countdown and you can see two Days left one day left three hours left And helps for urgency and it’s not fake You have your affiliate program for free Custom domain Okay No evergreen webinar so you can have Webinars on system i didn’t know on this One 47 a month yeah so very different Pricing plan i think system what they’re Trying to do with this one correct me if I’m wrong but i think they’re trying to Be Well it’s pretty clear in the marketing Too they’re they’re like Trying to be very different than for Example click funnels so a free plan and Then webinars in like they’re trying to Be all in one and i’ve heard great Things about it so far again nobody’s

Paying me anything to say any of this Stuff i’ve just heard it from people in Full-time funnel designer we have over 500 people in there now and they’re Building funnels for clients a lot of People use system a lot of people use Kick pages all the people use symbol and A lot of people use click funnels and so From literally coaching hundreds of People i see all these platforms and so I see that the ins and outs of it and What people are saying the feedback that They have And uh one thing that i gotta say about Click funnels if i sound like too Negative about 1.0 is that they have Actually reached out to me and wanted Feedback from my community and that has Same thing with all these owners i Talked to pretty much all these ceos not On a weekly basis but pretty often and i Appreciate when people reach out they Ask for feedback from our community and So you watching this you can drop your Comments below you can reach out to me On facebook message me give me your your Feedback Feature requests and everything and when I talk to these people i Update them To these people to the ceos and the Development teams for These page builders i will bring them The feedback from you guys so that’s it

Hopefully this gives you a little bit Better understanding of these platforms I will do more in-depth uh funnel builds And also challenges like what about this One this one the exact same funnel what About page load speed and all these like Fun challenges that i want to do on this Channel so make sure you subscribe and I’ll see in the next one

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