ClickFunnels vs Wix – Which One Is Better?

Hey there guys my name is marcus and in This video i’m going to compare wix with Clickfunnels.

The first thing i’m going to share with You or like compare is what is my actual Recommendation for you to do like in What situation i would choose click Funnels and in what situation I would choose wix then i’m going to Compare pricing plans Like which one is cheaper and better and Then i’m going to Look on the features what kind of apps You can connect with both how we can Build websites etc In my opinion they are completely Different Tools and what you can do with it i Would never ever choose the wix as a Funnel Builder that i want to sell products With i would definitely choose a wix if I want to Create a presentation website let’s say I offer my services as a consultant And in that way i would definitely Choose wix because it’s effective And the builder is okay click funnel on The other hand Is really great if you want to create Sales funnels That you can like transform the traffic From to your customers and in that way Uh it’s much more effective to choose

Click funnels so if you want to actually I don’t know create youtube ads facebook Ads and get the traffic on your website And then sell your products and services And courses in that regard Click Funnels Is like top notch.

Wix is really great let’s say i want to Write A post for my blog and i want to sell my Services Locally as a consultant let’s say wix is Really good for it Now let’s compare the pricing plans Click funnel is more expensive Comparing to wix let me explain why the First Plan they offer i’m going to move my Camera a little bit They the first a plan they offer is the Basic one for 97 Then 297 and 2497.

You see the funnels 20 pages 100 sub Users one Payment gateway is free on the other Hand when you come here two weeks You can choose between business and E-commerce or you can choose The normal website and you can choose Like okay that’s 24 euro 24.50 or 1250 Or just go combo 850 it really depends How many how much storage space you need And if you like professional logo etc But let’s say that the highest is 25

24.50 and business e-commerce It’s 35 the highest is 45 euro imagine That so It’s uh much more cheaper Comparing to click funnels but in my Opinion they’re just completely Different so i can’t really say that wix Is better comparing to clickfunnels Only because clickfunnels is going to Help you with different things Let me explain how you can actually Build a website so let’s say i’m going To click edit And i’m going to edit a website same With clickfunnels and i will guide you And then with wix they offer both plenty Of applications that you can integrate With your website Same with clickfunnels that you can Integrate it and same with the wix Also when you come here to clickfunnels How it actually works so You got a funnels here and i’m going to Click here build a new funnel And now you can choose what kind of Thing you want to do you can collect Email sell Your product or host a webinar Or you can create a custom funnel or you Can choose from the templates here So i come here and let’s say i’m going To homepage Homepage funnel a traditional website That pushes people into your core

Funnels Okay now pages 2 time 30 minute And i can do i can choose the template Here Uh luminos conquer or i can choose the Paid ones When we also compare templates in my Opinion we just got more templates Comparing to Click funnels because click funnels got Plenty of them paid So that’s something you should Definitely keep in mind now what i’m Going to choose like food here right What can i do it’s like okay i’m going To get this funnel And i will just edit everything here i Will get on a funnel page now So here is like lounge checklist funnel Steps home page thank you page and i can Add multiple steps here So i’m going to edit the page here And voila here i am and now What i can do i can edit literally Everything here but The disadvantage comparing two weeks is That on wix You can move it as much as you want so You don’t have extra limitation on mix What you can do So in weeks i just come here and i can Simply move it right And do what i want with it on Clickfunnels

I can edit things i can add things here Like add here Let’s say elements i’m going to move my Camera a little bit like here I can choose and click elements add an Element and you have elements that you Can add like let’s say i want to add a Button You can also add a new row as one column And it oh it’s all about the columns and Rows And also sections so that’s how Clickfunnels works on the other hand Weeks when when i’m here how it actually Works i’m going to click add i’m going To move my camera again And now i can add image button gallery Decorative interactive box right And that’s pretty much it but the Biggest difference is that how we can Actually edit the website So this is something you should Definitely keep in mind so to summarize This whole video guys I don’t know what else should i show you My recommendation is don’t use wix for Funnels don’t use it it’s going to get Overwhelming it’s not going to be Effective I would definitely choose wix if you Want to create a simple presentation Website Which is going to be cheap comparing to Clickfunnels but clickfunnels

Is a top notch if you want to actually Build A funnel or sales page on which you want To sell your product So or like service thank you very much Guys for watching Have a great day and goodbye see ya.

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