Clippingmagic vs Canva to Remove Backgrounds from Images

Hi guys welcome back to another video Before we dive in i just want to say Thank you to everybody who’s here we hit 1100 youtube subscribers which it’s not A lot to some people But for me it’s a lot so thank you for Being here you mean everything to me i Wouldn’t do this without you so thank You And if you’re new here make sure you Subscribe like the video All the good stuff so last video i Showed you something behind the scenes You know design tricks that you can use In canva to add to your funnels i kind Of go in stages Where you know sometimes i talk a lot About you know getting clients and then I talk about design and then i’ll talk About different tools But i hope that you guys like it and That is helping you in your business And in in this video because it hit me Some people don’t know that you can Actually Do you know certain things with canva Like removing the background from an Image because i use another tool so i Thought why don’t i You know show you how to remove the Background from an image Inside of canva and then show you the Difference between canva And clipping magic for an example so

We’re gonna do that comparison today And if you want obviously the the full Advanced course a link is in the Description where We have over 100 video along with weekly Calls where i coach you And you know private community all of That stuff if you want support so now Let’s dive in to the tutorial [Music] Right so in this video we’re going to Drag this image In here and we’re going to try to remove The background Using first canvas software And their auto ai functionality let’s See Effects and background mover so It’s just going to do its thing and Let’s see how good this is We can see if it finds all the hair Because As i told you guys we’re going to also Try to use clipping magic and see The difference here so pretty good Pretty good not bad at all Sometimes you’ll have to you know click This And show them like hey we also want to Remove for example this arm right here Um let’s go back or if it removes too Much We can also say hey we still wanna you Know we wanna add some things

Here pretty good before you know a Couple of months ago Or depending on when you’re watching This they didn’t have this functionality With erase And restore so that’s pretty good and Now you can actually Remove backgrounds pretty easily in Canva which is great But then the reason as i told you the Reason why I like clipping magic is if we open Clipping magic And drag this in here let’s say it’s Someone who has You know longer hair or it’s someone who Has a more curly hair It’s harder to find with even with the Ai it’s hard to find The hair so what you can see this ai Software did here Is if we click minus You can see that this green right here Is From detecting hair there’s a tool here Inside of clipping magic Which is the brush and the brush can Find like the tiny details around here So you might want to use that again we Have more tutorials around like clipping Magic In other modules just want to show you The difference here with canon clipping Magic

That sometimes in canva you might have To Actually let me open another image drag It in here and see if we can Delete the background just as easily on That one so We’re gonna go with this one and see if It can Automatically erase the background this One as well so I’m gonna click background remover and See Boom that’s awesome okay so canva has Really improved their functionality when It comes to background Remover so maybe i can soon cancel My subscription with clipping magic this Was pretty impressive actually so I’m surprised with the hair again we Might have to try with A more curly let’s try with this one so If i drag this In and we’re going to remove me and We’re going to just make this bigger And effects and background remover I just picked the first image i can find We just Crop it it’s actually pretty good I’m surprised actually canva wow okay so If we did the same thing With clipping magic i’m gonna drag this In clipping magic as well Okay that was faster and i would say Even a little bit better you can see

Here around The hair you see nothing of The background even if i remove the Shadows Yeah i think that’s pretty good but even Here sorry Here i mean you can see some of it here You can see some of it But it’s decent it’s okay so that’s kind Of why i’m still using clipping magic But for example if you want to add you Know graphics to this Let’s just go back to the one that i was Using for an example And if you wanted to add let’s say an Element to this This is why it’s important for you to Remove the background this when you can Do that again now we set it as the Background you just undo that And then you download it you add that to Your funnels Boom you would add it here and it’ll Look great so With this said hopefully you like this Video and this comparison And i’ll see you in the next video

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