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Here's a sales tip for designers that Will help you close more of your Prospects it can be really really Difficult to close a prospect on the First call especially when you're Talking about a decision that's going to Cost them thousands of dollars so it's Okay to not close on the first call Sometimes you need an additional call or Two additional calls or maybe a couple Follow-up emails and that's okay but the Biggest mistake that designers and Freelancers make is not always having a Scheduled follow-up and so never end a Call never end an email without telling Them when you're going to meet next so Either schedule another call and remind Them hey I look forward to our call two Days from now or what I'll tell them is I'm gonna put a note so I don't forget About you and if I don't hear from you I'm going to follow up with you on Friday this way they won't forget about You and they're not going to ghost you And you can always keep them on the line For at least one more interaction this Way your sales are going to go way up

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