Considering All Options: The Decision to Let My Son Drop Out of High School

As I grapple with the weighty choice of whether to allow my son to drop out of high school, I find myself considering all options available.


As a parent, I always want what is best for my children, especially when it comes to their education. I’ve always been passionate about learning, but I’ve struggled with the traditional school system. Therefore, when my son expressed his desire to drop out of high school to pursue entrepreneurship, I found myself facing a decision that challenged my beliefs and understanding of education. In this review, I will share my thoughts on the video created by Russell Brunson that helped me navigate this tough decision.

My Initial Thoughts

Watching Russell Brunson’s video, I couldn’t help but relate to his experiences and insights. Like me, he understands that traditional schooling doesn’t always cater to the needs and passions of every individual. My son is creative, but he struggles in school like I did. As Russell pointed out, school can sometimes feel like a business model, focusing more on conformity than on nurturing individual talents.

The Debate: Traditional Education vs. Entrepreneurship

  • Russell Brunson’s video shed light on the fact that not all traditional school teachings are necessary for success. As a parent with 400 employees, I’ve come to realize the value of practical skills and real-world experiences over textbook knowledge.
  • My son’s passion for entrepreneurship mirrors my own journey as a business owner. I understand his desire to carve his path and pursue his dreams outside the confines of traditional education.
  • I see both sides of the argument for and against traditional education, recognizing that successful individuals often specialize in one area rather than being well-rounded. Entrepreneurship requires a different set of skills that may not necessarily be nurtured within the walls of a traditional high school.

Embracing Change and Challenging the Status Quo

Russell Brunson’s video resonated with me as he tackled the importance of re-evaluating the current education system. The idea of letting my son drop out of high school was daunting, but after listening to Russell’s perspective, I realized the need to embrace change and challenge the status quo.


In conclusion, the decision to let my son drop out of high school is not one that I took lightly. Russell Brunson’s video offered valuable insights that helped me see beyond the conventional norms of education. As a parent, it is essential to support our children’s aspirations, even if it means deviating from the traditional path. I believe that by encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation, we can redefine success and create opportunities for growth and fulfillment.


  1. Why did you relate to Russell Brunson’s video?
  2. How did Russell’s video influence your perspective on traditional education?
  3. What challenges did you face when considering letting your son drop out of high school?
  4. Do you think entrepreneurship is a viable alternative to traditional education?
  5. How do you believe the education system can be re-evaluated to better meet the needs of students?
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