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So according to forbes the freelancing Industry is a 1.2 trillion dollar Industry and according to upwork it’s Actually been up 100 million dollars Since the start of everything and so With everything’s happening you know job Security millions of people losing their Jobs people have shifted from you know Working at home for other people to Working for themselves it’s actually why I started my business online as well is To have that freedom to work from Anywhere in finland in portugal cyprus Whatever it is and so we see the shift Happening the question is how can you Get involved and which freelance Business should you actually start so in This video i’m going to share 23 Different options for you and also if You do you know if you think that that’s A little bit overwhelming don’t worry I’m gonna also share the three biggest Ones that you can actually start the Easiest and fastest way possible Actually is cost efficient meaning There’s no big investment up front and Also it requires little knowledge to get Started and i’ll also share with you how You can learn the skills that you need And also get your first client at the End of this video first of all quick Back stories when i got started couple Years ago maybe four or five years ago i Had just quit my job at the time i was Making 400 a month my wife paid for the Bills the rent everything and i just Wanted to have an online business and so I looked at the marketplace and asked Myself where’s actually The opportunity three years from now

Because if i can be ahead of the curve Then i know i can get into this and make Money when everyone else come into it It’s pretty much a blue ocean so when You look at a freelancing business you Don’t want to just say okay what am i Passionate about because you could be Passionate about playing poker like who Knows but then You want to ask yourself if i can do Something for another business owner That will generate more income for them Or free up more time Right something that’s super valuable Then you know that you’re going to be Paid handsomely for that uh service so Now let’s actually dive in and talk About these different freelancing Options and the business the services That you can offer to people so the First one is project manager for busy Ceos so yes this requires you to know a Little bit about project management but You can learn that online you can watch Youtube videos like this one or you can Take a freelancing project management Course that teaches you how to Understand the software the system the

Process and kind of what the role Entails but it is a great option for you To work remotely and just be the project Manager that sort of oversees the Projects maybe you’re also a client Account manager so you keep the Relationship between a contractor and a Client for a ceo the second one is a Video editor for businesses course Creators people who have something they Sell online we’ll talk about different Types of video editing services a little Bit down this list but this one would Specifically be for example youtube i Would record this video send it to my Video editor he adds b-rolls clips on Top of it graphics everything and i Don’t have to learn all the softwares And all i do is i create the video and i Get it back is you know 100 done and i Just upload it to youtube if you want to Upload it to facebook whatever it is for You Lengthen you can do that because now you Have this beautifully edited video and You didn’t have to do any of the manual Like work so the third one is Copywriting for bloggers pretty Self-explanatory you just write blog Posts you learn a little bit about seo And so you know what ranks on google And you take their service and you Reverse engineer okay if you want people To buy this service or if they’re an

Affiliate marketer if you want people to Buy this recommended Software product service Then what’s the content that we have to Produce the next one is content creator For online businesses or local Businesses this would be back in the day When i got started i used to go to local Businesses i would take photos write Captions post on their social media Pretty self-explanatory i don’t like it That much so i don’t recommend it i only Recommend stuff that i love myself but You gotta ask yourself what you love not What i love and so if that’s something You want to do you can find businesses Who are not super active on social media And you can offer a content creation for Them work for free get one client and Then turn it into a paying one once they Know what you can do for them next one Is pretty similar is content Redistributor so you take the content What they have on one platform you say Hey what if we could turn this one Content piece into 10 different other content pieces Without you having to do anything Else would that be worth something to You and then from there you present the Offer you agree on a price and boom you Have a client next one is seo search Engine optimization where you take a Website or landing page or funnel that

They have and you help them rank it Higher on google there’s softwares that You can use to find the keywords a Ranking you can do market research again It goes back to the boring work which is Why people pay you but you find those Keywords and now you have a problem that They don’t want to deal with and you can Help them rank higher in google and get Paid for it the next one is pretty Interesting because we’re talking about Tick tock ads and yes you could also do Youtube ads or facebook instagram ads But tic tac ad specifically is something That i’m seeing more and more people get Into And it’s not because it’s a trend or Shiny object it’s it’s simply math it’s Hey if i’m spending a dollar here can i Make two dollars back and you know People started with this you know with Facebook a couple of years ago then more And more people flock to it prices Increased and you were you know you had To be better to actually be able to be Profitable with facebook ads but what Most people don’t know right now is they Can get more for their ad budget if They’re on tick tock because of the low Advertising costs you know within the The tick tock platform so what you can Do is you can say hey i’m just getting Started in the tic tac field i do have Some knowledge about advertising in

General but i’ll do it for free you have A small budget we can test it out and You can take a tic tac at scores you can Watch youtube videos and you can just Work for free until you get that one Testimonial so you can start building a Portfolio that’s it and then you’ll you Know turn it into a paying client the Next one also has to do with tick tock But it’s organic marketing so If i make a youtube like this one then Let’s say it’s 23 you know freelance Ideas you could take this video and you Could chop it into Like a 60 second 23 freelance ideas and It’s a just drop me out and do like a 60 Second tick tack And you send it to me and you’re like Hey i could do this for all your videos What would that be worth to you and i Would say hey that’s this amount of Money and we could have a deal like That’s how it works you just find Something that i don’t want to do it Next one is graphic design for banners Or thumbnails so i like this because Well i mean you could do logos and stuff But you have to be more knowledgeable to Create like a custom logo that’s worth a Lot plus people usually go to fiverr Upwork to do that what i’m talking about Is thumbnails for the youtube creators It could be banners for blog posts Something that people post and it’s

Going to be there for a long time which Means it’s worth a lot if you created Thumbnails for mr beast what would that Be worth Right like it would be worth a lot Because they get millions of views and So yeah graphic design not necessarily Logos but more trending forward thinking Like thumbnails stuff like that that People will need not just now but three Years from now next one is actually a Pretty good one this one is appointment Setter for online businesses so let’s Say our mastermind funnel agency lab Where we’re three coaches we help people Get from zero to ten thousand per month With a funnel agency now an appointment Center would be someone who is on our Team reaches out to people in our Community i have a facebook group of 4 000 people and so this person would be Messing people and offering some value And say maybe hey you want free training You want to learn about this maybe a Free funnel template and then this Person has an appointment center can say Also if you want to learn how we can Help you with three coaches like three On one coaching where you get daily One-on-one access to us to get to 10k Per month would that be something you’re Interested in and then the person would Say yeah for sure and the appointment Center just says okay here’s a link to

Book a call and see if it’s a good fit For or for both of us And so you would then get paid per Appointment you set as well as a Commission for the sales on the back end And so this is usually something more Higher ticket the next one is the next Step of appointment center which is the Closer the salesperson and specifically Inbound closing so in-bomb sales is when You don’t have to set any appointments You don’t have to reach out to people You don’t have to do Any other work than just taking the Calls so yeah that’s a great position as Well but you do have to have some sort Of skills or personality traits to do That the next one is client success Manager or account manager where you Basically help coaches consultants You’re the person who helps them get the Right resources the login i mean this Could also be customer support which is Another on the list but this one is more Specifically like maybe you do q a calls For this coaching business so you’re Part of the team you don’t have your own Coaching program but you know the Answers to questions and you can guide People within A coaching or educational business and So the clients know that they have Access to people on the team when They’re stuck when they have questions

All that good stuff next one is customer Support so this one’s pretty simple you Just sit with your email inbox or the The support ticket system that the Business is using you have to show your Face you don’t have to be Someone who’s like extroverted or on Camera or anything like that you just Sit there and you answer people’s Questions and you get them the right Information maybe the links or you Forward the problem they have to the Idea whatever that problem is but that’s Customer support next one is market Research for content teams so this could Be A business owner like i talked to in the Beginning but it could also be for a Business that does market research and You’re a team member or contractor to Them by offering hey i’ll do market Research for bloggers it could be Something very specific like for Gym owners and i help them with the Latest trends so we can create offers And freebies to bring more people in but That’s market research the next one Would be photographers so this could be Real estate it could be weddings or Personal brands like let’s say you were Traveling with me right now in portugal And we take photos for my website my Landing pages my funnels my offers or my Content but it could also be like i said

Real estate or weddings or something Locally where people want to get photos Like babies for example next one Interior design so when i want to set up Like you can look at my office here it’s Not really that well set up because i’m Traveling but you know in finland when i Was looking to set up my home office and Also my separate office Then i wanted to find a good interior Designer and it was pretty hard to find Because i don’t know where to look for Them and everything so if you can find Creators and youtubers and everything And you can offer interior design for Home office spaces i think that’s a big Problem and something that’s super Valuable to people next one is blog site Or website developer so this is again Someone who actually develops it and Sets up the tech so someone is writing The blog post someone has a product to Offer but you could be the one who Builds it out on your wordpress or Clickfunnels 2.0 or somewhere where the Content is ranking on google this is not So much the sales funnels will get to Those the actual money making systems This is more so the home page the funnel Hub the blog again where people are Looking for google to find their stuff Next one 3d illustrator designer or Animator so this one is pretty hard but If it is something that you’re

Interested in if it’s something that You’re good at you’re passionate about i Mean look at nft for example the nft in My crypto marketplace there’s a need for 3d designers animators illustrators and More Advanced and fancy design i mean that Takes a lot of skills but also gets you Paid well and then three more which i Love these ones the most number one is Funnel designer number two is final Copywriter and number three is funnel Agency we offer the full system so let Me explain what i mean by that funnel Design is where you maybe find someone Who has an ugly funnel an existing Business owner but they have a funnel They have a landing page to sell Something But you find these people And you say hey look i love your offer i Love what you have here but i think we Can improve the design a little bit Here’s an example of what i’ve built let Me know if you want more info on how it Would work so that’s where you know You’re not really being pushy you’re not Being spammy to them you’re just Offering maybe a free funnel audit to Give them some ideas right so if you Reach out to people that’s what you Would ask them so that you provide value First if you get them to come to you you Put on great content so they say hey i

Saw your post about conversion rates i Would love for you to redesign my funnel How much would it be so when you’re Persisting yourself as a go-to funnel Designer then they ask hey can you Please work with me like do you have any Availability i’m happy to pay premium Because i want to work with you And so designer is more so the visual Copyright is the text sometimes these Two work together you get the copy you Design it together with the copy so that It looks great And then sometimes as a funnel agency Someone comes to you they don’t have any Clue what to build what type of funnel They need and so this is the sweet spot Where you say hey We know As a coach you need this funnel you need This page this page and this page and Here’s an example what we did we took This client and we built this out and They’re getting this amount of calls They’re getting this amount of clients Or you get both the visual to show and Also the data if you don’t have the data Yet just start with the visual and and Work with enough clients until you get The data the conversion rate the actual Case studies and build out your Portfolio that way okay so that’s 23 i Know this a lot but here’s three Categories to give you some direction if

You want to start today so the first Category that i would recommend is Text so copywriting but not any type of Copy i’m talking about funnel Blog or email those are the biggest ones Trust me i work with a lot of businesses I’ve built over 400 funnels myself and I’ve also helped hundreds of people with Their own funnel agencies and what i see All the time is great people great Writers for blogs to rank on google or Re use a youtube that i’ll put into a Blog post is super hard to find someone Who writes emails we need emails for Email sequences for an automated funnel But also on a weekly basis so imagine This you’re offering emails as a service And because people need emails every Single week You’re never running out of clients There’s always business owners who need Consistent emails for a new offer or Just updates or that are happening or Educational content through email and so There’s always going to be clients for You second category is really audio and Visual together so this could be video Editing it could be tick-tock editing so Like reels or shorter videos but it Could also be podcasting you see Podcasts with audio sometimes you see Podcasts with video but this is a Growing trend people go for a run listen To a podcast people sit at home they

Look at youtube people you know take a Crap they they scroll tick tock and so There’s always opportunity in these Mediums that are growing people are Getting more into and not going away From and then the third one is obviously Sales so sales is funnels and funnel Systems like i said funnel design fun Copywriting funnel conversion Optimization funnel consulting funnel Coaching where you just learn funnels Like dedicate yourself to learning Funnels everything you can learn about Funnels and what makes a funnel convert Then you can choose do i want to design Am i more the design person maybe i’m More of the writing type of person but i Want to be in funnels i want to sell Funnel systems so i want to sell the Solution and hire people maybe you’re The ceo then you’re the person who hire The other people who are watching this Video to learn about their freelance Ideas and so this is a great way because You you know that every business both Online business and offline who are Moving online need a sales funnel you Can start by doing redesigns for 500 or A thousand dollars then you can sell an Entire funnel system so three pages for 1500 and then you can add email Sequences on top of that optimization And you can charge 2.5 000 and now you Go from making you know four funnels a

Month which is one funnel per week at One k that’s four thousand double the Price then it’s eight thousand 2.5 k per Week which is one client 2.5 k that’s 10k that’s a six figure business working From home working from anywhere maybe as A digital nomad but that is in my Opinion the best one to get started with Today and i’m biased when i say that Because i’m i’ve been doing it for years I also have a course so yes i get paid If you buy my course but i’m also saying This to show you what i think is the Most lucrative and fastest and easiest To get started with and now let’s get Into how to actually get your first Client the first thing you do is you go To facebook because a lot of people on Facebook they know funnels clickfunnels Community is there with 200 000 people So let’s say 10 of those are existing Business owners just you know easy math So 20 000 those existing business owners And maybe you don’t have a lot of time So what you do is you go in there and You write down Okay i’m gonna pick this niche i’m gonna Work with course graders and so you go Into the profiles and people who post Their like comment and you you know open Your tab you open 20 to 50 let’s say Let’s say 30 30 people per day that you Open their profiles and then you look at Okay this one has a link to this the

Business they have let me take a look at It okay i’m going to add this person as A friend so maybe add 10 people per day These are targeted qualified business Owners who need your services now you’re Going to a new one so you have 10 here You go into a new facebook group that’s Kajabi or teachable or thinkific or Podia That’s yes a community of course graders But if you say okay it goes on but That’s course creator it’s great is Doing that what about if i want to work With software businesses well then you Go into sas founder community or a Software marketing community on facebook And you add people there and now what You do you have your pro for your Personal profile that you just optimize With the right images i help sas Founders increase their sales with high Converting funnels okay you have images Of yourself where you’re professional You’re a freelancer now this is a new Identity that you take on And all your content is how sas Followers can grow with funnels is the Three things they can do to increase Conversions it’s literally Everything that they’re thinking about You just join the conversation that’s Already going on in their mind and when You do that yes they say hey this person Ian

Martina hannah sarah josh these people Know what they’re talking about so let Me reach out to this person and ask if They can help me okay and now they see Your portfolio and again you work for Free first one you get a testimonial you Post that to get your first paid one and Then you start building it up so give Yourself 90 days if we can agree give Yourself 90 days to get started to get Up and running then you’ll thank Yourself you will thank me later as well But you can’t stop after two weeks of Doing this give it 90 days without Jumping from this opportunity to this One But stay within like i said videos uh Text or sales funnels because those are The biggest ones that people need right Now and remember when you can increase The revenue for a business owner they’re Happy to pay you in fact they never want You To leave in the first place and lastly Before you go we want to talk about the Funnel that you should use to get Clients i call this a hero freelance Client funnel because it has three Different pages the first one is a Portfolio page where you have You have a hero section so that’s the h That’s basically information about you And then you have the e Which is examples of work so you can

Show your videos if you do video you can Show your text if you do text Or copy you can show your funnels if you Do funnels so this could be visual plus Data and then you have R in the hero which is results so Results for others results for yourself But you want to show results so that People actually trust you and then oh The final letter of hero which is the Offer what is the offer what’s the next Step to reach you if you can put it all Together here’s a funnel template that You can download link is in the Description as well as if you want to Work with me and get access to me on a Weekly basis we do q a calls inside of Fulltank funnel designer so this is Great for any type of freelancer because We talk about offer creation content Sales marketing everything you need to Set up your systems to get inbound leads And close those leads and also onboard Them and all of that you can apply this To A funnel a freelance business it is Right now dedicated towards funnel Agencies funnel designers and funnel Copywriters online consultants but Anyone can use this and we have a Special price right now you can get 50 Off from the special price by going to The description check out the discount Code there and we’ll see in the next

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