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How’s it going in this video I want to Show you the courses feature inside of The new ClickFunnels 2.0 platform to get There we’ll start by navigating to sites And funnels and then click on the Courses sub-nav menu item this feature is Really powerful so we’ll break it up Into three sections first creating your Course second adding content to your Course and third how your customers Experience your force in this first Portion let’s look at how we start Building a course inside of Click Funnels 2.0 once you’re on your courses Index we’ll start by clicking new course In the top right for Simplicity we’ll Choose basic course and then we’ll fill Out the form I’ve selected a course Theme and now optionally we can apply a Thumbnail image we’ll use this golf Course picture now we’ll just hit create Course and just like that we’ve got our First course created now let’s look at How we add content into a course I’ll Start by expanding our modules out to View all of the nested lessons Underneath now we can add content into Our nested lessons by hitting the edit Content button and this will drop us Into our editor experience in Click Funnels 2.0 you’ll be able to add Content to your lessons on the Fly while

Having the power of your course theme Handle the navigation footer and body Styles of those sections this way you Can just focus on what you do best and Let clickfalls 2.0 take care of the rest Let’s add the golf course picture here And give some informative information About our Golf Course photo Perfect we’ll hit save and now we’ll Exit the editor now let’s take a look at How your customers experience this Course we’ll preview this course in a New tab Previewing the course takes us to the Course homepage here you’ll see a Collection of modules to start learning From let’s pick the first module inside Of your first module you’ll have nested Lessons for model 1. let’s pick the First lesson now we’re on the first Lesson we can read all about our Scottish golf course and Mark our lesson Complete once we’re done your customers Will consume information this way and Can use the mark complete button to save Their progress along the way thanks for Tuning in to this overview of the Courses featured inside of clickfunnels 2.0 we hope this has been helpful and Informative if you have any questions or Comments please reach out to thanks and have An amazing day.

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