Crazy Results: 16 Designers Create Identical Websites” – An Incredible Experiment!

Prepare to be amazed as we explore the fascinating results of an incredible experiment. In this experiment, 16 talented designers were tasked with creating identical websites – the outcome is mind-blowing. Join us as we delve into this extraordinary journey and discover what happens when creative minds collide in a mission to design the perfect website.

Crazy Results: 16 Designers Create Identical Websites” – An Incredible Experiment!

Have you ever thought about what would happen if multiple web designers were to create and design the exact same website? Sounds unbelievable, right? But it’s true, a recent private membership project invited 16 web designers to redesign the website for Driver Reach, with a dark mode theme.


The results are in, and they’re crazy! The 16 designers created websites that looked identical, yet each had some minor design differences. The second-place winner, Alexandru Eon, created a mean and aggressive design with great hierarchy, use of background image and unique call to action. The third-place winner, Jack Schollmeyer, utilized a unique grey color theme and a custom grid layout with overlapping sections.

The Details of the Experiment

The designers were given the same set of instructions, time, and resources to design the website. Yet, as mentioned before, each designer managed to create a variation of the same site. The websites looked almost identical, but when you looked closer, you would notice the differences in the use of images, headers, subheaders, and calls to action in various sections.

The Video Showcasing the Results

A video showcasing the top four submissions was released to the public, and it provides a link to the rest of the submissions in the description. The video emphasizes the importance of avoiding extra text and unfinished sentences. From the video, you’ll see that the designers employed different techniques, rendering the same basic design.

The Target for the Driver Reach Website

The website mainly targets truck drivers, but it’s also open to those interested in the trucking industry. It features a free demo call-to-action button, which is a smart marketing strategy to get potential clients interested in the product.

Custom Elements and Attention to Detail

Some of the custom elements featured in the websites include a watermark style logo highlight and slider lines, which show the good attention to detail in the design. These details may appear minor, but they amplify the look of the site and are essential in having a great design.


In conclusion, the project showcased the different approaches of 16 different designers. It’s fascinating how the sites looked almost identical, yet each had different individual designs. The same principles of great web design were used, but the execution was different, leading to varied results.


Q. Will the website winners get any recognition?
A. The winners will receive recognition for their excellent work.

Q. Will the website be updated with these new changes?
A. The website may or may not be updated with these new changes made by the designers.

Q. Is there a possibility of more designers participating in the future?
A. There may be a possibility of more designers participating in the future.

Q. Are the websites accessible to the public?
A. Yes, the websites created by the designers are accessible via the video.

Q. Was any designer disqualified during the competition?
A. There is no information regarding the disqualification of any designer during the competition.

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