Creating Discounts in ClickFunnels 2.0

Learn the smart way in Creating Discounts in ClickFunnels 2.0.

Hi there I’m Drew with click funnels Education I hope you’re having a great Day today In today’s lesson we’re going to talk About creating discounts for products to Begin with you will require a product Created in your clickfunnels account if You haven’t already done so I recommend Reviewing the clickfunnels academy Lesson products overview on information As to how to create a product Once you’ve done so we’ll go to the Products tab on the left hand side of Your screen Once here click on the discounts tab in The new pop-up window that will have Appeared You can now add a new discount by Clicking the add new discount button in The center of the screen you’ll do so Now As you can see we have three options Using a discount code an automatic Discount or a sale we’ll start off with A discount code and click it select it We’ll call this discount name education Example your customers won’t see this Name but it will be helpful for helping To keep your discounts both active and Soon to become active organized For discount code you can choose any Letters or numbers combination

Or special characters the customer must Use in order to receive the discount This can help you encourage customers to Read your emails or other communique as This is a great way to communicate these Discount codes We’ll use edu1212 Because it is somewhat memorable But difficult to guess We can select a percentage that is to Say The percentage of the cost that applies Uh as a discount or a fixed amount where We can choose in USD how much real Dollars and cents we wish to apply as a Discount we’ll choose percentage for now We can choose what the discount applies To all products Specific products Or a specific collection in your account We’ll choose all products for now but You can choose specific products Or a specific collection But if you choose either of these make Sure that you do choose products or a Collection to which this discount would Apply if you don’t choose products or Collection the discount will be on Record but won’t apply You can choose a start date and time and An end date and time the start date and Time is when the sale begins and the end Date and time is when the sale no longer Applies

Because A start date and time is required and Then date and time is not we’ll click Activate now which chooses the current Time as the start time for this discount We can choose whether we want there to Be a minimum amount spent And we can choose if we want there to be A limit to one use per customer we’ll Choose one use for customer because we Don’t want someone applying with Discount code repeatedly now we’ll click Create discount Because I use this discount code before It’s not allowing me to use it again So I’ll choose one two one three As you can see we now have a scheduled Code Type discount that applies 15 off Of all products from today’s date That has not yet currently been used at Any time We can adjust these settings by going to The edit And if we want to we can archive this Entire discount before we do that let’s Take a look at our dashboard as you can See we’re currently on the all tab the Active tab will show currently active Discounts versus the scheduled tab which Will show discounts that are scheduled To begin either in the nearer or more Distant future Well I did choose activate now Allows a small grace period just so that

I can make sure that all of my settings Are correct before it goes into effect Expired discounts or discounts that have An end date stated and which have Reached that end date and the archive Discounts are previously created the Discounts that have been archived now Let’s archive this discount As you can see we no longer have any Active discounts and so the dashboard Has reverted to the the format that it Was in when we first came Let’s click add new discount and go Through process of creating an automatic Discount As you can see it’s largely the same But an automatic discount is triggered When certain conditions are met in this Case a cart total of let’s say forty Dollars We can choose percentage or fixed amount We’ll choose percentage again And in this case we’ll choose a Collection Only products in this collection will Receive this discount once the card Total is a minimum of forty dollars We’ll choose to activate now although Again we could choose any date and time It’s set in the future And in this case because it is an Automatic discount we won’t bother to Limit one t reuse per customer although We could if we wanted

Let’s click create discount now Returning to the discount dashboard We’ll see that we are once again with a Scheduled automatic 15 off discount that Applies to one collection As of this date at a time in the not too Distant future We’ll click add new discount for just to Show the final to Discount type which is The sale Discount name education example One since we didn’t archive the previous One We’ll choose a percentage Say 15 and the discount will apply to Let’s say specific products We’ll choose Tomorrow At 3 10 pm And have it last for until Friday at 3 10 pm Then we’ll click create discount Again we have a scheduled discount that Will last for this period only Applies to only a single product it is a Sale type Now that we’ve walked through all the Different kinds of available discounts I Hope that you have a better Understanding of how the discount tool And click funnels can apply If you have any questions or concerns About this please feel free to reach out To our technical support team who are

Excellent at answering technical Questions about our system ultimately Feel free to check out other ClickFunnels Academy documents and Videos for more information about the ClickFunnels 2.0 platform I hope you found this helpful and look Forward to seeing you in our next video Have a great day.

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