Critical freelance tip for working with clients

As a freelancer working with clients it Is your responsibility to be aware and Manage the Stress and Anxiety levels of Your clients because you have to put Yourselves in their shoes and realize That it's risky to hire somebody and pay Somebody that they don't know and so From day one they're going to be nervous And hoping that they didn't make a Mistake or that you're not going to run Off with their money and so the way that This works is from day one their Stress And Anxiety levels are going to start to Rise but every time that you reach out And reassure them or share a progress Report with them it's going to reset Their Stress and Anxiety levels and then They're going to start to climb again so By consistently making contact with them Every couple days you're going to keep Them at ease they're going to trust you More you're going to have a smoother Project and at the end they're going to Be much more likely to give you a great Testimonial or a review

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