Custom Branding for Customer Center Login in ClickFunnels 2.0

Foreign [Music] We'll show you how to set up custom Branding for your customer center login Page This will allow you to set up a custom Logo an image as well as a custom Headline title right here for your Customer center login page so that you Can brand it with your own company logo And Title Here Okay so to get started you're going to Need to have a custom image that you Would like to use as well as a name that You want to set on your customer center Login page And to get started doing that here to Change the cus the customer center logo Image then you click on site and funnels And then from here click on the edit Gear icon in the top right And here you'll be able to set the site Header logo this is the image that's Displayed on the customer center login Page if you already have an image set up Here you can change it by clicking Change image Otherwise you can Select an image by clicking on the Select image button here if you don't Have one set So bring up your image gallery where you Can select an image that you'd like to Use

And once you've made that change Remember to click on the update site Button to save your changes Now to change the title that's displayed On the customer center login page you'll Need to go down to settings from the Left menu here And you will need to update the Workspace name To whatever title you would like to be Displayed Once you've made the change click on the Update workspace button in the top right Corner to save your changes And now you can go back to site and Funnels Click on customer center and open up the URL or right click on the preview page And open it in an incognito window to Preview those changes and verify that They have saved to your customer center Login page

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