Customer Center and Customization Overview in ClickFunnels 2.0

Learn About “Customer Center and Customization Overview in ClickFunnels 2.0”.

With the Education team and in today’s Video I’m going to talk about Customer Center overview and customization After completing this course you’ll be Able to answer the following questions First What is a customer center and second What can customers do in the customer Center What you’ll need for this lesson is First and active click funnels 2.0 Account and second access to a workspace And a site in your clickfunnels 2.0 Account Enable contact access to update payment Methods view order history download Digital assets and manage subscriptions Let’s review how to get to your customer Center On your click funnels 2.0 account Click site and funnels on the main menu Then select Customer Center on the sub Menu Control with information customers can See or access within the customer Center’s customer portal page Access can be controlled for order History billing information including Email address and billing address Payment method updates subscription Update Subscription cancel subscription pause

Course enrollments conversations A privacy policy URL in the terms of Service URL can also be provided To edit all of these settings click on The edit customer center button on the Upper right corner of your screen Inside the customer center settings are Four different sections The first section is visibility settings This allows you to toggle or adjust what Your customers see from their end when They’re logging into your customer Center Simply check on the tick box Or uncheck The Tick box to edit what Your customers see from their end The next section is configure Customer Center Here you can enable your members access To update their payment methods view Their order history download digital Assets and manage their subscriptions The next section is a sign in screen Section This allows you to change the background Colors your customers see when they sign In to their Customer Center The last section is called the single Sign-on This section allows your developers to Automatically log in your contacts from Another application Once you’ve done your changes and you’re Happy with the changes

Click the update customer center button Found in the bottom right corner of your Screen To customize the customer center page Click the customize button at the middle Of your screen Your next steps from here should be to Enable customers to access all Information on the customer portal page You can also add a link to a privacy Policy page in a terms of service page Lastly you can customize the member Login and Customer Center pages Just a quick recap The customer center is an area where Customers can access their data and Settings Second customers will be able to update Payment methods view order history Download digital assets manage Subscriptions and more That’s it for this video thank you so Much for watching if you have any other Questions about this lesson please feel Free to reach out to our awesome Customer support team have a great day Ahead.

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