Day In The Life of an Entrepreneur – Funnels, Ironman, Icebath, Coffee Business etc

[Music] Okay now testing it for the first time Obviously i’ve tested it before but not On this new patio whatever it’s called So man It’s colder today than yesterday [Music] Uh [Music] [Music] That my friends is the best way to start A day Today we have a meeting with the local Coffee roastery testing out coffee Samples Then we have get a new office for Of the boys so we’re doing coffee Tasting or cupping Get the new office and Uh yeah let’s build stuff [Music] Oh [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Well [Applause] All right so that’s the sixth exercise Of workout this month It’s may 4th which means uh six times in Four days we got to keep this up we have A goal of getting to a thousand

Kilometers in may On the bike plus a little bit of running And swimming so Now let’s change the shoes and go for a [Music] Run [Music] [Applause] Now [Music] Hmm Right so that’s it for today’s workouts And normally you would run slower but Because i already had the biking session And i’ve had three workouts in the last 24 hours this one Should be a little bit quicker normally When i’m running Should be slower lower pulls And yeah so finally starting to feel A little bit more like a hugo what do You call a man who’s not made out of Steel Balls of steel an iron man [Music] That ladies and gents is 1000 Subscribers thank you so much I couldn’t do this without you i Wouldn’t want to do this without you Because who Would i be creating videos for i mean i Am super passionate about Funnels and i appreciate you for being Here sharing that passion with me so

1 000 people that’s awesome and i can’t Wait to look back at this Uh three years from now or one year from Now and be like man remember when we Were One thousand so if you’re here that Means that you’re early to the party By the way we’re also in a new office We’re actually four people here And we’re starting a business together And one of the things that we’re Experimenting with right now testing out We’re testing out new coffee beans and Blends and And if we find the perfect one we’re Gonna launch our own Coffee brand so that’s super exciting as Well and so let me show you just real Quick It’s not on the office yet but i’m just Gonna show you real quick so we have This right here This right here and we have the mirrors Here So yeah it’s not done but to celebrate 1000 subscribers I got a little something so let me show You that right now Boom so we got an electric scooter why Because it’s convenient it’s close the New office is close to A lot of the stores here it’s close to a Lot of the restaurants a lot of the Parks a lot of the running trails a lot

Of the A lot of different things you can do in This city and so one of the things that I’m Super passionate about is obviously Creating and building stuff and Documenting my journey Of trying to build a family-based online Business And grow it to a million dollars and i’m Not in a rush okay Long-term goal but i’m gonna use this to Document the journey so now Let’s test it out see if it’s good i Hope it’s good I think it’s good because i watched some Youtube videos I don’t know about you i don’t read this Normally i’m not this careful but i Wanted one of these for a while so Yeah i’m trying to learn to be careful With my stuff What we need Yeah boy We even have lights here and you can Actually see That it looks pretty high quality and For those of you who are asking Or curious about the price it’s around 469 euros 500 she wanted five she didn’t get it i Got it down to 455 So yeah i saved 14 euros Let’s test it out

Okay so we’re gonna get some sushi and i Forgot my wallet And trust me they’re not gonna believe i Forgot my wallet because they think That i’m doing the wallet trick where i Say oh i forgot my wallet But it’s true Hey quick question for you and this is Not the wallet trick i forgot my wallet There’s two bananas in the fridge boy [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] For me it’s very important the seconds Because it’s always in the cupping the Repeatability So we always like stir it at four Minutes Take the grounds away the upper part the Cream And then we smell it like before that And Try to maybe we have time also after and Then the tasting is always at Like latest 10 minutes Like first time your new coffees always Go on the table Just to check that the first drill was

Like not a disaster And then second row is better just to Adjust like a little bit that it’s more Smoother more nicer more tastier And then so on within time it could be That sixth row [Music] [Music] Dark chocolate not scary [Music] Yes [Music] [Music] So yeah uh like i said a little bit all Over the place but Thanks for watching if you haven’t Already make sure that you smash the Like button subscribe to the channel With the post notifications on And i’ll see in the next video peace

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