Deserving something is wrong

What's wrong with feeling like you Deserve something the ego flares you Believe you deserve it which means you Can't be grateful for it you can't be Both grateful and have an ego which is Why I think gratitude's been so Difficult for me in my life it's been Like of course this happened I would Expect this to happen which also removes A lot of the Joy from anything and so It's been something that I've worked a Lot on and I don't think that there's a Solution to it I think it's just like The consistent chiseling away you know Layer by layer of it and trying to Remind myself that like you know my Worldview is like when I die nothing Happens and I am not as significant as I Like to pretend to be this is a quote From Naval who quoted somebody else Bizarre as a contract we make with Ourselves to be unhappy until we get What we want if your expectation is zero Of reality everything above zero is Positive

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