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So you’re thinking about launching a Funnel or maybe you have a phone already And it’s not converting maybe it doesn’t Look professional maybe you don’t like The branding of it well in this video I’m gonna help you build more trust by Changing the number one most important Thing on your funnels which is the Overall personality and theme of your Funnel so we’ll use this one as an Example it’s a funnel that recently Built for a company called video Marketing world i love what they do and Everything i love the client and you can See the background here we have a sort Of mesh gradient Right with a hint of green and we got The navy blue and everything and then The gradient button but what i want to Do is give you a couple of examples that You can do for your brand using these Techniques so first thing you’ll do We’ll start with the dark one right here Is you can instead of going into fill And going into linear and trying to add The green tone here or the hue Like no matter how you twist this even With the radial you’re not gonna get the Same sort of uh feel that you’re looking For As you do If you just do this little simple hack Instead so i’ll click o Okay i’m gonna create this circle right

There i’m gonna move it up here And then i’m gonna choose for example A lighter Something like that then i’ll i’ll try 30 Maybe less maybe 20 And then you click effect and you click Layer blur And then we set this to 500 and you can See you get this nice uh little effect So now if you want to you can just copy It move it down here you can test out Where you want those two You can even do three And then actually let me try something This as well let me try blue You can test the opacity as well and and Make sure That you find something you’re happy With so Move this under the text i want to Create like a complete banner kind of What it would look like 36 Except kilroy Plugin Lorem ipsum We’ll do 60. maybe we need a picture so we’ll do A picture right there Plugins again we’ll do pixels portrait And we’ll just use this one And then we’ll do 20 pixels actually let’s add some Personality to the image as well so

We’ll do Move it down there and then we’ll do I’m rushing it a little bit to save save Your time but um you get the point so That’s one way to do it and then if we Wanted to still add the Effects that i’ve done Here i’ll just do one fast you can see Sort of similar to this one well we’ll Do Linear Okay so already have opacity zero on one Of them And then we’ll make sure to move this up Here Actually it could be a little bit Yeah something like that And then we move it down there it’s a Little wide Do something like that boom Flip it around I know you can also click horizontal Vertical It’s fast to do it this way as well Anyways and now you can mark both of Them you can move it down to 50 you can Find what works for you so that’s one Way to sort of just make your overall Branding appear more professional second Thing on this one now we’re gonna try With a background image do the same Thing in fact i think i’ll just copy These Click frame import them also we have the

Image here So let’s see if we do like three percent I think this one is a little bit 15. I like this one more so maybe we’ll do Two of these Copy paste And by the way if you want to find more Images you can just click frame Plug-in pixels Minimal or you can type in whatever And you can just find something that Fits For what you’re looking looking for Let’s do this one And then you click frame you see you Have two images i’ll delete the other One and then set this to like 10. Right and now if i change this right Here you’ll see That we still have the Same background but we have a different Layer on top of it let’s do something Like this and then We can go into these again What if we do like Ping You add this behind the image Okay now we have the text Underneath So yeah Anyways that is the dark background and Then we’ll do a couple things for the Light background as well first thing

We’ll do is just copy this over Let’s see what this looks like if i just Copy this over here i’ll do a hundred Percent i’ll copy this one so i have two Of them And then i’ll mark both of them and play Around with the color So you can see What it looks like Pretty quickly Let’s say Like this maybe even delete the Or reduce the opacity to like 50 75 And you can get the same sort of Vibe you can also add a doesn’t have to Be a blur so let’s say i want to add This one right there Move it under the text and then i just Do You know i get this color right here Linear I want it to fade into the background so Let’s see This one’s zero And this one maybe even white yeah And then i could do the same Right here i mean that’s just another Example of how to do it Using the same sort of techniques we’re Using in this video And then this one as well One thing you want to be careful with is The background images right here like a

Lot of people Like to use and i’ll just delete this They like to use images for the sake of It like all find an image so that Especially funnel agency owners like They they want to feel Like they’ve put a lot of effort into it So i’ll just add things for the sake of It but if you take a look at this one You’ll see that there’s not a lot of Graphics that go into the background but Overall it looks clean because the Aesthetics i’ll show you what like an Example i make of how to make this not Look good So some people have background images Like this where like you want to Communicate something with the Background image so you want it to be Visible but then it doesn’t look good Like even this No Don’t don’t do that instead have the Image here And then i mean on a darker image it’s More forgivable to have the image there Because like there’s a lot of contrast Here It doesn’t look clean like you see that There’s things there but it’s just Taking away focus from the text so what You could do in that case is if you find Something that’s minimalistic there we Go

And then we’ll do 10 and then we’ll also Add the same sort of I mean i wouldn’t do it not for this Funnel or for this image but sometimes For some brands it makes sense to have That in there even on light backgrounds Most of the time you can have patterns You can have You can add your graphics to it you know All of that but actually one thing you Could do let’s see if we can do it with This one so i’ll add this back up to 50 So we can We actually have it already on on this Image but it’s adding a filter or layer Or a um sort of like a grainy vibe to it So let me show you an example We’ll try this one okay And then i’ll close pixels i’ll hit Right click plugins Noise And let me see actually i’ll just leave It like this I’ll do one of this And then i’ll just uh i’ll just drag it Out There we go you can see that the filter Effect of what we wanted to to look like But then obviously we want this inside Of the frame And we also want it behind everything Else There we go And then we want this let’s say 10

Actually let’s try to up this a little Bit now yes you see that 40. See i like that and then if i zoom in You’ll see this grainy Noisy Little filter so anyways there’s a Couple things you can do to make your Funnels Appear more professional play around With it if you need help i have a full Module with figma sketch canva design Copy offer creation conversion Optimization split testing how to get Leads how to get clients all the tech Stuff make it super simple inside a Full-time funnel center there’s a Discount in the description if you want To join we have an amazing community Over 400 people now building funnels we Can interact and connect with other People so we’d love to have you that Being said thanks for being here i’ll See in the next one

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