Discover How I Created Three Lucrative Income Streams Generating Over $30k/mo

Discover how this individual created three lucrative income streams that generate over $30k per month. Through skillful tactics and a deep understanding of SEO writing, they were able to achieve great success in their endeavors. From content creation to marketing strategies, this person is a true master of their craft. Keep reading to uncover their secrets to success and learn how you too can achieve financial freedom with multiple income streams.


In today’s world, the concept of having multiple sources of income to secure financial stability is becoming more and more prevalent. People are taking the initiative to start their own businesses and create new streams of revenue. Gusten Sun is a great example of someone who has achieved great success in this field. Gusten is the co-founder of and Full-Time Funnel Designer. In this article, we will explore Gusten’s journey and learn how she created three lucrative income streams generating over $30k/mo.

Choosing a Niche and Focusing:

One of the essential things Gusten emphasizes is the importance of choosing a niche and sticking to it. She advises entrepreneurs not to get distracted by too many opportunities and focus on building a sustainable and profitable business in one area. An entrepreneur should have a clear vision and mission of their business to create a long-term plan. It is crucial to master the basics and start with small steps to make significant progress over time.

Gusten’s Journey:

Gusten started by building her personal brand in the funnel agency space. She perfected her services by providing full-stack funnel services to clients. Once she succeeded in creating her brand, she added scalable services such as selling digital templates and group consulting. She also teaches funnel design tutorials, which has become a booming stream of income.

Generating Cash Flow and Focusing on Income:

The writer advises entrepreneurs to focus on generating cash flow rather than just future potential. The primary focus should be to create revenue-generating streams that can take care of day-to-day expenses, invest back into the business, and save for emergencies. A view of a long-term vision should never be at the cost of running the company in the short term.

Leveraging Content, Media, and Code:

Gusten recommends leveraging content, media, and code to build a passive and recurring business. Creating valuable and informative content reduces the need for cold calling and paid advertising.

Building a Personal Brand:

One of the most important aspects of business continuity and growth is building a personal brand. Gusten emphasizes becoming an authority and ‘go-to resource’ in that industry’s community. This helps to create a place in which people feel safe and recognized, leading to better business opportunities.


In summary, starting a business can be challenging but not impossible. To create multiple streams of income, you must master the basics of your trade and focus on a specific niche. Building a personal brand and creating content are great ways to build a business passively. In the end, creating cash flow and focusing on income-generating streams play a vital role in having a profitable and sustainable business.


  1. What skills do I need to start a funnel agency like Gusten Sun?
    Answer: To start a successful funnel agency, you need to have experience and expertise as a full-stack funnel designer.

  2. How long does it take to start seeing profits from a funnel agency?
    Answer: It depends on your level of experience in the industry. It may take anywhere from several months to a year to start seeing meaningful profits.

  3. How does one balance between focusing on cash flow and investing in future business opportunities?
    Answer: One should always focus on generating cash flow to sustain the business. In critical moments, it is better to forgo future opportunities than to compromise the business safety.

  4. What is the best way to build a personal brand?
    Answer: One can build a personal brand by creating authoritative content and consistently sharing it through social media platforms and other digital media.

  5. What are the most lucrative digital businesses for passive income?
    Answer: Software as a service, education, and e-commerce businesses are among the most lucrative for passive income.

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