Discover the Must-Read Book that Kept Me Obsessed During My Recent Vacation: Tips for Your Next Travel Reading List

Welcome to my blog! If you’re a bookworm with a love for travel, then this post is for you. During my recent vacation, I stumbled upon a must-read book that kept me fully engrossed for the entire trip. Now I want to share my experience with you and give some tips for incorporating it into your next travel reading list. Keep reading to discover this captivating book and how to select the perfect reading materials for your next adventure.


Going on vacation is a great way to unwind, relax, and recharge. And what’s better than pairing your vacation with your favorite books? Specifically, vacation books that keep you entertained, curious and lost in a story. Choosing the right book for your trip can be tricky but finding one that manages to profoundly impact your vacation can be as rewarding as making the perfect memories. In this article, we will unveil the must-read book that kept me obsessed during my recent vacation, why it was so thought-provoking and tips for choosing the best books for your next trip.

Shifting Everything: “10x easier than 2x” by Benjamin Hardy

As a content writer, I am constantly reading and looking for inspiration. Recently, I was recommended to read “10x easier than 2x” by Benjamin Hardy, a book about shifting everything in your life, not just achieving 10x results. The book was presented by the author himself at a Mastermind Paradise event, where attendees were encouraged to identify their goals and create a roadmap for achieving them. The central theme of the book is achieving breakthrough results by making both small and significant changes to everything we do.

What I Found Thought-Provoking

One thing that immediately struck me about the book was its applicability to the real world. Some self-help books offer idealized and unrealistic solutions to real-world problems, but “10x easier than 2x” focuses on the practical steps needed to make concrete and immediate changes. Furthermore, the book introduces a unique perspective on what it means to achieve great results, and how incremental steps throughout our lives can lead to extraordinary improvements.

The First Copy Fresh off the Printer

Another reason I loved this particular book is that it was hot off the presses! I was one of the first readers to receive a copy. It’s always a thrill to read a book while it’s still considered fresh and new. Moreover, being one of the first people to read it made it seem like I was part of a special group.

Tips for Choosing Your Vacation Read

Choosing the right book is essential to making the most of your vacation. Here are some tips to help you narrow down your options:

  1. Choose a genre you love. If you gravitate towards mysteries, historical fiction, romance, or sci-fi, then stick to those genres and seek out fresh, new voices from there.

  2. Opt for a shorter book. A shorter book ensures that you won’t get bogged down and leave mid-way through. It can also leave you wanting more and open your mind for further explorations.

  3. Do your research. Reading reviews, asking friends what they’ve enjoyed or scrolling through social media can reveal hidden gems and a fresh perspective on various topics.

  4. Try something you’ve never read before. Sometimes, new challenges can lead to fresh inspiration. A book about a different culture, unfamiliar history or even a completely new genre might turn out to be a hit.


Choosing the right book for your vacation can make the difference between a good trip and a great one. Finding a book that excites and engages you can end up being the perfect companion for your travels. It should be a light, fun read that offsets your travel experience in the best possible way. “10x easier than 2x” by Benjamin Hardy was one such book for me. It inspired me to think deeply about my goals and encouraged me to adopt a holistic approach to achieving them. Happy reading!


  1. Who is Benjamin Hardy?
    Benjamin Hardy is an author, writer, and speaker known for his self-help books “Personality Isn’t Permanent” and “Willpower Doesn’t Work.”

  2. What is “10x easier than 2x” by Benjamin Hardy about?
    The book is about achieving breakthrough results by making small and significant changes to everything we do, rather than just achieving 10x results.

  3. What makes a good vacation read?
    A good vacation read is light, engaging, and exciting. It should be a book that you can easily pick up and put down as per your convenience.

  4. Should you choose a book from your preferred genre or try something new?
    It’s a personal preference, but it’s advisable to try new genres and explore new authors as it might introduce you to new ideas and unique perspectives.

  5. How can you find a good vacation book?
    You can find a good vacation book by researching reviews, asking friends and family, seeking recommendations on social media or listening to your favorite content creators – they often recommend their top vacation reads.

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