Discover the Sensational New Feature of MidJourney AI

Discover the sensational new feature of MidJourney AI as it takes its users on an unparalleled journey of innovation and efficiency. With its advanced capabilities, it provides an experience like never before, capturing the attention of tech enthusiasts and professionals alike. Dive into the world of cutting-edge artificial intelligence as it transforms industries and revolutionizes the way we interact with technology. Join us as we delve into the remarkable possibilities and endless potential that MidJourney AI offers.


In the world of artificial intelligence, Mid Journey has made significant strides with their latest feature. This revolutionary advancement allows users to in-paint inside images directly within the popular communication platform, Discord. With its seamless integration and remarkable capabilities, this feature has sparked excitement among users looking to enhance their digital creations. Let’s dive deeper into this sensational new feature of Mid Journey AI and explore its remarkable potential.

Mid Journey’s In-Painting Feature: A Game-Changer in Image Editing

  1. The Ability to In-Paint Inside of Images:
    Mid Journey has added a groundbreaking capability to their Discord platform – the ability to in-paint within images directly. This means that users can now effortlessly make changes and edits to their images without the need for external applications or complex processes.

  2. Working with Large Regions of the Image:
    To achieve the best results, Mid Journey’s in-painting feature is most effective when used on sizable regions of the image, typically ranging from 20 to 50 percent. This ensures that the generated image seamlessly integrates with the existing content, creating a natural and visually appealing result.

  3. Matching Changes to Enhance Images:
    For a more cohesive outcome, it is recommended to choose a change that complements the image’s content. For instance, users can add hats to characters or make other alterations that align with the image’s overall theme. This attention to detail allows for a more polished and visually pleasing final product.

  4. Enabling Remix Mode in Mid Journey Discord Bot Settings:
    To take advantage of this incredible feature, users should turn on the remix mode in their Mid Journey Discord bot settings. This simple step ensures that the in-painting capability is activated, empowering users to explore the limitless possibilities of image editing within Discord.

  5. Utilizing the In-Painting Feature:
    Once remix mode is enabled, users can enter a prompt or instruction and proceed to select the desired region of the image for in-painting. Mid Journey AI then generates an edited version of the image, seamlessly blending the modifications within the selected area while keeping the rest of the image intact.

  6. Precision and Accuracy:
    While Mid Journey’s in-painting feature is highly advanced, there may be instances where the generated results may not precisely align with the user’s intent. However, small adjustments and tweaks, such as selecting a smaller area and adding fine details, can yield more successful outcomes.


Mid Journey has introduced an exceptional feature that elevates the image editing capabilities within Discord. With the ability to in-paint directly within images, users can now effortlessly enhance their creations with remarkable precision and ease. By taking advantage of this sensational new feature, users can unlock a world of possibilities and create visually stunning artwork that transcends imagination.


  1. Can I use the in-painting feature on any image size?
    Mid Journey’s in-painting feature works best on large regions of the image, typically ranging from 20 to 50 percent. This allows for seamless integration and natural-looking modifications.

  2. Is the in-painting feature accurate in matching my desired changes?
    While Mid Journey’s in-painting feature is highly advanced, there may be cases where the generated results may not perfectly align with the user’s intent. However, small tweaks and adjustments often yield successful outcomes.

  3. Do I need to enable any specific settings to use the in-painting feature?
    To utilize Mid Journey’s in-painting feature, users need to have remix mode turned on in their Mid Journey Discord bot settings. This enables the remarkable capabilities of this new feature.

  4. Can I undo the changes made using the in-painting feature?
    Currently, there is no built-in undo feature for the in-painting capability. However, users can revert to the original image and start the in-painting process anew if desired.

  5. Can I use the in-painting feature on multiple regions of the same image?
    Yes, users can apply the in-painting feature to multiple regions of the same image. By selecting different areas, users can make specific modifications and enhancements to different parts of their images.

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