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This is the number one difference Between poor designers and Rich Designers and it's not your skills as a Designer it's not creativity it's not Efficiency the biggest difference is Your ability to communicate because no Matter what type of project you're Working on the one thing you will always Be doing is communicating right if Especially if you're a freelancer you're Going to be marketing yourself you're Convincing clients to hire you you're Trying to impress them you're trying to Negotiate how much they're going to pay You you're trying to explain your design Decisions and talk people through your Process all of this requires you to Confidently speak your mind and tell People what they need to know and get Them to believe you and so if you don't Feel like you're a confident Communicator the best way to improve This is to practice this is like Anything else where you can improve by Practicing write down the words you Should say read all of the books that You can about communication and sales And persuasion and I promise you this Will accelerate your career as a Designer more than any other skill

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