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It happens to all of us we create the Perfect Image in mid-journey but once we Export it to using a website it looks Something like this so the first way That we're going to fix these images is Using Photoshop so here's a web design Generated by a user inside of our Discord server and I love the look of This website the colors are fantastic I Love the simple layout and the images Are really fun but you'll notice that They're a little bit blurry and a little Bit messed up so what I did is I took The image of these oranges into Photoshop and all you need to do is Click sharpen unsharp mask and this is Going to give you the ability to make Very fine adjustments to your image to Make it clearer appear higher resolution It's also going to make the edges Sharper so it's easier for you to clip Out the background and then utilize this Image in a social post a website Wherever you want to use it now you can See when I click this mask on and off You can tell what a massive difference It makes going from very blurry to very Clean and sharp and so this is a really Simple way to improve the quality of Your images so they can actually be used And look professional and then what I Did is I went ahead and I clipped out The background of this image and by Doing so I can then move it over into a

Website and find a practical use for it That actually looks professional so I Brought everything over to figma Including the original image that was Generated by mid-journey which you can See here and then here is the new web Design that I created from scratch in Figma utilizing the images of the Oranges that I just made improvements to And now this website is looking awesome Now this process was so easy that I Decided to bring in another image to try This you can see me clipping on and off The mask you can see it makes the edges Much crisper I was able to clip this Image out and then integrate it into Another website so just like that you Can have professional looking images That came directly from mid-journey the Next option you have is using something Like Adobe stock to just trade out your Images straight across now this works Best when you are generating images in Mid-journey like a web design that have Multiple images and it's just too much Work to improve every individual one so You can tell again in this example the Girl in this picture just doesn't look Natural so instead of trying to improve Or fix this image all I did was take a Screenshot of it and then took it over Into Adobe stock so like most stock Libraries you have the ability to upload Your image so I'm going to upload this

Screenshot and then it's going to show Me all of the images that this platform Has that looks similar to the one that I Uploaded so you can see here I have an Endless number of options of girls Standing in front of an orange Background so in this case it's not Super important for me to have the exact Image that was generated from Mid-journey so I'm going to find one That's similar and I'm going to plug it Into my website and just like that I'm Able to follow the design that I got From mid-journey but utilizing higher Resolution stock photos now your next Option is using Adobe Illustrator now This works best when the images that You're creating for mid-journey are Illustrations something that you would Want to have in Vector form so what You're going to do is you're going to Move this over to Adobe Illustrator and Then all you need to do is open up the Trace toolbar you can do this by going To workspace and clicking tracing now Just like our Photoshop adjustments You're going to be able to make Adjustments to the colors so that you Can simplify this image and get it ready To transfer it into a vector so once you Made the proper adjustments all you have To do is click this button at the top That says expand and you can see that It's taken this image of the dog and

Turned it into an actual Vector that you Can edit inside of Illustrator or figma You're able to erase move things around And you can even change the colors this Way you can customize this Vector to Exactly what you need it for and then You're going to be able to move it over Into your website and utilize it however You need now the fourth and probably Best option that you have is using an AI Tool called topaz lab so let's say that We have an image of a guy and a girl It's a really beautiful image it's Bright it's colorful but if you look too Closely it's really blurry so I'm going To show you how to take this image and Make it look something like this now This photo AI tool can be used directly On your computer all you have to do is Upload your images and then you can make All the necessary adjustments to make The image look perfect you don't need Any photo editing skills the process is Really really simple and the difference Between an AI tool like this and other Tools like Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator is this doesn't just fix the Image but it fills in the gaps and makes It look totally professional so it's Using artificial intelligence to find And recognize faces and fill in gaps to Make sure that it looks like a real Photo now this of course works great on Realistic photos but you can also use

This on any other type of image now if You want to try out topaz all of the Tools have a free trial and you could Buy the entire Suite but I would Recommend just starting with their Individual tools so gigapixel Ai and Sharpen AI both of which are going to Give you everything you need and they're Going to be quite a bit cheaper so go Give them a try let me know what you Think and if you enjoyed this video be Sure to hit the Subscribe button down Below so you catch my future videos About AI design mid journey and Everything else we'll catch you in the Next one

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