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By the end of this video you'll have Everything that you need to find clients And get hired no matter where you live In the world now inside my agency pay Digital I've got team members that I've Hired from across the globe we've got Several from India New Zealand the UK Spain and even as far as Wisconsin and So we definitely have a wide range of Team members and every one of them is Unique in their own way and there are a Ton of Pros to hiring people from Overseas and so if you're one of the People that feels like man it's really Difficult to find clients where I live Because either there's not enough Businesses or nobody has the money to Spend on design then that's okay because I'm going to teach you how you can get Out there and start Landing clients and Getting hired in other countries and Once you start doing this you're going To be able to make as much money and Live whatever lifestyle you want to live So I'm going to dive into six steps that Are going to help you prepare to get Hired overseas but before we dive into Those I think it's important to note That the world is getting smaller as we Become more and more connected through The web it's so much more common to hire People overseas but you as a foreign Designer have to understand that it can Still be a little bit intimidating and

Seem a little bit risky to go outside of One's country to hire and that doesn't Mean that it's not going to happen but We have to make sure that we take the Steps necessary to put people at ease And to be able to feel like a really Trustworthy option if you can do that You're going to get hired over and over And over again so with that said let's Jump into step one so the first thing That you're going to want to do is make Sure that your socials are all up to Date for me before I ever hire anybody I Always do a little bit of snooping Typically I go to their Facebook or Their Instagram and I want to make sure That people have a real life I want to Make sure that they're real pictures of Your face and that I can see you and That you seem like a real person and I Think oftentimes when we come across Social media accounts that don't seem Real or maybe don't have any real images Or photos of you it makes it seem a Little bit sketchier makes it seem like It might be a scam and so what you're Going to want to do is make sure that All of your social media platforms are Up to date and if you want to go the Extra mile and really make sure that you Impress go ahead and spend some money to Get a professional profile picture taken Because when people see this they're Definitely going to trust you much more

The second tip is you need to do Anything possible to break down any Communication barriers this is probably The most essential part of any working Relationship is being able to Communicate and understand one another So in this example let's just say that You live in another country and English Is your second language but you're Reaching out to me for me to hire you For a design project I don't care if English isn't your primary language it Actually doesn't bother me at all but What I do care about is that we can Understand one another and so do your Best to understand the language that You're trying to work in but also don't Be afraid to just ask clarifying Questions it's okay to say hey I don't Really understand what you mean by this Or I wasn't really sure what you wanted Here and those type of clarifying Questions are going to be perfect and Are going to be so helpful in making Sure that you're on the same page with Your client or your employer now the Other thing that I would recommend is Early on when you're communicating with A potential client or employer make sure That the messages you send are as clear As possible you want to make sure that Your spelling and grammar is as good as Possible and while this isn't the End-all be-all it will make you come

Across as more professional and so there Are a lot of great Chrome extensions and Tools out there that will actually Double check your grammar and your Spelling for you so definitely look into One of these if you're worried about Your grammar because this should not be Something that holds you back especially If you're a talented professional that Can deliver great work don't let those Small communication barriers get in the Way but instead use them to your Strength the Third tip is make getting Paid as easy and trustworthy and safe as Possible I had an interesting experience With this not too long ago where I did Hire someone overseas and he did a Fantastic job and I will definitely Continue to use him but the first time I Paid him it was a little bit sketchy Because I had to go to a website of a Bank that I never heard of I had to wire The money and then I had to confirm that It got picked up and was walked in an Envelope over to the home address of This designer that I was working with And it made me feel a little bit uneasy Because it was a process that I had Never done before and it did end up Working out and this designer did end up Getting paid and again it all worked out Perfectly but I can't understand how a Lot of people might be uneasy about some Obscure way to get you paid and

Oftentimes we can feel like oh maybe This is a scam or maybe this is like an Untrustworthy place to put in my credit Card or my bank information So what I would say is find the easiest Most common way to get paid so Preferably PayPal stripe something that Most people recognize and if you're in a Country that does not accept those or Doesn't allow you to use them and you Have to use other means just make sure That you prepare your client or your Employer tell them this is the situation This is how I have to get paid Unfortunately we can't use PayPal or Stripe and so here's the process it's Really safe I do it all the time I just Want to let you know that and by telling Them up front it's going to alleviate That stress and they're going to trust You from start to finish the fourth tip Is remember that you're the expert and Don't get pushed around and by all means Do not let yourself feel like you're Being treated like an underpaid servant Oftentimes communication barriers can Cause this type of relationship where You're allowing someone to push you Around and tell you what to do and Overwork you and underpay you and this Should not happen if you're a talented Professional if you're an expert at what You do be confident and charge what You're worth now I do also recognize

That money Works differently in Different places and what is a lot to You may not be a lot to this other Person in a different country and so You're going to have to navigate payment And pricing and all those things but do Not let people underpay you because they Think they can take advantage of you Because their country's financial Situation works differently than yours And so we always try to when we hire Someone we always try to be fair in our Pay and so if somebody's coming to you And trying to get you to do work that Should be paid twenty dollars an hour For two dollars an hour you need to Stand your ground and say no like I'm an Expert I'm a professional and I'm not Going to let you underpay me just Because we live in a different country And the one other note that I would make On that is don't try to undercut other People don't try to be the cheapest Option because the less you charge and The less people pay to work with you the Less they're going to value your work And you're going to be even that much More replaced possible when they find Somebody else that can charge even less Than you so instead of being the Cheapest option be an expert deliver Good work and charge what you're worth Tip number five use time zones to your Advantage when I first started hiring

People overseas I thought it was such a Pain in the butt because we were all on Different time zones and when I was Awake working I couldn't get people to Respond because they were asleep and it Was night time where they lived and it Was a little bit frustrating but as I've Grown in my business I've realized that This is a huge benefit because I have Part of my team that works during my day Time while the other half of my team is Sleeping and then when I'm ready to call It a day they're just waking up and so We pass the work on to them and it's Almost like our team was working 24 7. So if you're somebody that is on a Different time zone and you're trying to Get hired by somebody that is the Complete opposite time zone use that to Your advantage and explain to them how Nice it is that you're going to be Working when they're sleeping and when They wake up all of the work is going to Be done the only thing that you need to Make sure of is that there is at least a Little bit of overlap time where Communication can happen so for me and My teams that are overseas oftentimes we Have an hour in the morning for us to Chat on slack and an hour in the evening For us to chat on slack that's right Before I'm going to bed and right when They're waking up however that works out Use those different time zones to your

Advantage and sell it as a benefit and People are going to love it and the Sixth and final tip is use methods of Communication that make your clients or Employers feel comfortable oftentimes it Is really common for us to use things Like WhatsApp or some sort of app and That's okay but oftentimes businesses Are using different forms of Communication like slack or Google teams Or Zoom or whatever that might be and so Do your best to communicate in ways that They feel comfortable with and feel more Trustworthy being connected with them And their team is going to make them Value you that much more and it's going To make the communication barrier that Much smaller and you're going to more Easily be able to track projects provide Progress updates and everything is going To go more smoothly so tap into whatever Communication method they like to use Become familiar with that and by doing That you're going to become more of an Asset for that company so again I hope That these tips are going to be helpful To you this truly is something that I Think is really essential because some Of the most expert and talented Designers that I've ever worked with Have come from other countries and have Not spoken the same language as me and I'm so grateful that the internet and The web has allowed us to bridge that

Gap and help me know these people and Become friends with them and see the Fantastic work that they do and so I Know that you are probably that type of Person as well that does great work and So I hope that these tips will help you Reach out find clients get hired start Making the money that you're worth and If you have any additional tips that Have helped you find work please be sure To drop those down in the comments Thanks so much for watching this video And we'll catch you in the next one

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