Do you know this guy?! My favorite marketer from 1914🔥

This is a picture right here of people I Look up to Um this is a guy named farmer Burns and He was a wrestler back in the late 1800s Early 1900s and he was famous for being A wrestler but also a wrestling coach Wrestling trainer and he also developed The very first ever ever mail order Course where and this is actually a Picture of the course right here I found A few Originals on eBay how in the world Do you promote a wrestling course in 1914 what he would do to promote his Course and himself as a wrestler and a Coach he would travel around the country Going to all the county and the city Fairs they would go and they set him up On a big hangman's noose where they had The the wood floor and they stand out They put the Rope around his neck and Then hang it and then the floor would Drop and he couldn't and what happens to Most human beings when they get dropped Six feet from Hangman's drop the neck Breaks and they die okay not farmer Burns he sit there he hold it and then He'd whistle Yankee Doodle Dandy okay he Did this thousands of times across the Country to promote himself his business His marketing and his wrestling course

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