Does Acquisition Cash Flow Companies

This we have some companies that we have Put cash in we have companies that we Have in pokasha and the big thing is Like what problem are we solving and so I would say the vast majority of the Companies that we are working with are Internet-based companies they are Growing they're profitable they have Cash flow and for most of them they Don't need the cash they need the Expertise so for the majority of the Situations it ends up just being cool We'll take a meaningful enough stake That that we care but not so much so That you stop caring so it's really Trying to strike that balance we have Incentives for us to try and like triple The company within five years and that's Like our big goal that we drive towards But because we're minority Partners it's Basically like everything kicks in after We triple that's kind of like what we Drive towards uh with those companies But most the founders that we're dealing With or that are approaching us are like I really want to take this thing to the Next level they're 100 motivated to do It and they just want more help to get There faster make fewer mistakes

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