Domain integration Overview in ClickFunnels 2.0

Learn more about Domain Integration Overview In ClickFunnels 2.0.

Hi there my name is Drew with ClickFunnels education I hope you’re having a Great day today In today’s video we’re going to be Talking about adding an external domain To your ClickFunnels account In order to proceed with this lesson you Will need an external domain domain Registered with an external domain host Such as cloudflare GoDaddy Google domains Bluehost One and one Or a variety of other external domain Hosts You will also want to log into your Account with one of these with the host That is hosting your domain Now go to site and funnels Insight and funnels click on the domains Tab on the left hand side of your screen In another video we’ll discuss buying a Domain from click funnels For now click connect existing domain You can now enter your domain with Subdomain so for instance if your domain Is You’ll want to include the subdomain Such as www or store This subdomain will allow you to point To use a cname record to point your Domain directly at click funnels in this

Case I’m going to use Cf2.4demonstration because I own four demonstration I’m going to click continue It’s showing that it has verified this Is a real domain and who is hosting it And when it was first purchased I will now click add domain Now I have two options here and we’ll go Through both of them First I can start domain setup and use the Automated process to add this domain Automatically to my click funnels Account For this purpose it is important to Already be logged in to my external DNS Provider I can also choose whether I want for Demonstration to be Redirected to cf2 without four Demonstration right now I’ll allow it but you can also be Activated by clicking on this toggle Here So I’ll click on start domain setup And it will show that it is trying to uh Connect the domain using the automated Wizard I’ll click continue And as you can see it is automated Automatically made a connection with GoDaddy I’ll now click authorize with GoDaddy this is why it’s important to be Logged into your account

And I’ll click connect As easy as that I have set up the Groundwork for my domain to be verified With ClickFunnels it can take 24 to 48 Hours to fully start working And that is just owing to time taken for People Propagation of the domain records Pointing at click funnels Allow go back and you’ll see that Because that time has not yet elapsed It’s not set as completely set up yet But it is in the process of connecting I’m going to remove this record now and Show you how to do this manually So I’ll click remove domain I’m going to go to my DNS Management in My GoDaddy account And I’m going to remove the cname record And txt Records pointing at click Funnels Now I’ll go back to my ClickFunnels Account Click connect existing domain Choose the same subdomain and click add Domain This time I’m going to do it manually This shows me the DNS records that I Will have to add to my DNS records in GoDaddy in order to verify my click Funnels account with my uh with my Domain The host name will be at the type will Be txt and the data file I will copy by

Clicking click to copy so going to my DNS records in GoDaddy and you can Access these in different ways depending On your DNS host I’ll click add Choose a txt file Choose the name at And paste the txt record that I was Asked to add earlier You’ll want to repeat this with every Record requested in the manual setup Process Once it’s complete your domain will Verify with click funnels For now I’m going to remove this domain Again If you have any other questions or Concerns about this process please don’t Hesitate to reach out to click funnels For more information our tech support Team is filled with excellent Knowledgeable workers who will be able To help to answer some of your questions Ultimately you can check out other Academy documents or videos for more Information about this process I hope you’ve found this helpful enjoy And have a great day.

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