Don’t Feel Obligated to Be Original: Uncover the Power of Authenticity

Are you tired of the pressure to come up with completely original ideas? Do you feel like you’re always striving to be unique in a sea of sameness? Well, it’s time to let go of the obligation to be original and embrace the power of authenticity. In this blog post, we will explore the beauty and strength that comes with being true to yourself. So, grab a cup of coffee and join me as we uncover the secrets of unlocking your authentic voice.

Don’t Feel Obligated to Be Original: Uncover the Power of Authenticity


In a world driven by innovation and constant change, the pressure to be original can be overwhelming. As aspiring entrepreneurs, we often find ourselves searching for that groundbreaking idea that will set us apart from the competition. However, one mistake people make in business is thinking they must be original to be successful. In reality, authenticity holds more power than originality. By understanding the concept of “nothing is original yet everything is,” we can tap into the power of authenticity and unlock our true potential.

Funnel Hacking as a Concept

Funnel hacking is a concept of modeling and building off what is already successful. Instead of starting from scratch, funnel hackers identify successful businesses and analyze their strategies, processes, and techniques. By reverse-engineering these successful funnels, entrepreneurs can adopt proven methods and implement them in their own businesses. This approach saves time, money, and the stress of trying to reinvent the wheel.

Authenticity Over Originality

Being a pioneer and innovator can be expensive and time-consuming. It often requires extensive research, trial and error, and overcoming countless obstacles. While originality may seem like the holy grail of entrepreneurship, it is not always the path to success. Authenticity, on the other hand, allows us to connect with our audience on a deeper level. By embracing our unique identities and sharing our genuine stories, we form meaningful relationships with our customers. Authenticity is what sets us apart and creates loyal followers.

Unearthing Your Passion

Most entrepreneurs have a good idea they are passionate about before reaching the finish line. However, the pressure to be original can dim the excitement and drive to pursue these ideas. Instead of focusing solely on being unique, it is crucial to rediscover and embrace our passion. By following our hearts and pursuing what genuinely excites us, we unleash our creativity and attract like-minded individuals.

Speed and Success

Money follows speed, so it’s important to move quickly. When we obsess over being original, we can get stuck in a cycle of overthinking and perfectionism. This delays our progress and prevents us from taking the necessary steps towards success. By focusing on authenticity and leveraging proven strategies, we can speed up our journey and achieve our goals faster. Remember, success favors those who take action.

Building off What Works

Instead of reinventing the wheel, it is more efficient and effective to find what is already successful and build off of it. This is where funnel hacking comes into play. By studying successful businesses and learning from their strategies, we can identify patterns and apply them to our own ventures. Innovation happens by finding out what’s working today and building from there. Authenticity lies in the ability to adapt and evolve while staying true to our core values.


Q1. How can I determine what is already successful in my industry?
A1. Research and analyze your competitors, study market trends, and listen to your audience’s needs and desires.

Q2. Is it possible to be authentic and still stand out in a saturated market?
A2. Absolutely! Authenticity is what helps you differentiate yourself from the competition. Be true to who you are, share your story, and connect with your audience on a personal level.

Q3. Can funnel hacking be applied to any industry or niche?
A3. Yes, funnel hacking can be applied to any industry or niche. The principles remain the same – identify successful businesses, analyze their strategies, and adapt them to your own unique offering.

Q4. How can I stay authentic while still leveraging proven strategies?
A4. Authenticity comes from being true to yourself and your brand’s values. While you may adopt proven strategies, infuse your own personality and unique perspective into the implementation.

Q5. Is it possible to achieve success without being original?
A5. Yes, success is not solely dependent on being original. Authenticity, value creation, and a genuine connection with your audience are vital ingredients for success.


In a world obsessed with originality, it is essential to remember the power of authenticity. Building off what is already successful through funnel hacking allows us to save time, money, and stress while connecting with our audience on a deeper level. By embracing our passions, moving quickly, and leveraging proven strategies, we can uncover the true potential of our businesses. Don’t feel obligated to be original, but strive to be authentic – that’s where the magic lies.

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