Don’t Marry Just For Love

When you met Leila I remember you guys Got married not because you guys were in Love can you talk about that yeah 100 I Think I like our Dynamic a lot every Relationship I had prior to this he was Like you meet somebody you feel some Chemistry and then it gets hot and heavy Really quickly it starts to cool down a Little bit and then you look up and You're like you know we actually don't Have a lot of things in common besides The fact that we're opposite which is Why we attract and begin with we did a Different experience we went on our First date and we ended up talking about Business for four hours and I was like Cool and so I felt myself coming just Like wanting to see her again whatever I Was doing I'd just rather do it with her And so it's much more companionate Rather than capital L love relationship The shared Mission and shared values of This is what I want to do with my life She's like me too I want to do big

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