Don’t Put Your Cash in the Bank

Did you know that when you put your cash Into a savings account at a bank you're Actually loaning the bank money and Whatever you do a loan there's two Things you want to know How likely is it That I'm gonna get my money back and how Much am I getting paid for the risk That's the interest rate and so banks Will pay you nothing basically on the Risk for the money because most people Feel confident that the banks are going To be able to give them their money back The problem is history doesn't say that Banks have gone bankrupt many times in The past by getting greedy and in a Period that it was over leveraged and Lots of free money there's lots of Institutions that were massively over Leveraged and we will probably see that In the next however many months and so The easiest way that you can combat Against that is a different vehicle it's Called t-bills or treasuries from the Government and you can buy treasuries so That you can guarantee that you're going To get your money back because they can Always print it and you get four percent Per year on the money so rather than Risking the money in a riskier vehicle That pays you less anybody can go by Treasury bond and use it as their Figurative bank account where they store Their money because if you're not going To do anything with the money you might

As well let it sit there before you Figure out what you're going to do next

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