Don’t Start a Funnel Agency… or should you?

Funnel building as a service is that Something you should get into or is it a Shiny object syndrome is it something That's kind of like hey in the sea of Online business opportunities this is Like either an upwards Trend or is it Dying out and is it too late like all These questions that you might have is If you're swimming around looking for The next bolt you know Warren Buffett Says it's not about how hard you roll But it's the boat you're in so what's The vehicle you're in to get to your Financial goal uh in 2023 and Beyond so My name is Ghost and for those who don't Know I've built funnels for people Requests and Tony Robbins doing our Sales here Robert kiosaki like a lot of Big people big Brands and people always Ask me like how did you do that like how Do you get clients like all these things So we're going to talk about how I got Those clients and how I even last month Got 10 different clients and we're Working on these projects and it's like It's fun it's like exciting and all These things but as I talk about it People have questions about like okay But you have this personal brand right Now like they make it almost like an Excuse like it's easy for you to get Clients but we're too late we're Starting now would you still recommend This so first of all one of the things

That I look at is you know websites Versus funnels and I don't think that You can just say oh nobody needs a Website or everyone needs a funnel it's You know it's it's going to depend on The client and the business and the Industry and all these their you know Different things but just give you an Example like I recently went to the Dentist to fix like a hole I had in my Teeth and I and I saw this at actually My wife saw this ad she showed it to me I'm like hey it's 49 bucks to book an Appointment with them to see what's Wrong if you like if there's pain in These things so book the uh a meeting With them I went in it was 49 bucks and Then at the me at the the meeting with Them they're like hey you have a hold Here and like they did the scan and Things like that I didn't kind of Costing me like 100 200 bucks because Finland is pretty cheap compared to Other places and so they're like hey These are the solutions we have these Are the different offers we have so I'm Like wait a minute I just went through a Funnel it didn't look like an internet Marketing funnel it didn't feel like I Was being so or highly pressured it was Just a sales process from someone Without a pain to having different Solutions to you know kind of choose Between so I said man people think that

Sales funnels is you know either dead or Just for Internet marketers like hey a Webinar but webinars are dead so you Know I'm not going to use it or they Think I have to be this massive genius To even step into that Arena and build These funnels for clients and I can't do That because I'm not good enough I don't Have an education like I don't have Limited belief limiting belief all these Voices so what I noticed was if we can Just explain what it is really well People can understand okay like I can do That you know so for example a good Friend of mine Jonathan he actually he's In the the office here he's in E-commerce he's sold millions of dollars In e-commerce and now people are asking Him how did he do it like how do you Find winning products and all these Different things so I said hey I can Build your course funnel like you can Just film your videos uh kind of what You're doing with Shopify and Facebook Ads and all these things how you find Find the product and that's what he's Done you know he set up a room in the Office you know got a camera and nothing Fancy just like filmed the course start To finish how you know how he's done What he's done I just put together a Course funnel for him like copy we used AI to do market research and like do the Draft of the copy then I went in and

Added my own stuff to it we decided we Did The Branding light and dark version Of it like all these things to build out A course funnel within like a week or Two so now it's live we literally Launched it yesterday and so now I was a Part of that as a funnel builder for him I didn't charge him he's my friend and I'm like hey I don't need you know I Need your your money I just like maybe Is this a good case study for my course Full-time fund on the side so that was More like documentation for me Documentation but the reason I say all Those all of this like it didn't it Wasn't like complicated I just listened To him kind of like what you're selling Oh it's a course about this okay that's The modules and like from there I worked Backwards to write the copy for like why Do people want this okay like what is Even e-commerce and like explaining that And like all these things and so we had Like a fully functioning funnel and now He can launch it and he can help more People so when you look at let's say It's a uh you know an author who has a Book they come to you and they're like How can I sell more books and you know What's the right funnel for that Actually just this quick side note we Just added a certification program to Ffd because of this reason because I Asked all the questions like if a client

Come to you what is the right file you Would offer to them and like all the Details so that you can what is your Your building follows for yourself or For other people like you'll know the Funnel type the funnel strategy that Goes into the offer creation and then we Have copywriting and funnel design and Automation like all those things making You an expert in 30 days instead of Having to go to a college spend four Years maybe learn something about Marketing uh maybe have a SWOT plan is That what they call anyways long story Short I digress so with that you know an Author you would just build a sales page To say sell a book and then if someone Wants to learn more from them you could Have a one-on-one sort of access to the Author to ask questions as an upsell hey I'm willing to spend more for more Access that is a sales page with another Option to add something just like in E-commerce you want to buy you know a Phone they might say hey do you also Want this case we also want the wireless Charger they also want this with your Order so Aren't complicated and with the growing You know the increase in e-commerce and People shopping from home in fact I told My friend who's in Jonathan who's an E-commerce I said I see e-commerce Growing fast because I used to maybe get

One package per month you know I don't Buy a lot of stuff online but now I at Least like every week I have two Packages coming home and so probably Half of those are my wife's stuff but Still it's like okay we're buying more Online and so people are learning more Online they're connecting with people in Communities online like all these Different things are happening so with That every single business owner needs Ways to communicate their message online Right so if they're selling a service The funnel would just be centered around The message leading to how they sell it If they sell in person it's like hey Book a call come into the office or book A meeting in our office if they're Selling a product that you can download Then it's like hey here's the order form Here's how much it is here's everything You get and it automatically adds them To the product if it's an install Template or download you redirect them After they purchase to click download And all these different things which you Know isn't that complicated when you Think about it so yes sales funnels are Still on the rise it is not too late to Get in uh if you want to learn Everything yourself it can be hard Because you don't have any references You don't have any case studies any Examples but building funnels as a

Business is still like it's so new if we Have let's say a thousand people doing It or five thousand people doing it but We have 5 million businesses who need You right now they're willing to pay you Right now they're going somewhere else If they're not paying you they're paying Someone else so why not you right it's Because probably you haven't either seen The opportunity you haven't taken the Time to learn the skills to do so and What's funny is people think now to kind Of where I was mentioning about me Getting 10 clients in a month people Think that you have to make fantasy YouTube videos now I need the studio Because otherwise I'm not an authority That's not true you just need a Portfolio and a profile when have a Profile you can go into other groups and Build and sort of congre your own Community from what other people have Already built even my community you can Go in there and add them as friends then On your news feed you can post whatever You want right and then if you're you Don't have a funnel client Um as examples in your portfolio then You can build a template that I give you And you can just redesign and make a Customer and everything and say hey Here's what I decide I can redesign Yours you start from redesigning and Then you can do custom work and then you

Can do Consulting and then you can sell Templates and people ask for a course And like you're on a journey you're on Day one but in five years from now three Years from now you'll be the goal to and You'll be the expert you'll be the one With the person around with authority Credibility people will not only pay you A thousand bucks but 10 000 because the Skills that you stacked over the last Few years so hopefully that's helpful Any questions let me know in the Comments we also have linked to Everything all the resources and stuff In the description and I'll see in the Next one

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