Don’t Waste Time Buying Groceries

Explain that it's just opportunity cost When I went to the grocery store I made My list went to Costco bought all the Food came back unpacked it prepped it Cooked it boxed it put it in the fridge And then every time I would eat it I Would clean my dishes all of that cost Me more time than just working as a Single guy oftentimes you have to cook Twice anyways by the sixth day the Chicken starts looking weird there's an Eyeball growing in there when I started Adding up the math the math didn't Pencil out to be fair I made more than 15 an hour so I knew that if I just Worked my leads for a day I would make An extra Grand the message of that is do The math just pencil out how long it Actually cost you how much does the Incremental cost compared to the Groceries that Delta if it's more than 25 of my income I shouldn't do it

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