Download Element in ClickFunnels 2.0

Foreign [Music] We will discuss adding the download Element Before we get started let's note that The download element is currently only Available for the customer center This means adding the download element On a course on a standalone page in on a Funnel is currently not available So let's get started First click on site and funnels Second click on Customer Center And then third click on customize to Open the page editor Once you have the page editor opened go Ahead and add the new element anywhere On the page In this training I'm going to add the download element at The bottom of the page where I already Added the new row for it Inside the new row click on ADD element Then select download from the menu Under downloads select collections And then please feel free to choose the Number of columns that you want to add To your collections Once you've added the collection element You will now need to add all the Essential Elements for the collection The optional elements are image Title And then the download link element

After adding all the Essential Elements Of your collection Please feel free to click the save Button on the upper right corner of your Page to save your changes

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