Drinking From a Place of Stress

You know I'd be stressed from work or Whatever and I would just like want to Have a shot or two at the end of the day Or three shots or four shots to just Like take the edge off when I force Myself to stop drinking I did a cold Turkey because if you're gonna do a Sooner or later might as well do it Sooner and so I stopped drinking the day That we decided to Without Really any Prompt and then for the next six months I would feel this like itch whenever I Was stressed like man I could really use A drink but I couldn't and so it forced Me to confront the things that I wasn't Confronting which is like decisions that Were unmade hard conversations I needed To have basically I had all these Unresolved Loops that I needed to close And then once I closed all those Loops My desire to drink went down Dramatically and then when I did decide To drink two and a half years later it Wasn't like ah you know it guzzled down Five bottles of liquor because I wasn't Drinking for a place of stress as long As you don't drink to run away from Anything it's much less likely that You'll do it in excess

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