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Recently I switched my big big WordPress Heavy plugins all this stuff website I Left it all and I want to tell you where I went I spent a lot of time building a Massive WordPress website that I thought Looked great and a lot of plugins Contact forums all this stuff right only To have a slow website that just took so Much time that I could have been doing a Lot of other things and it was pretty Exhausting thing and I’m like wow I’m Finally done but just because you don’t Go website is not a set it and forget a Type of thing you’ve got to make keep up To date with vlogs you want to make sure It’s fresh you want everything right so There’s a lot of website maintenance Going on so I got rid of all that I was Introduced to drop funnels and now I Want to introduce you to drop funnels One of the other big things that I Finally got to rid myself of was click Model click funnels is an amazing tool Don’t get me wrong an amazing tool but What I loved about drop funnels was Everything jaw drop funnels is built on The back of WordPress so in drop funnels You get a full website you can have a Full website with blog post it has the SEO capabilities that to me are better Than Yoast I mean I liked I liked it the Ease of it and I like just it’s easier To work with than having to have a Yoast Plug-in in my WordPress website that

DropFunnels Vs. ClickFunnels

I’ve got to pay to upgrade and I want to Deal with all that anymore drop funnels Made it a lot easier and drop one of Those gives you you know that that WordPress website along with unlimited Funnels unlimited funnels unlimited Funnels unlimited funnels click funnels He had a limited amount of funnels and You had just all this stuff going on and Didn’t have like they had some templates To work with but it wasn’t it was a huge Learning curve so we’re gonna jump in And I’m gonna show you a little bit more Of the comparison between the two and Then Talk someone we are with clickfunnels And with clickfunnels as you all may or May not know there are the the top dog They are the monster in the game as far As funnels go landing pages sales pages And whatnot the up so everything like That right russell brunson is absolutely Killing it but that’s not to say that They don’t have flaws or that there Might not be another service that can Offer something better which is what I Was telling you that I found and that is My personal opinion but I highly highly Recommend it if you are in affiliate Marketing digital marketing if you are Even just a small business owner and you Have you know you’re a dentist in a Local area a plumber lawyer I highly Recommend drop funnels for the speed the

SEO capabilities and everything’s but we Ain’t even finished getting through Click funnels and I couldn’t help myself So yeah just click funnels main home Page and you can see you know sell your Products follow up funnels they have Marketing email marketing inside they Have all kinds of stuff they offer a lot What they don’t fully offer is a home Hosted website with SEO capabilities That ranks the other things that I’ve Noticed with funnels even I click on ads A lot of times just to see where they go Because I if you have ever read anything From Russell Brunson and how he used to Collect mail when he was a child just to See the mail he wanted to know what People were writing what people were Sending out if it was working and things Like that right that’s what I do i i’ll Click on people’s funnels just to see Where they go i like to I like to see Landing pages i like to see how people Are getting people to opt-in and what i Noticed is that these landing pages are Incredibly slow and so when you think About speed and time like that like you Only have about three seconds to get Your page up there or somebody’s leaving The average human attention span is only About seven seconds so if your funnel or Your landing page is not loading fast Enough they’re gone you lost it right You’ve spent all this money marketing

You finally got somebody with your you Know your lead magnet your your ad was Great it came or or they tried to come To your page and they couldn’t make it It was it was too slow it was too late So that is a homepage of clickfunnels And now we’re gonna go over to drop Funnels so drop funnels they both offer A 14-day free trial if you didn’t see it Drop funnels has their you know the Cookie policy right there you got a Powerful SEO blogging platform you have Unlimited memberships and courses Unlimited sales funnels industry-leading PageSpeed right no plugins no themes or Hosting no tech or updating or servers Literally unlimited everything the power Of this is just amazing I have dipped Into the memberships and courses side a Little bit myself and I it is very easy To set up it is very easy to create and It’s just unlimited they even give you Templates there’s tons and tons of Templates with drop funnels that you can Just easily set you know to the click And then they’re in there and you’re Changing like a text to yours it’s Amazing Again just more of what all they offer So right so move we talked about the Courses thing you don’t have to have Kajabi or you don’t have to have one of These other places to host your course They have course hosting in here that

You can you literally upload your course In here or the like for my own I have an E-book funnel when they come through the E-book funnel after the e-book purchase They go to a course like area where they Can be offered an affiliate link for Trout bundles if they want drop funnels They can download the e-book from a Google Drive things like that very very Amazing system and so also ssl Certificates which is huge especially You’re collecting somebody’s information So you get your authority website Unlimited sales funnels drop funnels Also easily integrates with a lot of the Big email autoresponders like MailChimp Aweber get response and all those other Guys and they even have Not opt-in forms but they’re called Messaging forms where let’s say I have Gmail and I want somebody to fill out This form instead I can have somebody Fill out a chat like it’s almost like a Chat form and when they fill it out and Send it it goes directly to my email not Not or in my Gmail right not not MailChimp I don’t have to do any zaps or Anything like that literally comes Straight to my email I get a Notification with my email so-and-so Sent me this message through my website Very easy for me because I get a lot of Emails and I’m always checking them very Very just awesome thing for me to have

You can see Jordan Jordan metric here in The corners talking which is a very cool Thing too and so create unlimited Products add them to your website or Sales funnel with a few clicks right Tried to eat made everything easy He’s streamlined everything so hey I Mean he almost basically took everything That was just not in click funnels and Made it in drop funnels it does Integrate directly with stripe and Things like that is it really a free Trial yes it is what if you want to Cancel yeah cancel no sweat yeah go Ahead cancel that’s all up to you you Can easily change over a domain if you Already have one You’ll get one it’s to start with but You could if you already have a domain From like Namecheap or wherever else you Can change your a records and things to Bring it over do I need to add other Plugins to make things work not at all In fact to avoid conflicts and site Crashes while increasing your speed site Speed and ease of use we have everything You need built in and do not allow Adding rogue plugins because what has Happened recently to is some plugins are Carrying viruses right plugins can Either plugins are slowing down your Site and some of them are even carrying Viruses here’s some other big marketers That are using drop funnels right so

Just awesome software not and place to Host your own website and to have Unlimited funnels all right so you saw Me go through the main home pages of Each site click funnels and drop funnels And I tried to I did I try I don’t know I tried to not seem biased but I’m just Heavily biased right now drop funnels is Not only this is one thing I didn’t even Show you on the website drop funnels is Actually way cheaper than click files so For those of you who are trying to you Know be on a budget drop funnels only $49 a month yeah click funnels base Package is 97 a month so pretty much got Your prices in half and then drop Funnels second tier is I believe only 147 a month compared to click funnels Which is 297 a month those haven’t Really convinced you I don’t know what Will I’m just telling it like it is right I’m A numbers and facts guy but so if you Would like to start your drop funnels Membership or at least try it out for 14 Days you can go in you can play around You can see if you like it if you don’t Like it the ease of it the free Templates and things like that I’m gonna Have some links in the description that You can click to go try it I’m gonna Drop a link as well so you can check out The free templates you can go to the Site and you can check out the free

Templates but if you don’t have drop Funnels you can’t import them directly Into your account Out those links below that’s it for this Video thank you guys for watching make Sure you hit the like button subscribe To the channel and get the notification Bell and I’ll see you the next one.

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