Email Marketing Overview in ClickFunnels 2.0

Learn “Email Marketing Overview in ClickFunnels 2.0”.

Support and today I will be going over Email marketing within your account so To get over to that we’ll go ahead and Start at our dashboard and go over to Marketing So right away you’ll notice there’s a Couple of different options here So we have workflows which we covered Previously but essentially a workflow is A new feature in 2.0 which gives you the Option to trigger different actions Based on certain events within your Funnel We have broadcasts Broadcasts are one-off emails that you Can send out to your audience We have email templates which you can Create and save here to use with your Emails We have countdown timers which you can Create and use on your pages And we have our marketing settings So within our marketing settings under General settings we can see here that we Can edit our marketing contact address We can edit our unsubscribed footer We can also hide our powered by click Funnels badge on all of our site pages And we can change our company email Address So the cool thing about this is you can Actually add new email addresses here so

If you wanted to send from a different Email address you would add a new email Address And you would save that And then you would come over to general Settings and you can change that here so That all of your emails will be sent From the email address you choose New to 2.0 is topics So topics are categories used to group Content for your customers and help them Find relative contents So your contacts can actually Unsubscribe from specific topics if they Like But here you can create a new topic And give it a description to use for Your emails So let’s go ahead and head over to Broadcast to show that off So here we have draft broadcasts Scheduled and sent you can segment them There you can also search for your Broadcasts And alternatively you can sort them here So let’s go ahead and create a broadcast Here You can see it gives us email templates We can use there are categories here of Email templates But we’ll just select this one And once you select a template it will Open up the email editor So here we have content so we have

Content we can add to our emails We have rows that we can click and drag Over to use in our email And we also have settings to further Customize the look and feel of our email If we click this layout button it’ll Give us a layout here Template we can save as a template we Can switch our template And then we can also preview our email And we can save and exit So once we save and exit on our Broadcast it will give us the ability to Add a broadcast name We can add our topics here if we wanted To add topics to our broadcast we can Also add multiple topics if we like And then we have our audience so new to 2.0 we have audiences so we no longer Send out lists So if we click on audience You can see here that the the new Audience feature Works off of rules so It will include contacts that meet this Set of rules So if I wanted to say Include contacts that enrolled in my Course and Opted in on my funnel step then it would Include those contacts alternatively I Can add an or rule so I could say Include these contacts or Include someone that Bought my product

And we could save that there We have our subject line so we will give Our subject lender an email We have our pre-header So this is the text following the Subject line when an email is previewed And we alternately also have sending Options So you can send this out immediately so As soon as you set this to go it will Send and we can also choose later So if we choose later it gives it gives Us a send date so we can choose tomorrow And apply We can choose a send time And we also have the option to utilize Different time zones So if we click on this drop down you can See it will send in our workspaces local Time It can send in our customers time or Another specific time that we choose Here So then we can go ahead and save as a Draft we can discard Or we can schedule the broadcast after You click schedule broadcast it will Bring up this window to review your Email You can then click schedule And it will give you a prompt here to Say we will get that sent out at your Specific time zone Then you can go ahead and save that as a

Template and create another broadcast or Go to your broadcast index so that’s a Brief overview of email marketing within Your click funnels 2.0 account Hope this information was helpful have a Wonderful rest of your day.

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