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Foreign [Music] I'll show you how to add merge tags to Your click funnels emails To get started you'll need an email Template or a system email that you Would like to customize and add an email Merge tag to You will also need to have the relevant Information stored in your click funnels Account for that merge tag For example if you want to include your Contacts name using a contact's name Merge tag you will need to have a Contact with their name stored in their Contact information in your clickfunnels Account Finally you will need to have an element That supports custom text in your email Template such as a title a button or a Text element So once you've opened up the email Editor for your email you want to add Your merge tag to Either find an existing element that Supports custom text or add one to the Email template Then click inside the text area of the Element And place your cursor where you would Want the merge tag to be inserted Then click on the merge tags button in The menu that appears above And select the merge tag you would like

To insert from the list of available Merge tags Different types of emails may have Different merge tags available to them Such as different system emails any Merge tags that you see available in This list for a specific email can also Be copied and pasted into the subject Line for an email With that in mind click on the merge tag You would like to insert And finally make any final adjustments To the text here without modifying the Specific piece of text that was inserted For your merge tag Once everything is customized to your Liking make sure you save your email Template by clicking the save button in The top right corner

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