Every business has 2 funnels

Every business has two funnels you have The front end funnel they get your Customers and then back in front of the Get your team it says you crank this guy You need to crank this one and then That's how you can scale these things to The Moon without stopping is it harder To get leads and sales or harder to Build a powerful team with the right Culture I think they're both hard and Both easy for different people Layla Naturally is very good at the back end Funnel I mean she's so good at building Culture but she has this thing that She's kind of spoken over me if you are A really good marketer a really good Salesman a lot of them are like oh I'm Not a good leader I'm not a good Operator you can sell all those people And influence all those people you can Use that same skill set and just face Internally to your team leading is Selling and influencing a lot of it Really comes down to being able to move People and being able to clearly Communicate what you want

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