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Welcome back to the magnetic marketing Saga how do you change the attractive Character I think any kind of internet Business needs to to know and to Understand is how to create and develop Your own attractive character how is This going to work if we bring somebody Else in is the community going to like Them or they can connect to them it's Even though it's scary it's important For us to open those things up and share With people because when they see that That's what's going to get them to be Interested enough to follow you people Don't connect today with Brands they Connect with people To marketing secrets With your host Russell Brunson hey this Is Russell Brunson welcome back today We're talking about the magnetic Marketing Challenge and this is Important because obviously we've done a Lot of challenges in Click funnels and Marketing secrets in all our different Businesses but this one was different Because one of the major goals of this Challenge was to actually change the Attractive character and that's what We'll talk about today because when you Hear the the concept of attractive Character right because I talk about it In all three of my books.com Secrets Expert Secrets traffic Secrets I always Talk about having an attractive

Character and the pushback I give me is Because I see it I see in the DMs I see The messages see the Post online it's Like I don't want to be attractive Character because then I can never sell My business right that's what people Always say so a lot of times they don't Become the attractive character and Their business never gets the spot where It could be sellable anyway especially In today's world like having an Attractive character is one of if not The most important things that people Don't connect today with Brands they Connect with people you ask my kids like What's the biggest drink in the world Right I don't know and then I'm like Who's the biggest YouTuber in the world Like Logan Paul I make what's this drink Prime like they know instantly right Because they don't connect with prime They connect with Logan fastest growing Sports game drink in history that's the Thing people understand so having Attractive characters essential to be Able to grow to be able to connect People to like traffic ads connections Selling all stuff is based on a Character so as you guys know Dan Kennedy is the attractive character in That business and it's interesting Because when Dan sold the company sold The bill Glazer and then Bill Glazer Co-branded together it was Dan and Bill

In fact he can change the name from I Think it was Kennedy or circle of time He changed it to Glazer Kennedy in a Circle it became GK for all the old School people who remembers gksc for a Decade after Bill sold it to another Company they actually it was interesting They actually um tried to get rid of the Attractive character like well we don't Need Dan we have all the training they Tried like almost snuff Dad out which is Weird you cover the attracted character And sales went down the company the Point where eventually I was able to buy It now when I bought it for me obviously Dan is still the attractive character But Dan also isn't gonna do what I do as An attractive character right I'm on Facebook lives and podcasts and Interviews and I'm traveling the world I'm speaking events like the law things I do that I'm not gonna get Dan Kennedy To do as much as I wanted to I tried to Put in his contract he would not do tick Tock ads like he just refused I don't Know why he did in the contract uh was Willing to write a weekly fact so we got Those coming in Almost look at this Tick Tock ad but he Wasn't going to do some things right so Initially when I bought the company I Kind of co-branded me and Dan right Because we need somebody to be out in Front and so the first year of me owning

My dad marketing you'll notice that I Was on the sales videos and as I was Doing it the role I was taking was not Of uh like a co-branding I was looking At myself as I was the reporter let me Tell you about Dan Kennedy I'm the Reporter there's this guy he's my mentor He's my hero he's Dan Kennedy which is Right so I was reporting on him bringing Back the best stuff here's what I Learned from Dan here's what Dan's doing I brought the funnel hiking live and I Interviewed him I let him be the star of The show and for a year I did that right So that way everyone in my world and Clickfunnels audience now became very Familiar with Dan they fell in love with Him you know we've got five or six Thousand people now on his newsletter Like that first phase worked but after a Year into this business I'm like I can't Keep being the attractive character for Click funnels and like a kind of a Partial attractive character of magnetic Marketing like we need somebody who can Who can take that role who can be the Front of who can be running the events Who can be doing The Mastermind groups Who can like who can do all the things Right when I had my day with Dan Kennedy When I had a chance to fly out to Cleveland and spend time with him in his Home in the basement that's one of the Questions I asked him was like I'm being

Stretched thin amongst all the things I'm doing and uh as I got to eat Somebody who you think represents the Face of magnetic marketing the best Somebody who is a student who has done This ideally someone who's done it both In the brick and mortar world right Because so much of magnetic marketing is Was based off of brick and mortar Companies right but also who's done it On the online and info product world and I asked Dan that like who is there Somebody who you know could be that Person and it was cool because he wasn't Like well here's Five People You could Pick from I came back to me said there's One he's like the person I would Recommend is Marty Fort I'd met Marty Once I'd seen him but I don't really Know much as story Michael tell me his Story you said well Marty had a music School like a brick and mortar physical Location people came and learned music From him right and when he learned about Magnetic marketing Dan Kennedy base Marketing he went and he blew up that School applying magnetic marketing to Physical like actual stores then he said He got so good at that he said I'm going To teach other music schools how to do The same thing things that he created Information business and started Teaching school Zach my name is Marty Ford I own a brick and mortar music

Schools I also coach Music School owners Around the world I've been involved with Dan Kennedy and magnetic marketing since 2008. I found him through one of his Books which I think many of us do that's Really the way in Dan Kennedy's just Been awesome he's been an amazing mentor And teacher and now the info businesses I think he said three times bigger than The other one here's the big thing Everybody at home please take this to Heart coaching business makes more Income than all three schools combined Because they've done both sides of it Right he's a damn candy disciple like me Who who followed him and said that he'd Be the person who could kind of become The front of this I messaged Marty I was Like would you be interested and luckily He said yeah he was honored he loved to Do it and so um we started kind of Putting the pieces together it started With funnel hacking live me Marty uh Went to Dan Kennedy's hotel room and we Spent time kind of talking about Householding would work the next level For everything in this business we we Need somebody who can be more of an Active face of doing like so like doing Online challenges it's an honor for me To be even in this discussion so Whatever you gentleman needed me for and So that was kind of the game plan Obviously we still have Dan is still the

Attractive character of the company he's The core personality right his his core Teachings trainings Frameworks Philosophy everything that we're Leveraging but Marty we want to Transition to be the front and so I Thought the best way to start that is by Doing a challenge that way everybody in The community could be introduced to him At the same time we don't want to lose We don't want to lose Dan in the in the Equation right I've seen a lot of people Who have in fact other people have Bought Dan's company past I've seen Other people who've tried to do this They try to take the guru out of it they Try to take that person out and really Snuff out the voice that people are There to hear that's when things Collapse the vision that has we were Creating this is if you've ever been to Tony Robbins upw Tony used to teach for Four days the whole event was Tony Teaching like four days of him getting You in state you're jumping around you Do a bunch of stuff eventually Tony's Voice started going you know started Losing his voice that's why you know That's why Tony talks like this now I Got really excited and it made me more Effective in business because he was Doing so many events his voice was Having problems then Tony brought in um Someone named Jose McLendon anyone who's

Ever been upw you know Joseph mcclenny He's kind of this sub attractive Character right and uh Joseph now runs The days of Tony saw there so Tony's There day one of three and then uh Joseph McClendon teaches day two and Four but what's cool is that Joseph Doesn't just get up there and like now Start teaching josephisms for the next You know the entire day he's there to Talk about like how he's applied Tony's Principles then they push it back and They show videos of Tony Tony goes and Teaches it Joseph comes back out Reinforces it and they keep doing that For the for the other two days so I was Like if we can do something like that Yeah that would be the magic because I'm Sure yes I could pay Dan we could weave Damage this Challenge and be amazing but Like I don't what's gonna happen someday When Dan's done when he retires or Whatever like we needed to figure out The model today so we could be Sustainable over time and so uh for the Challenge I made Marty the face of it Marty was the face we talked about like When people opted in that it had Marty's You know Marty and Dad Kenny's face on The registration page After People Registered for the challenge the on the Vacuum page we had an upsell for um for The nobs newsletter right for the mif Key and so we had Marty actually do the

One who was actually pitching that right He said you know I'm excited to be Spending time with you guys over the Next five days I'm going to Dan Kennedy Students I love them uh I want to be Your lead trainer over the next five Days and so I just wanted to say hi and By the way this is why I need a Newsletter he's able to talk about what Has been his life why it's so important Why they need to buy it right so we were Able to use him as attractive character There then when the challenge actually Started again Dan was not part of the Challenge instead it was Marty teaching A principal or philosophy showing how to Apply to his business and then we pushed It to video of Dan from the past Dan Teaching when he was running a good Millionaire seminars or one of his half Day events or one of the uh you know Super conference or info Summits Teaching the principle we needed and After we did it for the five days back And forth and back and forth obviously To me I was a little nervous because It's it's different right like like How's this gonna work we bring somebody Else in is the community gonna like him Or they can connect with them is he Gonna be able to sell at the end of it Right like help me welcome you're a host Of the stage Marty Ford all right Marty Sells people at his events but he

Doesn't sell them the way that I like to Sell right like he he had never done a Challenge before so we had to go back And sit down and with him spend time Leave after like teaching him okay Here's the challenge framework I had to Teach him the perfect webinar right Because perfect webinar script is Basically that's what the challenge Funnel is right so I teach them like Like how to structure the content for Day one two three four five then we'll Get to the to the offer how do you Structure the pit the stack and the Clothes and like so we had to go through All that with him and man Marty's like a An amazing student he was studying he Was learning he was like writing and Rewriting and pitching and practicing And like it was just awesome and so when We got down to it and the challenge Actually happened Um he went in there and did an amazing Job you did great Back there like yeah I'm not doing a Stack something else is doing they're Killing it you know we're all sitting Down like Olivia really matters in the Days like do people buy on day four if They did it worked they didn't then Something was wrong in the way so this Was kind of for Marty this is basically Try to run to see if he could actually Do it right and uh what's cool is that

He went through the whole process just From the registration page if you Register and on the thank you page we Had the Miffy offer that pushed people Into no BS newsletter I think we had 600 People the side of the newsletter which Was a huge win adding 600 people to Continuity before the challenge even Started is always a big win right and Then we did the challenge day one day Two day three and then day number four Is where Marty had the first his first Chance the first time ever doing the Stack and the clothes which again if You've been in my world you've said the Perfect webinar Um it's the secret it's so it's the most Powerful thing you can teach about a Close sales to the masses is the stack And the clothes and uh he executed it Flawlessly Rap Marty huge round of applause and we Saw the sales start flying in that day Next night the next day he did kind of a Repitch which was great as well and then We watched over the next 48 hours before We as we did the cart closed down Sequence and sales kept coming in for uh The thousand dollar uh offer that we Made at the end of it and when all said And done uh over a quarter million Dollars and sells over 250 000 we made From uh the pitch that Marty did uh During the challenge and so it was fun

Obviously I could spend this podcast Talking about challenge structure and Format but that's not the point of this Right this was us saying okay we need to Do Um something to bring into the Attractive care someone who in five Years now 10 years now that the Community can connect with they can Understand so many people especially People in the past who bought dance Company they want to make it about them Like oh look I'm the owner I'm a person And for me it's like I want Dan to be The Superstar like I like this is not About me propping myself up to stop Propping down if Marty did such a good Job of like being willing to do that Right and so I I wanted him because like The next five ten years like he's kind Of person who continued to prop up Dan And he'll get all the significance he Wants and needs but he'll do that by Propping up Dan and telling the story About Dan Kennedy and how he's changed His life and the philosophies and Principles I think that especially after The first run I'm excited we have the Next few things set up with Marty to Keep going forward but my goal and I Hope my dreams that he'll be the the Forward-facing attractive character of Magnetic Mark and moving forward for the Next decade or more as moving forward we

Have live stuff we're doing with Dan We're filming each these pieces knowing That this may be a challenge in the Future this may be a webinar in the Future this might be a live event you Know like and so we're trying to capture As many of those things as possible with Dan while we've got him uh before he Retires and does whatever he's going to Do in his future uh but the biggest Success for me was like understanding How to put an attractive character it Takes the weight off of yourself and so For you I might think about the same Thing I am a big believer that you need An attractive character to launch your Business this thing gets it off the Ground it's the connections the the the Relationship with you and the audience Initially understanding like hey if I Want to sell somebody I can't it can't Just be me right I've seen people Successfully where there's a man they're Bringing a female face now it cuts the Workload in half right or they bring in Three women and three men and also they They become one of many experts but it Initially still starts with one as the Attractive character using that to get The business off the ground get it into The stratosphere and then starts Thinking strategically okay how do I Start replacing myself in different Places you'll notice is happening in the

Click funnels ecosystem over the next 24 Months or so um and this is all part of The long-term strategic uh play so that Someday if I decide I want to retire I'll go read a book or go write some More books or whatever I want to do it Won't affect the health of the actual Business you do that by kind of thinking Strategically about how to replace Yourself as an interactive character Moving forward so hope this helps you Guys as you're looking through there's a Big magnetic marketing update again the Company is thriving it's having I'm Having so much fun with it and the best Part about this is I got a fax them down This weekend uh because you know like Dan's my hero he's my mentor he's like The person I first got into this Business I always wanted to impress him I didn't want to come into this business To be the guy who was trying to like you Know leverage him to get credibility or Anything I wanted to like to put him on A pedestal and so at the end of The Facts his best Dan and they said P.S it Is a pleasure working with you and I Believe that we are doing good work but I hear from president past members and Clients who are members is all positive Which never happened with any of the Previous owners even back to bill which Is literally the greatest compliment I Could have possibly gotten from Dan so

That said we've got a lot of work to do With Magnetic marketing more cool things Coming we've got some cool new books Coming out Dan and I are co-authoring Book right now some really fun stuff so I'm excited to share it all with you Guys thank you guys so much for Subscribing if you're not a member of The nobs newsletter yet uh surprise Surprise it is officially sponsoring This video and this podcast so go to Nobsletter.com go get your uh huge money Making kit I think you get like 11 000 With the money making goodness for free When you sign up for the no BS Newsletter so go to nobsletter.com to go Get that and uh there's my Shameless Plug I appreciate you guys thanks for Listening and we'll talk to you all soon

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