Everyday I’d wake up and check my bank account

One of the habits that I highly Encourage you do is that every morning What's the first thing you check is it Instagram is it YouTube is it your text I'll tell you the first thing that I Checked with my bank account every day I Would wake up and I'll check my bank Account and what happens when you do That is you develop this muscle of kind Of this understanding of the money flow It's just like weight loss if you get on A scale every day and you're trying to Lose weight and you don't do jack But you literally just get on the scale Every day people lose weight drawing and Putting awareness to the problem or the Thing that you're trying to change Improves it and the first thing in the Day priority it means it is happening Prior it's more important so you wake up You make money a priority you check your Bank account every day you look at all Of the pluses that go in you look at all The minuses and next month you try and Make that column go up and that column Go down I don't want to be poor I'm Going to look at this money until Eventually it starts paying attention Back to me because money sticks to the Person who pays it the most attention

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