EVERYONE has something you can learn from…Make sure your offer is better than anybody else’s!!

There's a little tiny girl and I'm like What's your business she's like I'm a Babysitter how many other girls you know They're babysitter she's like all my Friends babysit they're making how much Do you charge she's like well we all Charge I don't know five bucks an hour For babysitting I was like okay so you All have the exact same offer I say how Do you make your offer more irresistible Well my new babysitting offer is this She's like I'm not just a babysitter I'm Actually a mentor for your kids and when I babysit and your kids can I'm not Gonna sit there and watch TV with them We're gonna sit and we're gonna read Together I'm gonna make him a meal it's Gonna be a healthy meal and then after The meal I'm gonna clean up the the Dishes we're gonna clean these up I'll Make sure your kids are in bed before They show up not only are they going to Watch Nora they're also going to clean Our entire house they're gonna teach her The ABCs she's got no screen time she's Gonna be Ned Naps oh yeah my handwriting is the best Ever and she had this whole list of all The things she's gonna do versus all the Other babysitters I was like oh my gosh Like I would pay you 20 an hour to Babysit my kids right now because of Like your offer is so much better than

Anybody else's yeah I saw the adults Like getting like oh that's why no one's Buying my stuff everyone's got the same Product out here right

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