Everyone has the same hours in a day

Everyone only has the same hours of the Day if that's the case anybody who only Sleeps eight hours and works the Remaining of hours of the day all of Them would be tied for hardest working So once you max out your hours worked There has to be another variable which Is the leverage you gain on the Activities and the time you spend and That is in my opinion where people Should focus their attention if you're a Newbie and you can't get your ass off The couch and by all means figure out How to actually get your ass off the Couch and do stuff but once you have Tapped that out very quickly you hit Your capacity of work and so in order to Increase your capacity you must increase The leverage you have on the activities You do what if some an activity has a Hundred times higher leverage do I still Need to work 16 hours a day so then the Reality is that you just need to figure Out the activities that have the most Leverage and do those

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