Experience the Impressive AI Upgrade that Boosted Photoshop’s Capabilities

Discover the latest upgrade to Photoshop that has taken the world of graphic design by storm – the impressive AI technology. With its enhanced capabilities, this new upgrade is set to revolutionize the way designers work by streamlining tedious tasks and significantly boosting productivity. If you’re a graphic designer or simply interested in the latest tech advancements, keep reading to find out how Adobe’s new AI upgrade will change the game.

Experience the Impressive AI Upgrade that Boosted Photoshop’s Capabilities


Photoshop, the world-renowned editing software that has been dominating the industry for decades, made a new leap in advancements with the addition of Artificial Intelligence (AI) image generation features. Adobe just released many new features to its latest version of Photoshop and AI generative fill is one of them. AI generative fill improves user experience and boosts Photoshop’s capabilities to a highly impressive level. In this article, we will dive deep into exploring the AI generative fill feature, its various benefits, and its impact on the design industry.

Generative Fill: The how and what

Generative fills allow users to fill shapes with various colors or patterns and make new elements in an image. In other words, generative fill creates new shapes from the surrounding objects in the picture. With the use of AI, generative fill has become smarter. In fact, every element that is generated is treated as a separate layer. This means that any previously created shape can be removed or hidden, and layers can be reverted back to the original image.

Advantages and benefits of AI generative fill

Adobe has made certain aspects of design and editing easier with the addition of the AI generative fill feature. Here are some benefits of generative fill that make it a must-have feature in your designing toolkit:

Improved Creativity

Photoshop’s AI generative fill opens the door to new design possibilities, allowing users to create astonishing backgrounds or objects in their image. Instead of creating a new polygon through pen tool or brush, generative fill can create shapes instantly. For instance, if you need a collection of trees or grass in your background, the generative fill will quickly trace the surrounding image, saving you hours of manual labor.

Easy to Use

Generative fill in Photoshop is pretty user-friendly. Even if you’re new to designing, you can create beautiful designs with the help of generative fill. You can quickly select the shape you want to fill, go to the fill option, select the type of fill you want, and voila! It’s done.


Without the use of generative fill, designers used to spend countless hours on background creation, intricate filling, or pattern designing. With generative fill, these activities have been reduced from hours-long processes into a matter of minutes. It serves to save time without compromising the quality of the image.

The Inspiration behind AI generative fill

The new AI generative fill wasn’t created overnight; Adobe has been working on AI-generated content for years. Adobe has been studying how people use Photoshop and looking for ways to improve designers’ experience. Adobe believes that AI-powered solutions hold the key to such improvements.

The use of AI generative fill in creating new Elements

Not only does AI generative fill save time and effort, but also it helps designers to create new elements in an image through the use of patterns, colors, and shapes. It’s easy to create realistic backgrounds or objects with the help of the generative fill. The novelty of generative fill creates realistic textures and fills for designs that enhance the overall feel of the image.

Examples of images made with generative fill feature in Photoshop

To get an idea of how beneficial this feature can be, here are some examples of images made with the generative fill feature in Photoshop. These images show how generative fill can create new elements in an image and improve the overall aesthetics of the image.

  1. Image created with grass texture fills using generative fill in Photoshop.
  2. Image created with multiple layers of polygon shapes using generative fill in Photoshop.
  3. Image created with border designs using generative fill in Photoshop.

A Free Alternative to Photoshop for Generative Fill is Available

Photoshop isn’t the only software that offers generative fill. There is free and open-source software as well, such as Gimp. Gimp is platform-independent and provides almost all the features of Photoshop. With Gimp, designers can also use generative fill to create beautiful designs.


The integration of AI into Photoshop has revolutionized the world of design and editing. With the addition of AI-powered features like generative fill, designers can decrease the time required for monotonous design tasks and become more creative with their work. The generative fill feature is an exceptional addition to Photoshop and has proved its worth in terms of usability, creativity, and efficiency. Adobe’s AI generative fill empowers designers to create unique and innovative designs in a much more time-efficient way.


  1. What is AI generative fill?
  • AI generative fill allows users to fill shapes with colors or patterns and make new elements in an image.
  1. What are the benefits of AI generative fill?
  • AI generative fill saves time and effort, provides easier ways of adding design elements, and improves the overall aesthetics of the image.
  1. Can I use generative fill to create complex shapes?
  • Yes, generative fill allows users to create complex shapes and patterns depending on their requirements.
  1. Is Gimp an alternative software for generative fill?
  • Yes, Gimp is a free and open-source software that offers generative fill.
  1. Which version of Photoshop has generative fill?
  • The latest version of Photoshop has generative fill as one of its new features.
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