Failing doesn’t mean you’re a failure…

When you're wrestling you step on the Mat and when you lose it's like I lost This match but no never says like I'm a Loser that I lost this match let me go Figure out what I need to do to to win Next time whereas it seems like with Business so many people have it tied to Their identity and to everything that When they lose they say I'm a loser it's Because of that like they're scared to Lose they don't want to feel like a Loser and they're scared that if they Try and it fail so the dream will Disappear I think the biggest thing That's helped me throughout this is Going in with the expectation of like It's okay if I lose this okay if I fail Like it doesn't mean I'm a fail it means Like the situation failed but then when You detach yourself from that then it's So much easier to be like okay what was Wrong what do I need to tweak and go out And try it again and try it again and Try it again that's the biggest thing With mindset is just helping people with The detach the failure being their own And as opposed to failure being being Like a match like a thing that just that Failed that you can go back and fix and Figure out the next step with

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