Finally an SEO Tool for Webflow




This video is a FULL WALKTHROUGH of #Semflow (an SEO Chrome Extension for #Webflow).

This tool audits and scores your website and then walks you through how to optimize each page for search engines.

This Webflow SEO tool is the first of it’s kind and I am thrilled to introduce you to it!


0:00 Introduction to Semflow
0:42 Full Webflow SEO walkthrough with Semflow
2:04 Keyword Optimization in Webflow
4:39 SEO Audit in Webflow
7:05 Optimizing my Webflow site pages


Finally an SEO Tool for Webflow

I love webflow it's definitely the best Way to build websites and after building Over 100 client sites using webflow I've Realized that it's missing just one Thing other Site Builders like WordPress And Wix have plugins like yoast that Help you with SEO and help you optimize And rank your website so after years of Using webflow I decided that it was Finally time to build an SEO tool that Can do the same thing and work directly In webflow so I want to introduce you to Sim flow this is something we've been Working on for months and months and It's finally ready and in this video I'm Going to walk you through how it works And how it's going to change the way we All build in webflow so let's get into It alright welcome to semflow in this Video I'm going to walk you through Exactly how Sim flow works and together We are going to optimize this website For SEO now much like other extensions That you might be using inside the Webflow designer Sim flow is going to Pop up in the same spot over here on the Left toolbar and when you click this it Is immediately going to run an SEO Auto On your site and return an SEO score now This SEO score is determined based off Of all of the most important SEO and Ranking factors that Google and other Search engines look for so this is going To be a pretty accurate score to show

You exactly where your standing is in Terms of SEO now the thing that I love About semflow is it's all right here and It's color code to show you exactly what You need to work on so first off you're Going to see in this column it has our Pages currently we only have two pages In this side it's a pretty small site But this is going to show every single Page of your website including CMS Pages You can search for specific Pages here At the top but these are going to be Color coded either green if every SEO Element has been fixed and is in good Standing yellow if you still have some Things that you need to update in red if There are critical errors or too many Errors on that page so let's go ahead And give you an example of how this Works on the home page you can see that It's yellow meaning that there are some Things that we need to fix the first Thing is Page keyword is set now this is A really important feature because we Wanted to give you the ability to Optimize each individual site page based On a specific keyword so what is going To happen is you're going to type in the Main keyword or keyword phrase for your Page and you're going to save that That's going to be saved into our Database and then a lot of these other Elements are going to take this into Account for example page title contains

Your keyword and your H1 contains your Keyword and so it's going to make it Really easy to walk you through this Whole process now the next thing we have Here is Page title is set this is green Because the page title has already been Typed in and if you need a reminder of Where this happens this is in your page Settings you can see that the page title Is right here now the one thing that we Need to take note of Is that the page title does not contain Our keyword so remember our keyword is Idle false pest control so what I'm Going to do is copy this and bring it Over to my page settings and plug this Into the title tag so Auto Falls pest Control and then what we're going to go Ahead and do is type the name False Pest Services of the company and We're going to go ahead and save that Now one thing that you're going to Notice is when I re-crawl this nothing Is going to happen because on a lot of These changes we're going to need to Republish our site so that semflow can Go and re-audit it so I'm going to come Up here for this example And I am going to publish this you can See I'm just publishing it to a Temporary domain come back here to sim Flow recrawl and just like that the page Title now contains the keyword and you Can see that I've bumped up a few

Percentage points on my SEO score so Let's go to the next one our H1 is not Set it's red here so I'm gonna go try to Figure this out because I thought we had An H1 But you can see on my home page that We're actually using an H2 which is Definitely not best practice so we're Going to come over here we're going to Change that to an H1 and then let's come Back to our extension now H1 contains Keyword we haven't republished this yet But looking at H1 contains the keyword Remember our keyword is Idle false pest Control and our H1 is also Idaho Falls Pest control so that one should be good So what we're going to go ahead and do Again is recron you're going to notice That nothing happens because we need to Republish our site so let's republish on Our temporary domain and once that Republishes we can come back over here And then you can see that this button is Recrawl page if you don't want to Re-crawl the entire site you can just Re-crawl this specific page but you can See that our H1 is set and H1 contains Keyword have both improved and our Scores jumped up to a 66 percent so just Like that we're making some pretty good Progress All right so next is our meta Description our meta description is set And our meta description contains our

Keywords so let's make sure that we grab Our keyword here let's go check out our Meta description Remember this is also in our page Settings And you can see that we have no meta Description so for this example let's Make sure we have our keyword in here And then let's just say The best Idle false pest control company out There Just for this example now of course You're going to want to create a better Meta description that is very clickable And appealing to people but it also is Going to be nice to make sure we have Our keyword in here so I'm going to go Ahead and save this we should have our Keyword and our meta set so let's go Ahead and publish and then we'll come Back here and check this now the idea of This is we don't want you to necessarily Have to republish every time you make Updates you can make several updates and Then you can publish all at once but for The sake of this example I do want to Show you how the progress and the Progression of this works so you can see That we've bumped up our score to a 75 Percent our meta description is set meta Description also contains a keyword but We're getting a notification here that Says our meta description is too short

It should be about 160 characters you can see here in the Learn more it says this optimization Helps to avoid the truncation of meta Description mean that it cuts it off and It says that the best meta descriptions Are between 100 120 and 160 characters So what we're going to do is just for The sake of this example let's come back Here Our meta description is currently 52 Characters so let's just say we Duplicate this that's going to give us What 104 and then let's just say call us Now to get a free quote All right so now we have a description That is enough characters let's save That Republish And what it should do is tell us the Exact number of characters and tell us If we're falling in the ballpark of best Practices perfect and just like that our Meta description length is 138 out of 160 characters and we're starting to see Green here over on our SEO score and Because we have completed all of the SEO Elements within this specific page our Home page has turned to Green so let's Go ahead and do just a couple more Because I would really love to see this SEO score get up in the 80s if not the 90s so what we're looking at here is the Page keyword is set we don't have one

And so looking at this page let's go Take a look it is our services page and It's just Pest Services so we might want To do a little bit of keyword research And find a better keyword than this I'm Guessing Idaho Falls [Music] Pest Services is probably going to be Our best keyword And so let's go ahead and plug this in Let's come over to semflow And save our keyword and what you'll Notice with the keyword you actually Don't have to Re-publish your site in order for Semflow to take note that you have saved This keyword okay so let's do two more Page title contains keyword we've got a Red there and H1 contains keyword so Let's go over here and check out what is Going on so if I click out to our page Title contains keyword let's take a look So it is a different keyword so we're Going to do is paste this in idle false Pest Services let's go ahead and save That and it's looking to me like our H1 Already has our keyword so I think we Just need to publish so let's go ahead And publish this to our temporary domain And of course this is going to work on Your custom domain as well but for this Example we just have a temporary so once That's published let's get back over Here let's recrawl the site and it looks

Like we are getting very very close boom 95 and a few things that we just still Need to do are our meta description Contains keyword and then making sure That our page contains the keyword as Well so this is going to be a really Really awesome way for you to walk Through every single website that you Build and make sure that it is optimized For SEO now the thing that I'm really Excited about with Sim flow is most Other tools that do this are number one They're a lot more expensive and number Two none of them work inside of webflow Which means you're going to have to do a Lot of back and forth rerunning audits It's going to be a nightmare for you and So this tool is going to be awesome for You whether you're a business owner and Just have one site it's going to be Especially awesome for you if you're a Freelancer and you have multiple client Sites because not all only are you going To be handing off sites that are Completely optimized and in perfect Standing with Google and other search Engines but also this is something that You can charge for you can charge Additional rates for on-page Optimization and when it comes to all Websites but particularly extra large Websites you could potentially charge Hundreds if not thousands of dollars for This optimization so this is V1 of sim

Flow and it is something I'm incredibly Proud of and I'm so excited for you all To get in and try it out we have so many Awesome features coming down the Pipeline we're going to be constantly Working on this in fact I've cut an Entire team dedicated to this and our Plan is as of right now it's 15 bucks a Month it's super cheap it's the price of Lunch and you have unlimited audits you Can use this on unlimited sites as our Features grow we're probably going to Have different Pro options we also might Look into bumping up the price as we Bring more value to this tool but with That said if you get in right now it's Month to month and if you start at 15 Bucks a month you're gonna get it for 15 Bucks a month forever so if you have any Questions ideas anything that you want To talk to me about drop it down in the Comments DM me I'm so excited about this Tool I'm so excited about the support We've already received from the webflow Community and I truly think this is Going to be an absolute game changer for The webflow world so if you like this Video be sure to hit the like button Share this with your friends other Webflow designers and let's start Changing the game thanks for watching And we'll catch you in the next video

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