Flex Container Feature in ClickFunnels 2.0

Foreign [Music] With the customer education team and on This video I'm gonna explain you how to Use the flex container feature Right now I'm already inside of my Funnels area and I'm going to click on My funnel to start editing Now let's click on the edit button to Access the editor page Now we are inside of our editor page and Before I start explaining more about the Flex container let me explain you a bit More about how regular rows work so that You can understand The difference better so when using a Normal row elements are able to be added One below the other so they will be Displayed vertically As you can see here we have a paragraph Here Um We have an image here and they they can Be rearranged if we try to move them we Can move them But They will never be next to each other They will be displayed only one on the Top of each other Now if we use a flex container Um Area if we click on that section we can Find it here or we can type Effects container

And if I start adding new elements To the flex container let's say that I Add a paragraph An icon and an audio we can see that the Elements Are next to each other which is not Possible with the regular rows Now if we open the flex container Settings Here we can see that we have the option To fix the width In the height of this section We can also change the direction We can switch it from left to right Or right to left or We can choose if we want to display them Vertically We can also select a justification for For the elements that are shown here For align the items We can also fix the gap between each one Of the elements inside we can fix the Padding from here we can also select a Background for this particular Section And if we click on each one of the Elements that are inside of the flex Container We will be able to see this purple uh Area right here where you can You can change The size of of each one of the elements You can change the alignment From here

And that'll be it you can also uh switch The flex container around if you want to To switch the order in your page but Basically this is how the flex container Works I hope this information was Helpful if you have any other questions On hesitate to contact support have a Nice day thank you

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