For 20 Years I’ve Been Eating 200gr of Protein Every Day

People think it's crazy that I've eaten 200 grams of protein for almost 20 Straight years every single day I do That because it's way easier for me to Live my life and of all the people that I've seen who've been in insane shape For extended periods of time they never Follow crash diets they never follow Anything crazy they follow a few rules That works well for them for me I know I Have to have my 200 grams of protein Just to maintain the muscle mass that I Have and then in order to get my Calories in I just backfill whatever I Feel like to get the calorie and so Whether that's cookies whether it's pies Whether it's cupcakes or a big bowl of Pasta and rice it doesn't really matter Of my shake I'll have a couple steaks And then I'm good to go

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