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So AI is taking over your job or is it What if you can instead of being fearful In these uncertain times what if you Instead can weaponize yourself and Upskill watch already you can stack Those skills to become Irreplaceable see That's the thought that I had a few Weeks ago and I set out on a mission to Figure out how I can Master AI use it to My advantage use it in my business and Then scale my business to be ahead of The curve and not be replaced so if That's something that you're interested In let's go through a crash course start To finish how you can use AI to start Your own business or even strengthen the Skills that you have right now in your Job so let's dive in the first thing That I have in my mind is when I go on This journey right I was watching a few Videos on YouTube I saw this guy talking About AI how it's going to change Everything and he mentioned something Very specific he said chat GPT right now Which is all the hype is only up to 2021 And it's called gpt3 which means that They only have in their knowledge base They have information up to 2021 and is This small compared to gpt4 which is Going to be 1000 times more information Making AI way more powerful than it is Right now so if you're asking yourself Already like well this is pretty good is This going to replace me if you're a

Copywriter designer or web designer Funnel Builder all these things you're Asking yourself a question already like Imagine where this will be in six months From now in 12 months from now right so The question should be on my mind on Your mind how do I just become better at Ai and if you're a business owner you Should probably ask yourself how do I Automate some things how do I scale Things how do I make things faster and Easier for my team in you know instead Of replacing them how can they use AI to Become 2.0 versions of themselves right So team members on steroids that's kind Of the mindset that you want to have Let's start with an ebook that I created It's called 100 in one funnel prompts You can copy my eight step framework for Generating High converting sales copy Using AI but quick disclaimer here Before we dive in because this is not Just sales copy this is understanding How to use Ai and then maybe brainstorm Ideas maybe automate things maybe you Know prompt engineer maybe reverse Prompt engineer where you say hey here's Something that's worked in the past Let's feed this to the machine and get An outcome a template that I can use for Anything that anyone can use for Anything so the reason why I started Doing this is also number one yes I Don't want to be replaced myself but

Also I have thousands of customers in my Education company and people who are Freelancers and funnel Builders and web Design and they're working with clients And they have these fears like what if I'm gonna be replaced what if I'm not Good enough what I do and AI can do the Same thing for cheaper faster with a Click of a button right so I'm like okay How do I simplify things and so I spent A few weeks just diving deep creating You know prompts and templates and Scripts that you can use in your Business and I'm going to give it away To you for free in this crash course so Introduction why I started this so Personally I've built over 500 sales Funnels for clients all over the world Including you know Brands like Tony Robbins Stingray sales Russell Brunson It comes from experience and not just Theory it's not just you know telling AI To to write a sales copy you know sales Letter for my landing page or funnel Website it goes way deeper than that It's you know actually more about how You can use it to write in your style And in your voice rather than just Generic copy we have common AI terms so AI is obviously our artificial Intelligence and then prompt just Basically means the input data feeding The AI so what you tell it to do or ask From it and then prompting is where you

Feed the right inputs to get specific Outputs and then from engineering is Where you optimize and expand the inputs Based on the outputs you get right and Then and reverse prompt engineering is Where you ask for prompt templates and Formulas based on inserted text you can Feed it so imagine this imagine your Russell Brunson you have this Vault of 20 years of high converting sales copy Via cells and you have sales funnels From the past and you have letters that Were sent out in mail all these things That you know they were generating Millions of dollars what you can do with AI is you can feed it this group of text Or let's say it's a Blog you can feed it Blog post and you can say hey study this Understanding create a persona for it And then I'm gonna ask you to write a Sales letter later and you ask it do you Understand is that understood in fact if We look at chat GPT here where I asked It hey you can write in gustin's style It says of course and then I said hey I'll feed a few social media posts is That great I would be happy to use those As reference please go ahead and provide Me with sample posts and then I had Three different posts and I even argue With chat DPT a little bit because when I fed the first one even though he said Understood it kept or he started Rewriting them and so I just said no

Don't rewrite them yet just started them To understand the voice and started Writing then reply with understood after You've read what I feed you and it just Said understood so then I fed it two More posts understood let's do one more Sure thing please go ahead and share Another post and so I did three of them And then from there we can get a writing Style and that's where what it has here So awesome now explain to me a summer of The style of writing you've read so now Can you write in Gaston son's voice it Says yes I can write Augustus I suppose Based on the examples you've provided And so that's where you're starting with The reverse prompt engineering why Context is so important before you start Using it and then machine learning Obviously is the uh the machine behind This that goes into the knowledge base And knows how to take all this Information filter it and generate copy Before you and so algorithms and Statistical models that enable computers To learn from data improve their Performance on a specific task over time And make predictions or decisions based On that data and guess where I found That description in chat gbt yes so Language model is Chad GPT that software Is like you know Jasper or write Sonic And All these you know tools that use Generative intelligence to find copy and

Then generate new copy based on what you Want from it right so that's the two Different types of copies factual Intelligence versus generative Intelligence factual is more you know Focusing on finding information and Answers and then generative is more you Know Finding copy and generating copy Based on formulas for you so the system Then that I've created and how you can Start implementing this into your Business is Frameworks so you ask what It would prefer that you feed it context You provide context about your business As your offers and then you assign roles I'll give you a few examples here in a Second or a lot of examples but you tell It what profession or specialist it is So they can know from the context and The role where you exactly you know Exactly want because if it's a stand-up Comedian or Storyteller or a producer is Going to write differently than if you Say you're a persuasive direct response Copywriter and then you can brainstorm For ideas and stuff like that headlines Angles stories and then we have prompt Engineering formulas and reverse from Engineering I have examples in all of This I'll leave a link to this free Ebook we already have a thousand one Hundred people have downloaded this in One day if I update it might even be More now

Um yeah so nine more people in a few Minutes this is crushing right now and People are loving it so it's free before We start charging for it you can get in The description below but uh what you Want to do is when you start you want to Ask like little communicate with chat GPT like it's someone on my team like Hey what are some framework you want me To use when feeding your prompt so we Can get the best outcomes and not just Generic copy and then he said be clear Very specific in your prompt you want to Provide context you want to ask Open-ended questions and then you want To use natural language and be patient So meaning tweaking and asking more Diving deeper that sort of thing so Let's start with the context here's a Few examples of things you can mention Then so who you are what your business Name is what problems you solve what Pain points your customers usually have You can even go deeper and say like what Are some fears and pain points that Customers feel internally but they're Too afraid to mention publicly and then You'll get something that's more Specific that you can use in your sales Copy your messaging content ads all of That even sales calls now what solution Do you sell to solve those problems what Benefits impact what internal emotions What offers are and go deeper on them

How it's been helping people what others Have said right so you can understand Here's the problem problem here's the Solution here's what other people are Saying so now when you ask for ads or Copy you know content sales page sales Letters everything it just has a lot of Context even your backstory you can say Hey before we write anything let me just Tell you my back story and then within The chat right you keep going you have Everything here it can actually learn From it can it saves up and and has that Context when it writes new stuff I even Asked chat GPT like hey within an Account can you read multiple chats you Can see here all these chats and it says Yes I can understand it but it's also Good to remind me and give me feedback Updated context consistently so maybe Once a month you want to do that you Want to test the output and then you Want to assign the role so I'm not going To go too deep into all of these Categories but these are the main ones For business owners and then let's say Business Consulting you want to ask it You know to act as a consultant for this Business so that it can position as sort Of like a an advice give her advisor Financial analysis project manager just Give it context and then you can say as Well like act as a script writer for my YouTube videos or act as a Blog writer

These are basic stuff and so this is Just the first step before you actually Start feeding it prompt here's a few Examples on you know those categories And what they can do business Consulting Write a sales page for business Consulting service that helps small Business increase their profits in fact If we just want a template of this we Can just go new chat I have Legacy I Have the plus version of it so this is Without any other context than what I've Already fed it but what it does it'll Just generate like a basic generic Template that you can use in any Business so a lot of times with AI is Going to ask questions that are either Yes or no in the beginning what you want Don't want to do in copy is make someone Leave because they they say the wrong Answer in their mind in the first Question so a lot of times you'll get Open like you'll get direct questions in The in the intro like are you tired of Struggling to increase profits in your Business and instead you could say Something like if you're tired of you Know struggling to increase profits if You're this if you're that and so you're Just making them you're inviting them Into the sales script versus asking a Question that can make them go ah this Feels like an infomercial this is not For me you're making their brain think

Rather than just listen and follow along So we have a lot of examples I won't go Too deep into all of these but you can Get the free ebook in the description And then yeah we have for all these Categories uh now let's talk a little Bit more about prompt engineering so a Bad example of just you know getting a Copy is just feeding it a prompt and Expecting it to understand your business So you know if you say write sales copy For my funnel agency then it doesn't Understand the full context of why You're different for an example you can Even feed it and say the reason why We're different than and other Consultants is because we under we go in And we study your business for a week And we look at your offer your messaging Your sales funnel your website and your Blog and we study all of that to Generate and create this new sales Process so when it has that feedback That context it can obviously create Better outputs so the output can only be As good as the input so here's a you Know an example of a good prompt thread I tell it a little bit about the offer In my funnel agency and I say does that Make sense so far you can see yes that Makes sense and then I say I use Facebook content marketing mainly for Lead generation so organic marketing can You give me a few ideas for contact and

Posts to get more people reaching out to Me asking for my services and then it Says you can share success stories or Case studies already done that for years Is you can offer tips and advice on Sales funnel billing copper and design Already done that for years share behind The scenes glimpse of your process done Running Facebook live q a I haven't done A lot of those actually more so on YouTube a little bit I offer free lead Magnet done those share testimonials Done those one from Russell Brunson I Host a contest giveaway related to sales Funnel building I haven't done a Giveaway so that could well I mean I Give away templates but not a viral Giveaway where you're like hey you get This if you share it and sort of create Virality so this is more used to Brainstorm and then we say Um thanks let's start with the free lead Magnet you suggest what are some lead Magnets you think business owners would Benefit from and then it creates this Checklist of uh and you can even tell it Like make a checklist of things and then It's you know an ebook check this Webinar free trial free Consulting Session case study quiz that's a good One uh and I say let's create an ebook With a checklist of all things Conversion rate optimization act as a Highly experienced copywriter from a

Successful a successful funnel agency And give me a bullet point list of Things we can do to improve conversions On websites landing pages and sales Funnels write them as a checklist and Then we go through and here's a Checklist now I would personally add a Few things in here but just for time's Sake I'll go I'll continue and kind of Show you the process instead of like the Actual cro process so then I expand on The prompt thanks this is a really good Start now let's create a title for the Ebook but make it something that's Instantly attention grabbing for course Graders wanting to monetize the Expertise with sales funnels write 10 Headlines and I'll pick a few that we Can expand on from there to get more Options right so we have the context of Who we are who we help and then I say What they want is to monetize the Expertise with sales funnels so write 10 Headlines on that got 10 headlines I say Rewrite these two but in a fear-based Format so context again and the output Wanting to be in a negative sort of what They can lose rather than what they can Gain so when you split this you want to See hey do people actually want to make Money or are they afraid of losing their Job and so this is more pulling from a Negative or positive angle so rewrite These two from zero to sales and then I

Have like 10 tips to avoid missing out On core sales 10 tips to stop leaving Money on the table as a course creator Course creators guide to maximum Conversions and then they say you know I Can just keep going turn into a social Media post so use the context above and Then you know write in the style of Russell Brands to make it sound like More I'm talking to friends not trying To sell anything hey guys so it's more Friendly and then I say rewrite in Another other style than Kennedy for People 45-55 sure listen up fellas I got Some big news that you could that could Really impact your bottom line if you're A course guide looking to boost Yourselves you need to check out my new Yearbook uh it's packed with 10 tips on How to build hack running sales funnels So and so forth so the the copy the Voice and the style of writing is Different thanks I like this one now Let's turn it into an email Newsletter but we write the intro of the Email to be more for those who have Subscribed to the crushing course sales Newsletter new ebook 10 tips so that's The subject line as subscriber to our Crashing core sales newsletter you're Clear to someone who's serious about Taking your course business to the next Level that's why I'm excited to share This with you

In this ebook you'll get 10 tips blah Blah the best part is it's completely Free so a few examples because I'm sure Some of you are thinking well that Doesn't feel you know super personal Like it's not it's generic because AI Generated it and it's not from your Personal story maybe you had a client That you work with you want to share a Tip from from that so you can add in When you have the 90 of the email the ad The content post or the video script you Can go in and add the intro to be your Hook so I had a meeting with a client Yesterday we talked about cro and one of The tweaks we've done lately is has Helped them generate two you know 200 More leads or whatever it is right so There's a few examples for you to add in There and then you can also I can send An intro you can feed it text and then It can create an outline it can create a Template it can create a formula and so I did that for the cell script and then Also for the headlines for the ebook so Here's an outline here's a formula for Headlines and uh yeah there's there's a Lot in this ebook and again it's free so You can just get in the description I Have examples of how to ask for prompts As well so hey chatty PT if if I'm in The entrepreneurship industry and I want To have a podcast and the topics are Starting a business marketing strategies

Overcoming challenges scaling a business Like what are some some prompts that I Can feed you so you can give me the Great outputs that I need to build my Business so it says Hey an example is You can get you know you can give me This prompt can you give me ideas for a Podcast about these topics or can you Give me ideas for a podcast about small Business ownership perhaps covering Topics like Financial financing options Hiring employees time management so it Can expand on what you fed it without You having to feed it new information so It's not just a rewriter it's also a Second brain to your business so we have Restaurant Mental Health Sleep coach and Then I have a lot of copywriting Frameworks for you you can use so you Can even say when you have copy from it You can say can you rewrite this in the Pas framework or the Epic framework or The hook story offer or Ada attention Interest desired action and that's used A lot for landing pages and that sort of Thing so hopefully this is helpful if You want to learn more we got resources In the description below and I'll see in The next one

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