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Funnel agency 2.0 why do i call this Funnel agency 2.0 because nobody’s doing This and it’s a completely new way of Looking at your business no matter if You already have a funnel agency or If you have another type of business Or maybe you don’t have any business at All and you want to start an online Business so we’re going to cover all of That As well as how to build a lean widely Profitable sales machine with five Different revenue streams instead of one So Free masterclass the new way to start Funnel agency 2.0 to have five serious Income without doing any extra work like That’s the big thing here it’s like not Doing any additional Work uh and still adding more revenue Streams to your business So also when you stay to the end we’re Gonna do one lucky giveaway of full-time Funnel designer not the one that you see Now if you go to the page you’ll Actually see That it’s updated it says 2.0 is coming Full time funnel designer 2.0 is coming I’m going to give one of you a lucky Person free access to that As well as everyone literally everyone Who stays on this uh Call to the end of this masterclass You’re going to get a Free plug and play a funnel agency Template and by the time we’re done

We’re probably going to go like an hour By the time we’re done i’m going to Delete this from facebook because we’re Just live in the facebook group and this Is the first time i’m presenting this so After after it’s done i’m going to Delete this replay And it’s only for people who are on here Live so with that said let’s dive in Also going to cover how to close in dm So i’m going to give you like real life Examples that’s the the fun part this is Just not just like a long you know story About me it’s actually actionable steps You want to do screenshots you want to Take Notes three types of different like Client deals so like what’s the Difference between this one and this one And this one like Um we’ll talk about all of that because You can see that they’re different in Size but it’s way more than that the Airbnb leverage method what does airbnb Has to do with our business we’ll talk About that as well The funnel agency business and some of You are new to this so let me just Quickly go over this Businesses like mike for example signs Up to click funnels they have over a Hundred thousand users like mike

And they need People to design their funnels for them In click funnels and that’s why they Hire us as funnel builders and when you Do this and you do it the right way you Know how to do this you’re going to Become their go-to person and we’ll talk About how to pick the right niche Pricing all of that on this master class As well literally holding nothing back So an example of how this works Uh by the way let me know if you can Hear me as well because i would hate to Go for two hours and then You can’t hear me so if you could just Let me know that you can hear me that Would be Amazing so Example how this works Um Wait let me see Choose Okay perfect Example of how this works we have a book Funnel for an example Okay so then depending on the niche you Go after first you launch a book funnel This is an example of a client that i Had and after they had their book funnel Launched they had a an event that they Wanted to build a funnel for and they Want to sell tickets and then from there They wanted a home page To

Host their Products their their social media their Podcast and everything on and so The reason why they hire you is because They don’t want to do all of this they Have a business already and i’m going to Show you how to find these clients but They don’t want to do all of this and so They want to hire you and pay you to do This for them that’s still kind of like 1.0 i’m going to show you the new way to Do this So why is this such a big deal well i’m Sure you’ve all seen this the 325 Billion online industry like this the E-learning the knowledge the course Industry uh people are learning like Especially now people learning uh more From home they’re working from home and So this is just going to climb even more Which means for you There’s going to be more people Launching courses coaching programs Events virtual events books seminars Like they need you to build these Funnels they’re not going to do it Themselves they don’t want to write copy Design funnels do the tech it’s not that Hard even once you learn it and so You can see here work from home is Taking off currently at 58 million in Counting freelancing is supposed to be The us Majority workforce by 2027.

Business love hired us yes uh almost Half of all business employee business Employee freelancers so 48 of all Business hired freelancers in 2018 up From 43 2017 so it’s constantly growing And it’s a very simple business model if You take a look at people that go to Click funnels uh they want these pages a Steps of the sales process and they want You to Deploy those pages so Here’s the thing i’ve discovered a new Way to build a profitable funnel agency And Here’s the best part nobody’s teaching This And nobody’s ever shared this system Because until now nobody’s built this Funnel agency 2.0 model and i’m pretty Confident why i say that so why am i Doing this why am i doing this master Class at midnight literally midnight Here 5 p.m est is 12 for me And here’s the reality i checked my Uh Application to work with me yesterday And i was like man i have so many people Applying to work with me and i’ll show You the funnel the automated portfolio Funnel that i use that you can use as Well starting today to get clients And i i can’t even take on clients who Say they’re willing to pay me five Thousand to ten thousand i’m like i

Don’t have time i literally i’m working With click funnels like so many big Clients i love working with them i can’t Take on any other clients but there’s Still so many people who need people Like us and so i want to share what i’m Doing i’m holding nothing back in hopes That whether you join my program or not You’re going to see everything you need On this master class To Get started with this business model and The thing the the truth is this as well 2020 changed hybrid and where every Everyone worked and we all realized that Having a job is no longer a safe Position to be in so if someone is like Looking to start something online Because they they know that the job they Have Is kind of in the risk zone and it’s not A safe position to be in like Businesses like shutting their doors all Of that So In 2022 and beyond you have to be the Creator of your own life the master of Your own future you want to be the Person who is controlling your own life Your own schedule your own bank account Everything you don’t want to have an Income ceiling and the truth is you need To control your time location and Lifestyle decisions to achieve to

Achieve true freedom that’s what i Believe like you don’t have freedom Before you can achieve um that type of Control it’s about choices So that’s what a funnel agency can give You within just a couple of weeks and I’m going to show you how so stick Around see how i discovered this by Accident actually because yes i didn’t Intend on first having funnel agency 1.0 And then 2.0 like i would have just gone Straight to 2.0 then so i actually ended Up getting uh clickfunnels as a client As well by following this five-step Funnel agency system so i’m gonna share That with you i know that sounds crazy And i never use hype marketing like if You look at my marketing style it’s not Hype it’s very down to earth and it’s What i’m doing i’m sharing what i’m Doing behind the scenes And so when i say that this is new and Can completely change your life i i Genuinely mean it no matter your age Country experience none of that And also the mascot is not a 60 minute Uh pitch fest so you can leave your Wallet in another room you can sit back And relax and just soak everything in Because you’re going to learn a lot just Take a lot of notes so I made this paul and freedom funnels Which is the full-time funnel designer Private group and i said how long did it

Take you to get one client and four People already put uh within the first Week and that was 1.0 so imagine with 2.0 My goal here is to to Teach anyone [Music] The new way to start and grow a funnel Agency to 12.5 k in a month you’ll see Why in the next 90 days even if you’re Brand new My goal is also to help you discover how To actually make this business work Because i’m sure a lot of you have tried You’ve failed you maybe gave up or you Thought that this is not For you well today i’m going to show you How to partner with me and use my Systems to help you um start your Business get it to 10k per month and Beyond and keep all of the profits 100 Of the profits we’re actually going to Talk about well let’s get to that in a In a second but uh you can start this Business for free as well you can Automate automate the biggest part of The business and you can keep growing it Without sending out proposals or wasting Time on sales calls because as you guys Know i don’t do Sales calls So Why we’re going to cover why funnel Agencies be any other business model why

The traditional agency model sucks the New airbnb Airbnb method or the way of growing a Funnel agency using leverage and then The five different revenue streams how To get your first three clients in three Weeks and how to partner with me while You keep all of the profits So uh who is this perfect for um i’m Gonna go quicker but otherwise we’ll be Here all night but this basically for Anyone anyone who’s tried something Different in the online world it’s also For some people who are familiar with Funnels but you haven’t been able to get Clients yet or if you have clients you Haven’t been able to scale it And do it predictably also if you’re shy You don’t want to do like youtube you Don’t want to film videos or ever speak To anyone then this is perfect for you As well so basically no matter where you Are right now i want to bridge the gap And help you get to where you want to be So 10 seconds who am i i’m this guy uh This is my beautiful wife nelia and noah So i have two daughters Um and and again this is not going to be A long backstory about me but there’s Lessons that i know can help you and i Want to share these uh in hopes that you Can see what’s possible with this Business so i’m a funnel builder for 79 Figure brands in the

Um Online space i started as an offline Business owner and failed multiple times I learned how to do marketing first as a Social media marketing agency and i Switched the funnel Agency and i built five more income Streams that way And i never go back to smma you’ll see Why And that’s the traditional way that i Don’t like Most importantly husband wife Husband to your wife and the father Living a pretty simple life so I love being with my my family going for Literally like 3am walks outside and Just work and create stuff i love Building stuff in the office so I’m also going to share how i was able To get 100 different clients And here’s just a couple of examples and When people see this they think that i Was always a good designer they’re like Oh yeah it’s easy for you to do because You have this portfolio like of course You’re going to get clients if you can Say you have click funnels of course you Can get more clients Um But i made over 300 000 from my funnel Agency with just one income stream so That doesn’t include courses high ticket Coaching or anything

And here’s a screenshot of that um 602 000 euros is 684. this is just one Stripe account i no longer use this one But it is the one that i started with so Full transparency there Okay this is uh embarrassing but i want To show you this to to break your Beliefs because that’s the thing with Belief is like if you don’t think you Can do this then none of the other Stuff matters like the systems none of That matters So i started with with this local firm On Um and uh My education is bookkeeping right and I’m not a like natural designer i didn’t Have an eye for design i’m even Colorblind as you saw a couple days ago And people told me like you can’t train Design well that’s what it looks like a Couple of years ago and now it doesn’t Look like that so i don’t know if You know i don’t know what happened Maybe it was the 400 funnels i built and I posted this picture as well i can’t Even see half of these i can only see 12 Here and Like all of you in this group you’re Like laughing at me because you’re like Oh why can’t you see the other stuff Um i think this is a five And this this could be 20 and this could be 74. i don’t know

Anyways The lesson is this my offline business Sucked and here’s why it sucked and Here’s why you want to start a funnel Agency instead it had a ton of upfront Costs to start the business and we even Acquired the company so these like Loyalty cards we paid thousands for the Company we need a location for a shop or Store We’re trading time for money And it was limited to how many people we Could help and how many customers we Could get because it was local it was Just the people in the small town i’m a Small town kid and And you know when i changed to online i Could get unlimited clients And people local they’re not too Supportive if you’re doing something Else they’re like they feel Uncomfortable like why are you doing This like who do you think you are And uh last thing about me 15 different jobs at the age of 21 I didn’t feel fulfilled um so i left and Uh i wasn’t creating my own schedule and The thing is like if you have a job that You love then awesome if not it can be Challenging because you’re not growing As a person you’re not living as a free Person And eventually we decided to stop the Loyalty card business this is just

Costing us both time and money with no Uh Return on investment and so i had to Start from absolutely zero again and That was hard Instead of focusing on What i’m good at or what’s my degree Like bookkeeping i ask myself this Simple question Right what’s the future look like in the Marketplace and i want you to ask this As well now like literally with Clickfunnels 2.0 What’s happening like what’s happening Right now in the marketplace where’s Like the demand going And i like this from six ziggler who Said you can get anything in life Uh Anything you want if you just help Enough other people get what they want And i love that because it’s so true and So i i started focusing on helping other People other businesses uh with You know their Marketing instead of creating my own Products which again Remember the offline business a lot of Upfront stuff costs and all that And the thing is like i did first of all I did everything the guru said Um just because business were moving Online i thought that i had to sell them Ads to help them with marketing so an

Ads agency for an example they didn’t Know about funnels yet And here’s why i don’t like the Traditional market like the agency Business it’s very crowded like everyone Is an agency owner is very crowded and Usually if you say you’re gonna get them Leads they want results guaranteed And so clients rely on you to succeed Um there’s a longer sales process than Funnels because you jump on a call There’s a a proposal being sent out and People don’t buy a visual funnel they Buy Leads you know a certain amount of leads Per month or something and so Um they want that data like okay how Many people have you hell helped and and They want this just a long sales process They want data which is hard to get for Um you know your first client And if since you don’t have any data Then it’s hard to to even close that First client so Usually clients cancel within one to Three months they charge 500 to 1500 per Month And um It’s not that much three months to make Three to five k like three months of Daily like ads optimizations creatives All of that so i did this i got some Results um and i it was in the beginning Was good because i cared and then when i

Stopped Feeling like i actually enjoyed it it Started going downhill but Um Yeah i was making 10 000 a month but i Felt miserable and that’s the thing like I want the business To be fun not this the business rat race Like i don’t want my calendar to look Like this and so that’s why i’m sharing This with you today i don’t want you to Jump into another rat race from one red Race So uh i want you to take a look at this Image real quick and this is not about My backstory this is about you creating Your dream lifestyle and agen i know That sounds cheesy but i mean it so like I want you to take a look at this window Right here because this is me you know Before my daughter goes to sleep this is Our first kid before we had two and this Is how i discovered the business so I used to literally work seven days A week and i would just meet my wife When i woke up And that’s pretty much it because when She went to sleep i messaged her like I’m gonna have to stay late And i just i felt like something was Missing and it wasn’t until she started Sending me these images of nearly uh Literally sitting at the the and what is She like one or two years here this is

Sitting there waiting for me to get home And that’s emotional like even saying it Now and so she would sit there and she Would be like She couldn’t talk but she would Literally like wait for me to get home And when i got home she was she would Like run to me if i got home before she Went to sleep so i didn’t see my family Much Again this kept happening and so i knew I had to change something And i was working literally seven days a Week for over a year early morning to Late nights it’s always felt like Something was missing and it wasn’t Productive working days it was just like Me being busy staying busy trying to Figure out like what’s wrong So i knew i had to change something And then i talked to a uh a friend of Mine who said if you know you have to Make a change it’ll hurt just as much Today as it will in 30 days and that hit Me because i was like Yeah i have to do something so i shut Down my my fun like literally my my Marketing agency i just shut it down Cancel all my clients But i didn’t know how to change it Meaning i didn’t know what to start Afterwards and one day i saw this i saw Russell brunson with expert secrets Right

And you know he’s obviously the the Co-founder of click funnels here’s the Community i got involved in the Community And i started learning about his Drawings and his you know funnels and All that and i was hooked like literally I was like this is so much fun And then i did the opposite of what i Did in college instead of trying to Learn from Um people the traditional way which is a Teacher Um i invested in a course with josh 40. So some of you might know josh 40 he’s Him here’s him hanging out with russell Brunson they do some podcast episodes Together and some stuff and so Um Yeah i invested with josh ford and That’s when everything changed because He showed me how to Start using sales funnels i went to Fallacy live I became friends and then he also turned Into a partner On a project and later on he also hired Me to build his funnel And so he turned into a client And the thing is if you told me years Ago that i would have clients like even Just 40 uh but Even more so robert kiyosaki dan kennedy Russell bronson i would have told you

That you’re crazy literally the person Who designed remember the offline Business to this to working with robert Kiyosaki who has like disrupted the Financial industry with with uh rich dad Poor dad to then dan kennedy founder of Magnetic marketing which is the legend Of all the other marketers like russell Brunson credits dan for everything he Does i’ve designed this as well and i Don’t say this to brag i’m just like Super grateful same thing with russell Like this is just one of like 10 funnels Minimum i’m even working on on one today Um deadline tomorrow so This is the the hustle lifestyle um i’m In a sprint right now where i’m doing a Lot of work and i’m having fun doing This it doesn’t feel like work Uh steve larsen i built funnels for Steve larsen adrian morrison like Akbar sheik josh nelson all these Amazing people and uh guys didn’t always Say this to me Um he said go say genius you made a Funnel for me i would literally pay him A hundred times that for one of his Funnels i’m dead serious But so here’s why i love the funnel Agency business so First of all it’s a new blue blue ocean Opportunity which means that there’s not A lot of sharks swimming in it yet Especially with clickfunnels 2.0 we’ll

Talk about that more here soon the Clients are already Um like using click funnels or other Page builders they have a business they Have a team so the other people are Doing you know Ads and all that video and you’re just Doing one thing for them but it’s a high Valuable like high income skill It’s also visual so it’s easy to get Your first client by creating a concept Funnel you can charge for a b split Testing moving forward you can charge For ongoing tech support you can upsell Them another funnel you can automate 90 Of your process You can charge three to five k per Funnel which you can build in a day or Two compared to three months with This marketing agency so one two days of Work you get paid the same so even if This sounds like recurring income Right like you get paid the same 90 days of work with tons of meetings And people like literally messaging you Or one or two days no meetings just send Over the funnel And That’s it So lately there’s also been a lot of Gurus who say should only charge per Lead in your marketing so you do all the Work and then maybe you get paid which Sucks to me like if you ask me that

That’s not a good like like fun business So you can make you can do that or you Can make multi-six figures upfront on All projects that they pay you before You start working that’s the beautiful Thing here so instead of just like doing All of this work you just build a system Build the funnel for business because It’s so valuable like you’re gonna be Able to charge so much more So uh you don’t have to be responsible For everything the traffic the leads the Sales and Again because you just build this you Obviously want to make it good you want It to convert but you don’t want to run Everything for them you don’t want to Run their business because you have 10 Clients you run 10 businesses You don’t want to manage the leads and Sales and do everything for them you Don’t want to run their business And so this is the new way of running The funnel agency business this is where You get into the good stuff funnel Agency 1.0 was all about selling funnel Design and then you might sell Copywriting if you’re a copywriter if You don’t want to do design or you want To do both maybe Um you sell tech setup okay so charge 200 bucks to integrate something Management services yeah we’ll take care Of everything it’s 97 a month okay lol

Ticket sell email marketing services Yeah 500 a month will just do emails one Income stream it’s paid up front which Is still good But This is 2.0 instead of 1.0 you sell a Complete funnel system i’ll show you What that looks like because there’s a Good way a new way you can use this to Make like charge way more Um you also include everything for the Client without having to do everything Yourself we’ll talk about that as well And then the following goes live within Like a week and then you don’t have to Think about it 5k in a week and boom it’s not like a 90 Day marking agency Fighting constraints Instead of one you get paid up front It’s higher ticket than 1.0 and it’s Recurring revenue Instead of just up front and so um i’ll Show you how that works as well So here’s how you can charge 10 times More than other people Um so we’ll talk a little bit about one Of the other income streams here so i Have these funnel templates the Templates and so like this client paid 54 to Get the templates And then You know bought these other funnels as

An upsell because they wanted me to do It for them right and i know some people Say now like yeah but you have these Templates like i can’t do that because It’s kind of like already taken it’s a Red ocean now it’s not a blue ocean Anymore well It’s not and i’ll show you why that’s uh That’s a myth But uh again book funnel event funnel Homepage thousands of dollars so that’s Where you can charge more you you build Everything for them So again just to uh to drive this home We have five different elements of a What i would say actually seven but five Here that determines which business you Wanna start if you wanna have that Freedom like which one should you Actually go with because some of you are Already doing funnels some you’re doing Ads some of you do an ecom some of your Youtubers bloggers affiliate marketers Like i want to break this down So you can see what you should do in 2022. Okay so funnels i would say so for from One to five how good it is it in terms Of price funnels is a five ads would say A four e-commerce two low ticket youtube Or blog depending what you sell a three Like you could be an affiliate you could Sell your own stuff via youtube a three In in terms of price point but then the

Next thing is the profit margin funnels Ads five e-commerce one very low profit Margins usually And then youtube or blog you can do high Profit margins there so that one has Five pretty good Risk funnels is five because it’s very Good you don’t have any like you don’t Have any Uh risk involved like there’s no upfront Cost for you to do this you don’t have To pay for advertising to get these Clients Right there’s no risk for you to get Started you can literally do a two-week Trial i’ve had people who tell me they Do a two-week free click funnels trial And then if it takes them 30 days to get A client they cancel it and start Another account with another email again Don’t do that Okay that’s not ethical but i’ve had Some people say because you can see There’s no risk So for ads for example There are certain risk with ads accounts Depending on if you’re running ads to Get leads yourself you’re investing Money into that You’re using softwares to do outreach Via email to reach these people linkedin Automation it’s a lot of risk with uh With that space in my opinion then uh E-commerce one because you a lot of

Times you invest up front for the Products And it’s it’s uh you know you need Another a lot of different software’s There to even uh get going and so Um again i’ve had people Where they pay like thousands to buy Inventory and then it just sits there Because nobody’s buying it and again in Order for here’s why i say risk as well In order for you to get cl customers in E-commerce you got to spend money on Advertising brand deals like that’s why It’s high risk high upfront cost Youtube blog low risk um you know Depending on on what software’s and Everything like equipment for example my You know home studio is 14 15 000 so There’s there’s risk involved with Paying all that and not making it back And then scale how much can you scale This funnels i would say three it’s good But uh if you do everything yourself you Know you run out of time if you hire a Team then you know there’s a scalability Problems with that if you don’t have the Right systems in place same thing with That you can do it but here’s the i Would say the two where this is better Once you’re at let’s say thirty thousand A month fifty thousand a month but i Think most people wanna get to ten Thousand a month first twelve thousand a Month they want that six figure from

Home i know some people are happy with Five thousand from home so like that’s Why this is still best these are still Best if you just look at this Uh passive income with funnels like i Said uh in this i’m going to show you Different ways to take this from a 3 to A 5 but just funnel agency 2.0 i would Say a three same with ads it’s not that Passive it’s optimization It’s client management and so the only Thing here is like youtube and blog but Then again it’s a long-term game it’s Like are you gonna make money now no Probably in like a year depending on how You do it Speed get to ten thousand a month in Profit funnels i would say uh five ads i Would say two especially if you’re not Good at ads you’re hiring like you’re Literally outsourcing the work and so Um Usually With an ads team there’s lower profit Margins if you’re not an expert at it And it takes time like speed It takes time to learn ads is what i’m Saying depending on Um Compared to funnels e-commerce same Thing ten thousand like you have to make A hundred thousand in some e-com Businesses to keep ten of it one youtube Blog again

It could be passive But it takes a year like my youtube Channel for example took me so long to Get to 2 000 subscribers and i paid like 30 000 in just the team and everything Fun how much can you enjoy the business Well i would say five with funnels if You just do what you love and you Uh leverage your passion and find a blue Ocean And then with ads honestly for me it’s a Zero it’s a lot of data it feels like Bookkeeping almost Uh except for creatives but then again You’re not an ads agency if you you know Then you’re a creative person and you Might Be hired by an ads agency e-commerce Three it can be pretty good actually it Can be pretty good except for like the Headaches of Uh customer support and stuff like that But youtube blog can also be Fun because it’s passive and you get to Be creative if that’s you know something You’re into but Again the frustration of not getting There fast enough Yeah so the winner Funnel agency 2.0 31 This one 22 15 and 24. so like After funnel agency youtube or blog Probably comes second and the good thing Is click funnels 2.0 will have all of

That but that’s just uh That’s what i think that’s the best way To get to 10 000 a month and beyond is Getting those funnel agency clients so Um i assume then the question the next Question is how do i actually get these Clients if i don’t have any experience So this is where we dive into even the More juicier stuff I’m gonna break all of these down i’m Gonna give you like live examples of all Of this but First thing is like picking a niche this Is new for it’s more important in 2022 We’ll talk about that then after you Pick a niche you know their funnel type Then you know their content then you Optimize your profile then you close People in dms you don’t have to do any Sales calls five steps to Um that i went through in this to get Clickfunnels as a client i picked a Niche right uh my niche is literally the Clickfunnels community and i’m actually With the new Cohort uh full-time funnel designer 2.0 I’m relaunching my funnel agency to help Course creators but we’ll talk about That more here in a second Um So you want to pick a niche that’s Growing all the time you know what you Want to know what type of funnels they Need then create the content optimize

Your social media profile and get Inbound leads and offer them a No-brainer deal And here’s the power of picking a niche You speak their language when you pick On it you’re not just like a general Like hey i build high converting funnels You know exactly what they need and now You only have to learn one funnel type Not 10 funnel types like i did like 400 Funnels no wonder i’ve been working like Literally morning to evening for years And now that i’m changing my funnel Agency to just be course graders i can Create systems and teams to just do one Or two funnel types And so you’ll see me now become the Final person for that industry and i can Partner with them i can add these Revenue streams that i’ll talk about Here in a second the four new ones you Can get free referrals clients without Doing anything like literally people say Yeah that’s the person for course Funnels like automated course funnels And you can pick your own so i want you To start taking notes what you want to Do but um do Something that’s like fun for you a Growing industry something where you Feel like man i have so much passion for This And then you get recurring revenue Because they trust you and they come

Back to you because you’re you’re an Expert in that field so an example here When i hired my editor my video editor I literally looked at the marketplace And i saw this like yeah editor i edit Videos i edit videos like i checked out Fiverr and everything like facebook Groups and everything and pretty much Everyone is the same then this one Person It’s like i build uh sorry i Uh do videos for youtube Right and you can see my little design Here with the camera on youtube and Instantly stood out So i hired him based on his niche Instead of looking for a cv personality Type i looked for a specific niche Youtube videos that’s what i needed So he instantly had ideas for what type Of videos we could create for me because He had that as his experience As his expertise So the next thing was for me then like Okay can i see your portfolio can i see Like some videos i just need like some Examples and so he didn’t have a ton but He had a simple portfolio with a few Videos and i liked it i liked what a Sona was like okay you’re hired Okay so instead of having to go through Like all of this and learn the event Fallen the tripwire found the low ticket Funnel on the home page and the high

Ticket the vsl like scripting Webinar slides for people like you don’t Have to learn every single funnel Anymore You can easily create systems because Let’s say you pick this one software as A service Now you become really good at Softwares and funnels So content research everything becomes Super easy Course funnels for me for example i’m Niching down to course funnels And now i can literally just go even Deeper and i can create systems like Here’s the template here’s the Framework here’s the The layout here’s the copy here’s the Research process here’s the onboarding Form for course creators like everything Becomes simple Number three is easy to create content An example let’s say we take a low Ticket funnel And here’s 10 headlines for you i’ll Give them to you like rapid speed Why your low ticket funnel isn’t Converting like you should create a Content piece around that double your Conversions on the digital product Funnel with this the six things every Low ticket funnel need when should you i Consider launching a low ticket product The number one mistake digital product

Sellers make behind the scenes of a Recent client funnel how my client made 10k in a single launch how to triple Your profits with the back end offer why I love building low ticket funnels and My clients love them too should you Launch a local low ticket funnel pros And cons Boom Next thing this is super good as well i Can now go and find groups you can see Here thirty thousand thirty thousand Twenty thousand thirty five thousand Thinkific kajabi uh coaches course Graders teachable tribe like i can find These groups because i have a specific Niche and if i have five thousand people In my profile who all talk about the Same thing how quickly is it like how How quick is it for me to just Like reach those people i don’t have to Be in every group anymore So Number four uh i made five thousand Dollar five hundred thousand five Thousand five hundred thousand half a Million Half a million before i started my Youtube channel literally by just using This simple profile funnel so you know i Have the um image of me here the banner Image the elevator pitch link to my Portfolio that’s it like remember the Screenshot i showed you where people

Said they want to pay me five to ten Thousand and i can’t take on any more Clients from this because i’m following This five-step process And so simple facebook profile automated Portfolio funnel content facebook group So you leverage other people you Leverage passive income streams which We’ll talk about here in a second And you leverage automated systems on The backend Okay that is the for the first part then We dive into the second one the seven Types of leverage Okay see we’re we’re not that slow Actually Um seven types of leverage so when You’re thinking in terms of a business Owner don’t think solopreneur don’t Think freelancer think business owner And business is just a collection of Systems that gets a result so there’s Seven types of systems uh uh seven types Of leverage you could use then to build Passive income using leverage so number One is software what software’s can you Use to build automation and and uh Passive income what content Can you build or leverage To build your business what team can you Leverage to build your business what Money so like this for investors more Like you use capital to invest Partners we’ll talk about how you can

Partner with me and keep 100 of the Profit Uh whose Authority can you leverage can you Leverage clickfunnels authority articles My authority if you’re again Using my stuff to sell Your own offers we’ll talk about that Soon what platforms can you leverage Think of things that you can leverage There are machines they’re running to Create own Your own passive monetary So an example profile portfolio Messenger clause deal that’s the simple Process that we use but we leverage Facebook to get people here We leverage click funnels right To get them to the portfolio we never Click funnels because they have users Facebook have users like we don’t have To create all of this airbnb do not Create their own offers they just Connect the two Right and we leverage click funnels uh Award program to comma club to comma Club x and c for people making a million 10 million or 100 million like these People hire us all the time Right because they need funnel builders They don’t want to do everything in Themselves And so the next question is then like How do you close these people well you

Do it by Closing them in the dms asking specific Questions figuring out what they need And offering a no-brainer Deal And you don’t need to send any proposals I haven’t used proposals uh in years so Here’s a real example Of someone i closed in dms not everyone Is going to be this quick but this one Was quick and so i’m just going to give You uh a live examples we have more of These in full-time funnel designer but This is one example and again it was Super quick he knew me from following me On facebook but How much to build a book funnel for a Client of mine and then i said how many Thousands for the entire project design All graphics copy tech integrations Mobile optimization example so normally I would be more like first you connect With him you collect information and Then you close him but since i know the Guy i was like here’s an example what’s A live url i sent the url Another example so i had two book Funnels uh awesome cool Seven day turnaround so i can have it Live next the uh live next week i Literally follow my own dm script he Said k have an intake form yep we have An onboarding form you can upload all The info assets logo which by the way

Side note i’ll show you the the Onboarding form in a second as well And so all of these things Um is like i’m just following my own System Right great we’ll get it all to me send It to the awesome attachment the form And invoice what officer official Business name do you need for the Invoice for the accountant And i asked him is it this one because i Looked at his profile link to his Business is it this one yes ccn this Person and you can see what the payment Is like uh you know he i’m like sent and Then uh we actually went back and forth In email as well but for most people It’s literally like hey this this yes This included we can have it live in Seven days awesome send it over so now We have a niche we have a funnel type Right we have a content we have profile And we have dm scripts to close people So I want to know what the biggest lie is In the make money online industry Literally like this is what it It just it’s frustrating to me when i See this people say i don’t have any Experience therefore i’m not good enough To get these results well tony robbins Said if you want to be successful find Someone who has already achieved the Results you want to copy what they do

And you’ll achieve the same results So remember You can copy my Funnel agency homepage you can copy my Dm scripts you can copy my onboarding And copy my content Uh that i have in a pdf i’ve literally Created systems for everything So here’s how you can get your first Three clients in three weeks even if you Don’t have an experience yet remember This red ocean versus blue ocean red Ocean is when you compete in existing Marketplace market space you try to Sell ads to dentists because that’s what Gurus say right You have to beat the competition You have to make the value cost Trade-off like you have to Uh compete on price but in a blue ocean You can create uh uncontested market Space right you can make the competition Irrelevant because there’s not a lot of Funnel business right now like in Full-time fund of the center this which Is the biggest funnel agency course uh On the market there’s 350 people like Literally 350 with hundreds of thousands Of click funnels users that’s just click Funnels imagine the millions of online Businesses right now and you don’t have To use one specific software so step one Is to pick an itch feel free to grab a Screenshot of this or if you want to

Write this down but it’s 43 of them but These are all amazing opportunities Where you can build Funnels for them i’ll wait a couple more Seconds for you to grab a screenshot or Take a picture of this If you didn’t get it just put in the in The chat below in comments people can Can send it to you but Um i would also add to this probably Nfts and crypto because that’s a growing Industry again you want to like Pick a growing industry step two then is To close the client Um After you picked a niche and so i made This post in the group as well you ever Close the client without doing a call With them because some of you are right Now like yeah but you can do the ghost Thing you can close clients in dms not Me i don’t have experience so look at All these people yeah many times many Times yeah a ton mostly yeah sure with Your closing script yeah close the Client over chat uh client had the Surgery couldn’t uh talk I’m glad she trusted me why do you think She trusted her because of the portfolio The automated portfolio So then we have the on Automated onboarding form it’s pretty Simple it’s literally like welcome to The content onboarding process um i

Don’t obviously have all the the Questions here i do have all of this Inside of a ffd But add links to content upload your Brand book it’s the logo it’s all the Questions you want to ask and it’s like 15 different questions Ish Step 3 pick the framework that fits the Funnel so like what’s the structure look Like for that one specifically i’m just Using this image as an example but it’s Gonna look different depending on what Industry you’re in Step three find the signs you like for Inspo i’ve created a pdf where i have a Hundred different sections so i can Easily go and look at them but you can Go to pinterest you can go to dribble You can go to google and type in like Landing page inspiration to find the Inspiration to that specific funnel type Now because you picked the right niche a Growing niche a blue ocean niche now you Know where to go and find inspiration For that niche as well so everything Becomes easier Step five you automate 90 of the billing Process create these uh roadmaps or Funnel flows for yourself you don’t have To buy my stuff you can create this Yourself and and show them to clients Like yeah what you need is a course Funnel a four-step course funnel it

Looks like this and then what’s the Client gonna say they’re gonna say well Can you just do it for me can i pay you To do it instead just like i did with The video editor i don’t wanna learn Premiere pro adobe after effects right Like i hire people who are specialists Like the bookkeeper the video editor Like i do all that even if i have an Education in bookkeeping Right and so build funnel templates for Yourself pre-made illustrations icons Graphics you can add behind your images Everything and then once you do that you Can start focusing on your next income Streams because now you have The systems the automated like Everything that makes building funnels 90 faster so before we continue can you Guys see how this is uh changing your Life changing your business the way that You operate it Can you see how changing from one one Business to funnel agency 2.0 has the Ability to simplify your life and make It More fun That’s what it’s done for me so Finally let’s talk about the five income Streams and how you can launch them Today without doing any additional work So funnel bills right no risk no upfront Cost free tools yes you can use free Tools um the only one that you need is

Like a landing page software but there’s A lot like canvas free like google drive Google form for those Automated form uh there’s illustrations Icons logos Everything you can find online There’s a free version for it even Design tools Free trials so you can get free trial to Click funnels to whatever page builder You want to use Free leads because of the you can see How i’m really like Thinking ways to make more money at Revenue streams without doing a lot of Work or cost it needs to be low risk low Upfront capital and it should be a Business that is that’s running pretty Passively after you launch it so free Leads yeah facebook free clients dms So there’s three thousand client deals That will get you to twelve point five Thousand per month fast even if you Don’t have a team of people to fulfill Yet So First one is one time project so all of These Is how i’ve made 300 000 plus from 10 Clients Is 33.54 4.5 5000 some of them

And It’s really Been the biggest uh income stream for me Is the one-time project And then we’ve had recurring revenue so People who pay me this is one client Who’s paid me 24 000 To do like multiple funnels for them on A Continuous basis And Um by the way i could add click funnels In here as well because they have new Projects all the time but Um Yeah this is where people pay you like We have an example in the Freedom family He He had she has 20 clients they’re paying Him recurring revenue and we’ll talk About that in a second how you can do That but third one is bundle or Partnership so like 36 000 from this one Client three payments it was a bundle of A lot of funnels with funnel templates That they could use in their business With their students So like once people start trusting you In one niche like man there’s so many Ways you can upsell and cross-sell to These people But then a lot of people ask like why Would clients pay you so much maybe you

Have this limiting belief as well like Why would clients pay you that much well If their fees are 5k right if their fees Are you know their coach their Consultant their service provider their Speaker Like if they charge 5000 for one client They just need one client to make that Money back and so they make all this to Pay you four thousand three thousand Five like It’s just math and you’re adding your Own emotions of like what you think that You’re worth Um But that’s just one of the the revenue Stream so let’s go to the next one Nobody knows this about me though uh Let’s just talk about this real quick Because i think it’s I think it’s important to mention before We go from funnel build which is not Passive to the four other It’s important to mention Because people think that because i’m Busy All the time uh they think that i’m Always working now i used to But nowadays i have two meetings in my Calendar per week two hours two hours Per week i have to show up To some you know call And um I even pick those days my myself the

Times myself it’s coaching calls and i Love doing i love seeing other people Win as well so that’s why i love this Business i have complete freedom to wake Up when i want go to sleep when i want Choose how i want my calendar to look Like and what i do on a daily basis That’s why i have images like this Whereas i used to not have images of us Being outside And well here’s me at the computer but This is me working on the business this Is me creating frameworks this is me Creating tools spreadsheets you guys Have seen my graphics I mean youtube videos that’s not work That’s fun stuff and so my schedule for Two years now Uh has looked like this Like i have You know two calls per week right now They’re on wednesdays but I’ve done like monday wednesday now i Decided to have monday free And then friday free as well and so it’s Just on wednesdays i have calls And and compared to where i was Literally just few years ago like this Nightmare i would go locally to clients And i thought that that’s what business Is but now people have opened their eyes To what’s possible with zoom calls and Meeting people online And creating passive income streams and

Systems and automations and leveraging The seven types of leverage i talked About And so yeah it’s just it’s changed how i Live my life and and i genuinely enjoy It now i didn’t enjoy my other marketing Smma business So before you start in the business ask Yourself the questions you can write Them down what i want my schedule to Look like genuinely i know it sounds Like a marketing thing like oh visualize Your future no genuinely do i spend Three days at new year’s Just thinking about my future what i Wanted to look like and i changed my Calls to wednesday because of it and It’s changed everything Talking to people all day Work by yourself do you want to be a Salesperson a ceo and just leverage your Team remember leveraging platforms Softwares and team it’s okay if you want To scale and have maybe work two hours Per day Show up at a specific time or set your Own schedule sales calls or close close Uh close clients over messenger How much do i want to make to cover all My expenses is it 5k 12k is it 30k right Like do you want to invest more maybe You want to invest right now in crypto And so you want to make 10 15 instead of Making 1k 2k in a job and then only

Having a hundred dollars to invest What’s the fastest and best way to get There with low risk and cost we’ll Recover that so ask yourself those Questions And then we talk about the gap like Uh look at where you are right now and Ask those questions see how you can get To the next next uh next one the reason I bring this up is because The results they want to get to that Place is based on your identity i didn’t Change my habits first i changed my Identity from being like a workaholic To being family focused and becoming the Best version for my kids when i saw this I wanted to become this person i became This person then my business changed as Well and so i had to make make tough Decisions i had to go all in on myself To change myself first to become the Person so like from this where you know I’ve lost a lot of weight since this but I got that from just like working all The time not exercising and this is not Like It’s not about the the outside how you Look it’s about how you feel on the Inside like are you confident in Yourself do you know that you’re doing Everything every day to become the Person you want to be and then that’s When i started training and really like Challenging myself and i created

Recreated myself and i finished an Ironman and i know people say You know how do you know that people Finish in iron man because they’re gonna Tell you about it heck yeah you can you Can be sure to talk about it because i I’m so proud it’s actually just now Becoming a thing where i’m proud of um 200 200 kilometers of a race 15 hours is Because i became that person i was able To then become the business owner of the Father the husband as well And so Um i created new funnels for you um a New system that we’ll talk about in a Second just keep this in mind when we Continue here Um income stream number two is affiliate Marketing but it’s recurring affiliate And so Let’s take a look at recurring No risk no additional work clients ask For a link so when you’re building Funnels for people you add this one by Literally sending them your affiliate Link and you say this is my affiliate Link you can feel free to use it if not Total okay most people don’t use this And i know people who is they’re still Getting paid over a thousand per month Not being an affiliate marketer just Literally sending people when they’re Onboarding clients in the onboarding Form and the email they have a link to

Sign up for click funnels if you don’t Have it two weeks for free Because you’re still going to build the Phone and send it over to them and if You don’t want to do that if you don’t Want to build funnels just do recurring Affiliate stuff i’m going to show you How you can use my funnels to send People and you get the affiliate like Check every single month So uh you build a funnel they use the Funnel you get paid every single month And that’s pretty cool income number two Then again no additional work 100 Passive income infinite scale because You’re not fulfilling it so these are All like and more but these are emails Uh click funnels are saying send you a Payment i think they send me send me one Every week or every second week Um so then we got the third one income Stream number three is templates No risk right No additional work Um not if you’re leveraging mine or if You’re using your client funnel so if You build a funnel for client you get Paid for it and then you just remove the Images And turn it into a template that you can Sell so it’s already built you can also Use my templates customize them set up An order form and launch it and after That it’s infinite scale you don’t do

Anything just set it up set it up once So you can see all of this 37 37 37 37 i Have 50 54 54 54 as well from people Buying the upsell checklist the funnel Launch checklist no additional work 100 Passive income infinite scale here’s Where i want to Uh cover something very important most People think they can’t sell funnel Templates because i sell them well guess What if i sell funnel templates to Course graders Then you know let’s say you choose the Real estate industry you’re going to Work with real estate agents build Home seller lead funnels Buyer lead funnels you’re going to build Funnels for the real estate industry Now you can create Three four five Funnel templates ten funnel templates Make them beautiful And then just sell to the real estate Industry at like 37. you’re not looking To become wealthy from from templates It’s 100 passive income and they want to Buy other stuff as well why because you Become the airbnb where they want to go For travel they want to go for a trip They go to the same place and airbnb is Just connecting uh them to the right Place and you’re doing the same thing They come to you because you’re in the Real estate space then they buy the

Templates now they want to Buy someone Hire someone to do it for them or buy a Course In the real estate funnel space and so You can sell your own you can um You can uh recommend them to mine and i Give you 40 of it so you make hundreds Of dollars just from doing that There’s so many ways you can add passive Income streams and and we got more i Mean we have Hundreds more slides to go over so let’s Continue uh number four referral income So Again no risk If you refer people Um to an ad agency because you don’t Want to do it so again if you’re a Course creator there’s not a lot of fun Advertising agencies who sell ads to Course creators But i find let’s say i find three i look At who’s the best and i recommend people Course creators to hire that agency to Scale their ads all i ask for is 10 for The first payment And i can make 500 bucks if the you know Package is 5k 500 bucks to just build Cross-sold Referral partnership so they buy funnels From me They can buy funnel templates as soon as

They need a video editor uh as soon as They need like a [Music] Bookkeeper a software A Ads agency i make money from all those People because i build those Relationships Where do i find them Facebook it’s not that hard no sales Call no management you get paid a Percentage get referrals back so now Because you send them clients they send You clients as well they can refer i’ve Had people refer Customers to templates to the course But most importantly to the funnel Agency and so all passive Income server number four again you can See 500 bucks 500 bucks 500 bucks no Additional work 100 passive income Infinite scale And then you can down sell a course uh There’s a lot of people who can’t afford You know they can’t afford your Done-for-you funnel system so if it’s if You sell services for 3.5 000 they can’t Afford it you don’t sell a course you Can either create your own let’s say You’re in the again we’ll do let’s do Fitness you can do like funnels for Fitness Pros That could be your course

And you can learn you know if you’re not A good designer If you’re not good at funnels you can Learn from me first and then create your Own after you have that experience But there’s no risk with it just launch It and then use your existing funnels Use your slps or create your own Processes and then package all of that Together or you can recommend other People’s Uh courses like i have a lot of people Who are affiliates for uh ffd Um just wait until they’re uh affiliates For ffd 2.0 And they’re gonna have a lot of passive Income just from recommending mine Instead of creating their own no Fulfillment you don’t have to create Anything just send a link to people Right you know you get paid hundreds and It’s infinite scale So you can see here if you have a course At 297 397 497 799 like there’s a lot of Ways you can add a passive income there Funnel builds you can see No risk all of these have like no risk Um let’s say you have Uh 2.5 k per funnel everyone on this Call can do 2.5 k per client four Clients ten thousand a month recurring Affiliate 30 um 30 let’s say you get Paid 30 dollars you have 10 people using It 300 a month for some people that pays

For their car 300 a month pays for the Car uh 370 From funnel templates 10 people let’s Say 2.5 per week so 10 people every week Buy the templates One person every week I send you a referral Uh that’s some people’s rent 1400 like The house that i live in Is 1100 so That’s the mortgage so literally Cross-sells I mean passive income for me pays for The car and the house that i live in That’s not even the funnel agency stuff And then you can downsell courses let’s Say you get 300 per affiliate One per week you have 1200 so that’s More than some people make all of this Just passive is more than some people Make in their job So anyone getting any epiphanies any Ideas any vision what for what you want To build Or is it just me who get excited when We’re talking about this stuff i mean It’s 1am here and i am so fired up from Just talking about it i get more energy By just talking about it all of this Together you can see it was like a few Per week one per week like one per week Funnel 13 000 per month Uh 13 13 270 dollars per month Here’s here’s the thing though click

Funnels make it very um Clear that that they’re not the Opportunity it’s not a business Opportunity itself it’s a tool to help Existing businesses grow faster so what Do we mean by that clickfunnels help Business get the message out there get More leads get more sales automate their Marketing increase the value of each Customer scale their business to seven Figures and beyond and they do this by Providing software’s trainings and the Community so you can learn everything You can use the software you can Leverage the community this is all the Leverage method where you don’t build Stuff yourself like they’re doing all The marketing for you they get people Into the community literally hundreds of Thousands of people so an example the Nft funnel Uh a person in the clickfunnels space They wanted an ft funnel uh it was Pretty simple opt-in page case study Page order form confirmation page right He came to clickfunnels someone referred Him to me from there Um and then that’s how i got paid so They already knew that they needed a Funnel i didn’t have to educate them That’s the beautiful thing about picking A blue ocean niche a growing niche so Clickfunnels markets you close one-time Project recurring revenue bundles

Partnerships and you can have a Multi-six-figure business by doing this If you add all of these four in there as Well you have just from this what’s this Six hundred two thousand three point Three thousand and then this is ten Thousand Boom So Again software how can you leverage Software click funnels canvas stripe Paypal they’re free google form free Content free organic marketing team use My plug and play templates and videos um And then use that and educate people Like you can add team members to ffd if You want to like that’s free to add them In there Money business pays for itself so you Can leverage that uh partners You can partner with me do no extra work Okay and just get paid passively Authority leverage my personal add my Stuff as a bonus to your stuff which is A white label or private label platforms Leverage facebook to reach more people It’s all free So um my recommendation to you is like Why not leverage me why not leverage Everything that we built all my Templates and this new book There’s going to be a physical ebook as Well but you can see here guston x your Name and so what you can do

Is You can take my 100k funnel business Ebook And you can change the links to click Funnels so as i’m talking about how to Build it’s basically this presentation In an ebook And you can take that And you can change since we’re you know You’re leveraging me my Material which is content on facebook Which is platform with clickfunnels Which is software and you’re leveraging All of this to just change out the links To the softwares and you get the passive Income you don’t have to build stuff From scratch and this is what elon musk Said last week that prompted me to Create this training literally what he Said he said one of the biggest traps For smart engineers is optimizing a Thing that shouldn’t exist some of you Right now you’re working on businesses That shouldn’t You got stuff that you shouldn’t be Working on and it’s not helping you move The the business forward Right it’s not helping the clients too Much like you’re wasting a lot of time So what’s mva A minimum viable agency so again we go Back to the five steps niche funnel type Content profile dm close because you Pick a niche all of these things become

Easier as well So let’s quickly take a look at youtube For example just because This hit me hard when he said in his Youtube video he’s like yeah if you want To be a youtuber you have to create 100 Biddles before expecting any results and I’ve done that i’ve created over 100 Videos and i have a team as well imagine If you had to do all the editing and That’s before expecting any results Whatsoever and i have 2000 like on Facebook i can easily add 5000 people Without doing any like Content i just add those people by Optimizing my profile And with facebook youtube and and Blogging like there’s no guarantee that You’ll get paid Right whereas uh with a funnel agency People buy the visual funnel you can Start low and then increase your price As you continue Um so me for example 100 videos no roi Cost me a thousand per month slow growth Expensive gear and the funnels is the Cash flow to fund it my funnel agency Funds my lifestyle Then i put the money into youtube Because it’s a long term play okay we’ll Talk about this already like do not go Out there and build a business that is Not going to serve you and your family The people you care about and let me ask

You this do you think it’s easier to Make hundred thousand per month in E-commerce and keep you know ten Thousand of that or get four clients per Month in a funnel agency For one per week or get to 100 000 per Month in e-commerce it’s pretty clear When you put it that way And then you add four more income Streams Literally today you can do that without Working any in additional um hours Number one passive affiliate stuff send To clients Sell them the templates passive Partnerships so finding those people and I’m sure the next question is how do you Find those we’ll talk about that as well Passive course And you’re the go-to in a niche so when You do all of this you leverage Facebook and click funnels just like Airbnb it’s just the platform and they Connect the hosts with the guests and They get paid By doing that they’re the middlemen and You’re the middleman you’re the go-to in A specific niche so is anyone starting To see how this can work for you now as Well Can you see like how you by literally Sitting on your phone connecting with People on facebook can lead to also Recommending stuff that they need like i

Know people who Recommend my course or funnel agency Just through messenger they can Literally be at home And i pay them you know a commission for That And so my question for you is uh if Anyone who feels like this right now You’re like super excited Or you feel like this where you’re like Man All i hear is like work you know five Income streams there has to be a lot of Work So um the thing is this i get messages Like this 24 7. no joke logos and do you Do consulting calls i probably need About 30 minutes of your time to get Some clarity on this career path which By the way i’m happy when i get these Messages It warms my heart that people you know Want to work with me my goal is to get To 20k per month so i have some big Questions that needs an answer more than Happy to compensate for your time so Please let me know But Like i said i can’t take on any more Clients i can’t take on any more calls Uh i’m literally living the the dream Optimized lifestyle that i want to have And so i just can’t do it and that would

Be the only thing that i could do in my Business those would be the the only People i could impact if i did nothing Else And so you can see here in my Clickfunnels account to go to funnels You can see i’m on the clickfunnels Platinum platinum level it’s uh Calculating the pages so like you can’t Even see i think it’s 8 000 or 9 000 Pages but funnels it’s actually could be Like six or seven thousand but funnels Is 864 funnels out of 999 so like i’ve Already built 400 funnels myself and Since i can’t duplicate my time anymore Maybe i can duplicate my business what If it’s possible that i can duplicate Everything that i’ve created all the Systems uh all the processes all the Automation all the tools the scripts That i built that i went years figuring Out paying thousands i’ve spent over a Hundred thousand just Uh on learning Literally learning And Not to speak of the time i never get the Time back that i’ve spent figuring all Of this out so who wants to duplicate my System templates an entire business For you So my question for you is is it okay if I spend five minutes going over a Special offer i put together

Where i’ve already done the hard work For you and i show you what it looks Like and walk you through the Everything And that then you make a decision that’s An informed decision um and the reason Why i say this is number one i want to Respect your time and so i’m gonna go Quick quickly through this but i want to Show you how you can leverage everything That i’ve built so you don’t have to do This yourself if that’s cool with you Yes Awesome So What’s next Exciting times it’s next uh that’s what I’m gonna tell you so Okay so right now you have two options From here do what you always done get What you’ve always had we all know that Go on your own journey do this on your Own and hope for the best and you can Learn from my content study my youtube And everything And i wish you the best if you do that Or you can do like i did when i hired Judge 40 and i paid him for a course And you can find someone who’s already Doing what you want to do right Ask them to show you What they did So you can get the same results right i Even borrowed money from my two younger

Brothers Which i’m grateful for so introducing Full-time funnel designer 2.0 this is a New first in the marketplace we’re the Biggest community we’re the first to the Marketplace because i’ve had access to Clickfunnels 2.0 for a long time nobody Else in this space have access to it and Now again i’m using leverage method to Help you guys move faster be the first Mover have the first mover advantage as You build your businesses so you can Start grow while your profitable fund is 10 10k per month in 90 days or less you Can partner with me get everything Already done for you so you can get paid Today not in months so let me show you What that looks like okay so first thing We have full-time funnel designer 1.0 so We have the community the courses the Templates literally all the modules from Css to design copy offer creation We have q a Weekly group calls where i’m reviewing Your funnels like this is from this week Actually You can see all of the tools that i’ve Already created for you but we click Like i said you can ask questions get Your funnels reviewed You can see here when people are posting In the facebook group they’re posting Hey Why is this not working besides typeform

Is there any other form that you would Recommend me to use but people helping Each other in the community Um we have again people asking questions Showing visuals and everyone is like Helping each other out And you can see here um He said this is all flipping crazy I’ve never been anyone on testimonial Before as someone who’s actually making Money with the program even though i’ve Been in at least four different coaching And masterminds thanks a lot gulstan got This 500 for the sign getting another 500 once i’m done with the funnel for Two kilometer club winner so he’s using This to leverage two com club winner to Get more clients and he’s getting paid a Thousand for it okay that’s from someone Who’s never you know been a testimonial For someone super exciting bro never Would have happened without you man this Also included me not posting any new Funnels for two days man your stuff Works this is literally life changing Can’t wait to be one of your first six Figure success stories okay another one Nine days after join the pro program This is it i didn’t know it would be Comfortable charging this amount two Thousand right so some of you you’re not Comfortable charging enough Just close a client for fifteen hundred Thanksgiving for everything you’ve

Taught me this stuff works like crazy From the bottom of my heart thank you And all this after five weeks of Follow-up Boom just landed my first client reach Out to them with a simple message okay Remember the dm closing scripts which I’ll give you follow your step-by-step Process got paid the same day i love it But we’ve updated these you can see we Have like Bonus content in there it’s the advanced Uh copy of the uh dm closing script this Needs to be a book soon Um okay i’ve been the only business for Four years now never have i ever ever Closed the deal without getting on the Phone and holy was i looking to get Off the phone after 500 sales calls just Woke up to this this morning 2.5 k Right the portfolio funnel and dm Closing strategy is a deadly combo feels Great to be able to close without Talking on the phone huge thanks to Ghosten okay And then he went on to have his first 20k in a month and he said i’ve spent Probably three um thirty thousand plus On courses can honestly say ghost has Been the best one just in june loan i Made twenty thousand four hundred all Thanks to go step and you know he’s he’s A nice guy mason says all thanks to Ghost and he obviously implemented a lot

He’s a beast he’s very good at what he Does Um And he’s in the e-com space Um full-time fun designer one plus two So this is the new one where we’re Building out uh it’s mostly done But uh we’re building it out and you’re Getting free access to this as well when You decide to enroll plus Partner with ghost then which is also Going to be free for you this will build The four different income streams for You where i am literally Uh billing out all the the uh The assets the funnel templates and Everything so you can leverage that to Make money As well as the freedom family obviously The private community with that you know You can partner with people a lot of People actually in there the partner With others to Um you know recommend each other to To funnel agencies that are in the right Niche and so they’re getting paid Referrals And you don’t have to again do this Alone so all of these are already ready For you can start using today with a Passive affiliate revenue to passive Templates positive partnerships passive Course you can literally recommend mine And get paid hundreds without doing

Anything and i give you the scripts The graphics to promote it and you don’t Even have to be an affiliate like active Affiliate just have the link ready when People message you and you get paid that Way so what else do you need affiliate Links two softwares okay that’s Available in this ebook already Okay what else do you need Well you need funnel templates to sell So i’ve created funnel templates that You can leverage as well and you just Customize them and once you’ve Customized them they are ready and you Never have to touch them again well you Need a list of partner opportunities Right if you’re going to add a third Income stream you need that list what Else do you need you need 40 commissions On all uh full-time funnel designer 2.0 Sales it’s what you need okay So What else do you need after that well You need scripts to sell of these Without calls and now we’ve added the Affiliate scripts as well To everything inside of dm closing so It’s not just about funnel agency now so It may seem like this is like out of Reach right now but um you know because It did did the same for me it felt like Man 10k per month actually it’s not that Much and if you listen to millionaires Who say this they talk about like 10k

Per month it’s like nothing And when you actually break down the Math It just makes sense and for me it was When i when i you know it didn’t make Sense i didn’t believe until i made my First 1000 then it became a habit and i Just like repeated the process And so then the client fly will start Taking off where you have dream clients You give them great experience because You’re in a community with people who Can help you build those funnels and Deliver those funnels for clients then You upsell people you cross-sell to People you get referrals testimonials Bigger portfolio better clients and this Money flywheel Keeps growing So When you join today you’re also going to Get free updates to Um Everything in full-time funnel designer For the next 100 years Okay so why are we doing this well we Want to reach nirvana which is freedom We want you to get to A couple different milestones and that’s What this program is going to help you Do you want to get 10 to 15 sales Funnels in your portfolio because Nothing gives you more confidence in Your

Ability to build funnels and close more People than your experience so those First 10 15 clients I mean the first client is going to pay For the program itself when you have Lifetime access but You want to get to 10 15. i’m going to Show you how to do that you want to you Want to get an audience of 5 000 Targeted people because if 500 people Can give you five clients then 5 000 People can give you 50 clients and i’ve Had over a thousand from just my 5000 Audience You want to build a personal brand that People trust there’s a very specific Process you can go through to do that And it’s not that hard once you have the Uh like an example Or a resource library to to go through To see how to do that and you want to Get to a point where you have three Point three to five new involved leads Every single week coming to you can like I said when you know how to post content That attract those people then it starts Compounding even more with the referrals And then one to two new clients every Week because that’s when the the client Flywheel effect takes place you stay Consistent you get referrals And you start creating momentum and then You want to have a systems process for Everything you don’t want to create

Everything from scratch Because um you don’t want to like try to Figure out every single piece from zero It’s a little like me building click Funnels from the ground up they already Have it why reinvent the wheel so the Best part of this is you get free funnel Templates every single month from me get Free training updates of clickfunnels 2.0 for lifetime so You know first first in the market and You never pay for an update of of this Program ever again right you never pay a Monthly membership of funnel design Trainings So we’re going to have a monthly Membership this this year coming out um But it’s only for funnel design and not The entire business and systems and all That And you never pay any of that it’s all Included and you’re never going to go Through Uh your day you know day-to-day funnel Business without having answers to what You’re working on because of the private Community and access to me there You have a commuter like-minded people The same mission you can you know jump On The the q a calls connect with people Like it’s on zoom and we’re literally Hanging out learning from each other you Can have a clear road map to freedom and

And see how people are quitting their Jobs and actually growing this business And you can have this the calendar which Is i love this image just remove me from Here i love just this here really Planner two meetings i love that Uh and so what’s inside well the first Module is funnel agency foundation so This is all about You know the financial revolution and How i’ve structured my business to be Able to grow this quickly And then setting the client flywheel in Motion how to actually get started on That the nine step zero to 100k roadmap The most important video in this program And i genuinely believe that Understanding funnel flows and roadmaps So you can show that to clients and yeah It’ll almost close them by itself Because It shows that you’re an authority Value versus price how to price your High ticket funnel agency offer so how Do you actually structure the offer Using the funnel agency offer quadrant And it helps you create no-brainer Offers that people say yes to And this is a must-watch as well a Hundred plus funnel building resources And links to actually free stuff like Free icons illustrations like everything That makes your design Look better but my question isn’t okay

Are we done my question is what else do You need how can i make this better so We have like i said the road maps we Have new funnel templates that i’ve Added to your um your homepage your male Female everything in between And Every month we’re adding new by the way So you get free access to all of this For life Finally see Funnel clients playbook so this is an Actual pdf of the entire program Then we have new sorry new uh Spreadsheets that helps you create the Offers Um literally like a fast lane checklist To freedom We uh um that alone gets you like to These two but we need these uh three Still right and so In client secrets we have live dm Closing case studies so the one that i Showed you as an example we have Multiple those the entire conversation With the clients what i said what they Said uh how i overcame the objection how I closed them Literally the invoice that i sent like Everything We have uh well i guess you could read i Got 100 plus clients with an automated Profile funnel my lead generation Strategy watch me design a cover photo

Get the template for redesigning a Profile Image from bad to a good one my advanced Dm closing scripts the unlimited legion Content planner to build your personal Brand the magnetic funnel content swipe Also a hundred different examples of of Content to use Turn your final images to a promo video How do you do that well there’s a Template for that yes you guessed it how Do you track your clients well there’s a Client project checklist for that Literally everything is built for you so My question is what else do you need Well maybe these templates there’s 30 Templates that you can use um these are What we’ve used since i think 2020. i’ve Added these 2021 and then we’ve added These as well Where they just look more 3d and and Modern but there’s all these assets are Included So what else do you need how can we make This better well what about Breaking down dm conversations from Myself and you guys so you can send in Your dm conversations and i can review Those now you have all of these you’ve Picked a niche you have a funnel type You literally have the visuals for all Of it you have content that i recommend Hundred content posts you have profile Canva templates for everything at bm

Closing script you have the entire Funnel agency now right and i could go On and on about the the program what’s In it I always update with new content so Every week when we have something new Coming out Um like right now with clickfunnels 2.0 You’re going to be the first that gets The module clickfunnels 2.0 like you’re Going to be the first to get everything From me for life and so here’s what Going get uh when you get access for Life to a full-time final designer 1.0 You can you’re going to get 2.0 for free As well and that’s easily a five Thousand dollar value like that’s one Client But then you’re also going to get sorry Partnering with ghost and program so Literally using my stuff To um recommend to other people even Private label like i’m gonna show you Here in a second how you can get seven Funnels That you can just literally resell as They are you probably want to customize Them to your niche but they’re ready for You just use them Uh private facebook community two Thousand dollar value Weekly q a coaching calls and replay Recordings if you can’t be there live There’s one per week and i charge a

Thousand per hour if i could do Consulting i mean that’s 52 000 so let’s Just take it down a little bit you know Um That’s uh 5.2 let’s say everyone split It everyone who’s on the call this pla Is 5200 dollar value six figure five Lazy templates the onboarding literally The scripts um the form the questions That i use to onboard them the email That i sent to them everything that i Use to build my funnel agency And then we have a duplicate of that Slide that’s good copywriting mastery Course so it’s literally a full module On how do you write copy for Uh long form short form Is there a template yes is there a Script yes are there examples yes There’s examples for everything Funnel vault with seven-figure funnel Builds so Examples of other funnel builds like a Vault where you can start collecting Information and so you never run out of Inspiration for your builds offer Creation systems spreadsheets 500 value Total value 20 200 for all of this and if it’s made me 600 000 my entire business and more now We’re going to break a million this year But if it’s made me all of that you know Cost customizing everything putting it Into a program a system you can

Duplicate is that worth twenty thousand If it could get you four clients at five Thousand which is twenty thousand i Would say so like if you look at college It’s 200 000 sometimes In some countries and so That’s that’s not going to get you a Funnel agency So i would say uh it’s it’s easily worth That and so Uh would it be worth it yes what if we Charge only 10 of that would that be Worth it right like if you could get one Client uh if all it did was get you Applied for 3 000 Well then obviously at 10 is 2 000 so it would be worth it plus You now have skills for life you have a Community for life you have experience For life you have The lifestyle because you work from home You have the freedom because you have Those clients who pay your bills right Plus the passive income streams So This is what john said um i asked him Like if he could share a win from Full-time funnel designer this year he Said 100 full-time agency owner asking No other income no other job went from One-time project right which is what we Talked about the first type of client Fee star female bills to monthly Recurring revenue of over 2.5 k per

Month and still doing one of project Work Signed up the end of 2020 spent full Year changing my agency i now have 20 Clients pay for monthly services focused On 2021 being a scaling year ghostly you Changed my life 20 clients per month Right like that’s more than six figures Per year So [Music] Uh if we did 10 It would be 2020 for lifetime access but we’re not Going to charge you that Right we’re not we’re not going to Charge you 2 000. so what are we going To charge you well let me ask you this And said what else do you need well free Bonus number one that you’re going to Get is all of this we have The feedback loop checklist which is if You get stuck like how do you check the Feedback loop to know how to get unstuck We have literally all of these assets And when i say everything i mean Everything the background image is for For funnels for different clients The cover photos for your social media Profiles like literally everything is Inside of there and what it’s going to Do is help you save hundreds of hours so What’s that worth to you um says i set Up my first concert following two hours

Using a 10 minute challenge two hours i Know people who work in weeks on one Funnel So my question is when you have all Those assets all those trainings all Those systems the community the q a Calls to get support what else do you Need well here’s the free bonus number Two they’re also going to get the funnel Design hierarchy cheat sheet so 10 Pillars Visual hierarchy literally examples of Everything how to optimize your funnel So you can go through the pdf in 20 Minutes and become a design master just By looking at it What’s that’s going to do it’s going to Make you um and help you finally feel Confident again so harshita says i used To lack confidence with my final work Before but ghosts coaching has changed My mind to align definitely a lot more Confident in my work because now has a Proper structure and a framework which Cannot go wrong My clients do keep referring me which is A great sign okay passive Lead generation passive client Acquisition But we’re not done What would what would this be if we Didn’t over deliver after spending one And a half hours together so bonus for The 10 first people to join full-time

Funnel designer 2.0 and Partner with costume Is you’re going to get my 10 best client Inbound post so my top 10 posts that got Me clients and you can see those as well You’re also going to get 10 live funnel Build outs start to finish the first Ones are already in there and we’re Doing them all all the time That use clickfunnels free affiliate Script So um you know how can you get Affiliates using click funnels so you Get paid and you use it for free I’m also going to give you plug and play Team training system so you can add your Team for free to the program to the Community and the q and a calls which is Like literally worth itself five Thousand The best part is the partner with ghost And white label bundle So joe said one of the best investments I’ve ever done i thought i knew how to Build funnels and took until i took Full-time funnel design and joined the Lab i quickly realized how much i needed To learn and how much i didn’t Understand and that’s the thing Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t Know fortunately for me all the Information is available and provided It’s honestly one of the best Investments i ever made in myself or my

Business and will help me crush in 22 And beyond So first and people You’re gonna get to white label my seven Templates you can give them away You can sell them get affiliate income You can get paid to build funnels using Those templates and that’s already Inside when you join today So what else our simple uh our system Simply Works jaden said free clients to turn Into paid clients so he used the simple Process of the five-step funnel agency And then he got a free client in a Specific niche turned into a paid client And hannah said did you start with Funnel redesign for the free work or More than that yeah i use the script That ghost and gives in the course and Reach out to people the dm closing Scripts work inbound outbound because You lead with value you know exactly What to say at every different stage of The process you also get free monthly Redesigns live so you can see before How we redesign it We use a template we completely change Everything to have a custom funnel start To finish and you get to see everything Behind the scenes of every single Different funnel types plus here’s the Best part you can also submit funnels to Me and say hey uh do you have anything

In the fitness space do you have Anything in the Uh in the course creator space in the Real estate like whatever niche you’re In i can create it and that’s my my Guarantee and promise to you Is if If there’s a niche that you need me to Create something for I’ll create it and send it to you Because i’m going to upload it to the Program and so we’re done using that as Leverage so Add that in here 10 live funnel builds Start to finish plug and play team Training system monthly live funnel Redesigns and by the way if you don’t Have a team right now As you scale maybe you want to Build a team and have more freedom work On the business not in the business You can you do this whenever you want Add them later when you have a team Okay And now the value is no longer 20 000 is Priceless Literally nothing else do you need to Succeed with this so here’s the price Drum roll uh normal price is going to be 19.97 this is a new bundle with Full-time funnel designer 1.0 2.0 five Thousand dollar value partner with ghost And program private facebook community Weekly q a calls between calls and

Recording six-figure funnel agency Templates copywriting mastery course Funnel vault with seven-figure funnel Builds offer creation systems Spreadsheets ten live funnel builds Plug-and-play team training systems Monthly live funnel redesigns all For Not 1997. just 19 uh just 997. so 997 Today But [Music] Uh before you go here But wait there’s more Uh Questions that i get a lot and i want to Talk about this so people say do i need To pay someone for Um the software that i’m going to use Afterwards like what are the softwares That i need well there’s all the Softwares that i’ve linked in the Spreadsheet that you get access to a Hundred different resources Most of those are free But there’s one that you gotta pay for So like click funnels or if you use any Under any other like landing page you Can get a couple of weeks for free but Then that’s going to be the expense i Want this to be free for you today and For weeks Right for months So here’s what i’m going to do

I want to pay for two months of your Software so you pick the software that You’re going to use And let’s say it’s most of these are Like 99 Per month or 100 bucks we’ll round it up To 100 Per product And if i pay for two instead of us doing Like transactions back and forth and Everything not only do you get 50 off From 1997 with all of the three uh in The bundle and with being able to Uh white label my stuff I’m also going to take 200 off so it’s Just 797 today And so that’s less than what we’ve sold Uh just 1.04 and now you get 2.0 and you Get partner with ghostland you get all Of this new bonuses as a part of it so Uh you can go to actually don’t go to Full-time funnel designer kingsley if You could drop the link in the comments Below That’s the link that you want to go and Join because if you go to full-time Funnel designer it’ll say that we’re now Uh Changing From one point to 2.0 so you’re not Going to see the link there we’ll put in The link and after this is live we’ll do Some q a here in a second but after this

Is Over i’m going to delete this live Stream from facebook so you want to go Ahead and join now by Going to the link in the comments And i’ll just make sure that we Um Post that as well kingsley if you could Post the link in the comments that would Be awesome and then let’s go through This If we have any problems with the link I’ll uh i’ll do add the q a at the end Because i’m also going to give one Person who stays to the end i’m going to Give you A free access to full-time funnel Designer 2.0 the bundle so Uh step two uh again this is what it’s Going to look like when you get the link You click it there’s an order form it’s Two-step order form fill out your name And Step two your information complete the Order so first a couple of faqs Questions that people are asking all the Time that i’m going to cover and then We’ll go into the live questions that You have on facebook What if i’m brand new right people ask This question all the time what if i’m Brand new like i know nothing about a Funnel So here’s what uh my good friend said

That your small win and this was in 2020. small win but atlanta my biggest Client yet 1500 getting easier to Justify a higher price I’ve come closer to a 5k month but not Quite over it yet but i mean this is my Seventh month from coming from not even Having to sign a funnel before Let me tell you something if i in Finland wanted to Climb the corporate ladder have a normal Traditional job to get to 5 000 a month Was already a dream It became a reality then i doubled it Then i tripled it and Once you learned the skills you can see How he’s getting more comfortable Because he knows the skills now and i Wasn’t a great designer like look at This this is where i started who picks This text at not not only the headline But all the other text as well So Uh all these jobs like being a Receptionist being a cashier a rental Sales person then working with russell Brunson and click funnels And so Um the next thing would then be like People ask what if i’m not a good Salesperson well Dm closing Literally hundreds of people who’s done This look at that 57 comments

Do you have to use click funnels well we Have people using everything i remember Someone asked me did you on the program And they said hey i want to use this Program Um i think they’re They’re from france because it was a Software in the french market And uh he’s like nobody’s really good in That space it took him literally like Couple of days or a week or something to Become the go-to because of the content The personal branding Content in the program and then he Started getting all these clients with That software i just use clickfunnels Because that’s where people are going Now especially with 2.0 and so you want To be in a blue ocean so you want to get In now and learn everything and like use My stuff and and download it and so as People start rushing through it you’re The first to like literally grab the Low-hanging fruit Well i’ve had people ask me this as well Like why don’t you just give away Your program for free Right or can i pay later when i get Results well i am confident in it and i Could do it But uh russell brunson once said april 2020 he said Those who pay pay attention and when i Saw this i was like man that’s so true

Like when i paid and i invested money i Didn’t have like i took a a loan from my Brothers my younger brothers which Itself was a hit to my my ego But um I i paid attention because i paid Everything i had and more than i had and So i paid attention and i worked my ass Off to get here and it paid off And so it’s the same thing with the Watch if you pay 150 bucks or 15 000 Like yeah you paid 100 times more so Obviously you’re gonna take more care of It right because you pay attention to What you paid for Plus everything goes back into the Business anyways so uh people who join It’s not free obviously but It goes back into the business to create More content to create more stuff for You guys This allows me to Build more trainings templates and tools For you rather than just doing funnels And i’ll always have funnel clients i Love working with clickfunnels and Um robert kiyosaki dan kennedy like all These big Clients here’s the best part is there Any guarantees ghost in Okay so we have a new guarantee a very Special 120 money back guarantee Because i used to think that i’m not Going to do any money back guarantees

Because people take advantage of it People join and this by the way is Starting today this second Um [Music] And so i had this this mindset that People join the program they download my Stuff and then they leave Right so i was like i’m not going to do That because like you saw the graphics You saw everything i have the system and Everything so if people join download Everything and and ask for a refund like That’s theft it’s digital property that I’ve created spent years and thousands And thousands thousands for But i said but the program works in Every country every age every language Every experience every degree every Gender Like it just works and so if i’m Confident let’s have a 100 money back Guarantee for people going to implement But then i was like actually you know How confident i am I’m gonna pay you An additional 200 bucks From my own pocket if it doesn’t work For you so there’s no risk for you to Try it out all i’m asking is for you to Say maybe So say maybe join the program get inside Just like when you buy a house you get Inside you don’t make a decision outside

Of the house like do you want this house Or do i not want this house when you buy A car you go in and you test drive it And you see if it works and if you like It Right Then you keep it you buy it and so i Want you to get inside the program make A fully informed decision Implement our system and if you haven’t Been able to make your money back in 90 Days from now we’ll give you your money Back and pay you an additional 200 bucks From our own pocket okay all we ask is That you implement our checklist because There’s like a checklist you fill out as You um go through the program and that Way there’s no questions of like what Should i do next and all of that And so everything is already made for You uh go to the link in the comments Enroll now And you can start getting access to this In literally a couple of minutes and you No longer have to worry about like how Do i design what templates do i use what Do i say to clients Or be nervous when Who you’re working with clients like you Don’t have to think You know you don’t have to worry about Like getting client refunds because you Have the system You have the support

The q a calls the redesign everything Form From me so Don’t go to this link i have to update This link is in the description Um maybe if you’re watching the replay It’ll be at But right now As i’m doing this 2 a.m in finland Go to the link in the description of This live stream and now Let’s do q a so i’m going to open Facebook here On my other screen real quick And then we’re going to do q a because I’m curious what questions you have uh About the program about partner with Ghosten 2.0 Anything related to this let me know And will get that covered for you so There we go [Music] Thank you kinsley for dropping that link Uh we have 67 uh seven comments i can’t Even see the comments here because it’s Zoom Okay so thanks kinsley for always Dropping the the link there i assume Like once it goes about like below a Certain Uh step Then you can see them so i’m gonna be

Here for a couple more minutes answer Any questions you have if i haven’t seen Your questions Drop it again michael says this is good Stuff goes then um [Music] Kevin says how do you view the templates If you’re not using click funnels so Yeah that’s a great question so well i Can’t show you the spreadsheet because Then you can everyone can just like copy My my links but i have a spreadsheet Right of like every funnel type so you Pick a niche And then from that you’ve picked the Funnel types my spreadsheet is organized So it’s funnel types live link and share Funnel link and so you can do is two Things you can have the live link just Look at all of them grab a screenshot of It Or you can do that plus then create a Free click funnels account for two days And then Within click funnels you download the Html code so i have a client who’s using WordPress but we built the following Click funnels they downloaded the html And they put it on the wordpress site as An embedded landing page and so that’s Why it’s easy for you to design it bill Is just drag and drop you don’t have to Be tech savvy and the client can enjoy It on any page they want

[Music] Because he shows you using live links Yep simon says everything is clear Awesome awesome justin says i agree Perfect Any questions i’ll be here for a little Bit longer um amazon said okay leroy Says do existing facebook full-time Funnel designer members get an upgrade To 2.0 yes everyone who’s in full-time Funnel designer you don’t have to join You get free access Right Um says when do the one-pointer students Be upgraded to 2.0 um next week so Monday is when we’re officially rolling It out some of it is is already Inside of kajabi but i’ll do A separate live stream inside a Full-time final designer after this one So literally people who join now after This we’re going to jump into freedom Funnels Private community and celebrate they Joined And we are going to Uh get all of your questions answered uh With downloading the new resources uh And all of that so I just says the current folder the Access to since you’re already lifetime Yes 100 everyone who’s in already you Get access for life people are in the Lab you get free access to all of this

As well for life Michael says how do you feel about Niching down to only design info product Funnel building Yeah i i love the info product space i Think it’s going to come continue to Grow And so the more course graders and and And coaches consultants packaging their Information and expertise The uh the more clients you’re gonna get So i love the niche i definitely Recommend it chris says love the value Providement by updating the course on The create new version the course Charging war yeah man it’s a mission i’m On and it doesn’t change the mission Uh whatsoever to charge it just destroys The mission to charge people again Right like as The only thing i’m gonna do is make more Money and make people upset But what i’ve done for the last couple Of years is try to get one client happy As an individual why one core student Happy as an individual Right one visitor to my youtube happy as An individual and what is done is is Paying off by people generally being Happy and word of mouth and that’s why Affiliate is now the next thing people Can do to add income To their Uh business is just recommending what

They’re happy with Right software’s you don’t have to just Have click funnels as a software you can Have a resource page of all the Softwares you use and literally build up Your affiliate like income on the back End Jois says this great stuff man learning More about funnels yeah hopefully this Was was valuable all the different Examples i gave as well Mike is is this more than just the sign Or the email template sales set yeah Everything is in there like the sign Trainings email templates the scripts is Already in there right now not next week Not february 1st it’s in there right now Has customer platform you’re using During onboarding i’m using typeform but We have a lot of people using google Forms as well uh mike uh miguel says Should we send you dm if we have a Funnel template for speculation we’re Hoping you can make yeah 100 I’ll get to it this week Literally this week i’ll get to uh any Funnel templates that you guys have you Can send over [Music] Chris says i’ve been building away from 10 years and funds for five years take a Lot of training this course is the best Value i’ve seen respect i appreciate That especially coming from you bro i

Really do i appreciate that And you’re very talented too that’s what It means a lot If you were wouldn’t mean crap i’m Just kidding What other questions do we have Uh kingsley if you could drop the link Again I guess otherwise people see full-time Final designer but if you could drop the Link to the [Music] Um [Music] To the actual order form that would be Awesome The uss thanks until when can we enroll So sunday night this goes away sunday Night so just this week Thank you kinsley for dropping the link There So yeah What other questions do we have i love This Link posted thanks 95 comments let’s get to 100 comments Let’s get to 100 comments Any questions on Uh the course material any questions on Software any questions i try to really Kill myself i was even late i said 10 A.m first we got to 5 p.m Because i literally went from 200 slides To 100 slides not by adding to the offer

Stack By adding to the explanation of the Stuff before it By literally adding and conceptualizing Different trainings to be This is the visual of it Kevin says you already have content for Niches yeah 100 100 there’s a a offer creation Spreadsheet that i created like a year Ago for niching And i just I actually disabled it from full-time Funnel designer to save it for a future Program about like education But now it’s again it’s irrelevant so i Just click a button in this line I’m says i’m looking forward to advanced Dm spirits from 2.0 Yep is going to have all the income uh Streams outside of funnel agency Thank you for the training man great job Um [Music] Okay now we’re going fast here the Funniest time especially because i’m Reading myself from wordpress to click Funnels yeah you’ll get the Uh all the new upsells to funnel Templates as well i don’t sell phones in Service but i bought your training Series because As a speaker and coach who market all The time your deals are gold appreciate

That bro i’ve seen you i’ve seen your Stuff i see your content inspiring People so that’s awesome but what you Could do man is you could recommend it When people ask about funnels make a Couple hundred thousand for doing Nothing just keep a link like an Affiliate link to my stuff Right because i’m sure when you speak People have questions about businesses Just send them to this if they have Questions and you and you get paid We look for money first before sunday Hopefully awesome awesome yeah it’s About being resourceful Uh chris says any inside word on Clickfunnels 2.0 how people get access Um what can i say here i know the first People are starting outside of the the Smallest group people are now starting To get access who are a little bit of a Bigger group so they’re rolling out step By step I think what they’re trying to do is not Talk about it too much because it gives People a lot of expectation And they want to do it properly Now they’re going product first Marketing second which is brand new for Click funnels not only build it did they Build a new platform They also change how they’re marketing It To be

Product best And then marketing Um broken says Broken broken knuckle apparel it’s the Best course to buy always over delivers I appreciate that look at all these Comments guys This is awesome What if the client don’t want to use Click funnels yeah so you can do if the Client doesn’t want to use click funnels Is you design it in sketch or figma or Photoshop or canva I wouldn’t recommend canva for an entire Landing page but we do have templates And and Layout structure for that like the Framework in canva as well for for Funnels but what you do is you design it There And then you leverage partnerships with People in in full-time funnel designer In the group in the private community Who are already good at what they do Um like kingsley for example he’s on my Team he’s here he’s good at wordpress as Well as click funnels so you charge 3000 And you pay him 500 or a thousand to deploy the design So you keep over two thousand for just Designing it and he deploys it to the Click funnels wordpress site for example Uh will do awesome awesome Um yes this is interesting super that’s

Why i stay until the end but no money Yet as of now i hope i can invest on This before sunday christmas wordpress Cadence guidance blogs who funnels Yep see so we have experts who can do That for you what we’re gonna do now is We’re gonna pick someone who’s live So start commenting right now And in like a minute from now i’m gonna Pick a person who i can see on the Comments And that’s who i’m gonna give free Access to all of this as a bundle so the First person i see Uh a minute From now And i’m just gonna calculate like Manually one two three sixty seconds so Start commenting the person who i see Uh and it’s gonna go to start commenting And then one person Uh i’m gonna give free access to [Music] I hope you can choose me okay so you Gotta comment a lot let’s go uh One person Uh we got 40 more seconds 30 or 35 [Music] 30 25 20 15. [Music]

Ten [Music] Five [Music] Comment comment comment Okay i’ve also opened stripe to see uh When you guys are enrolling so uh we’re Going to also put the link here but Three Okay let me do this three Two One zero Avidilio ah sorry i mispronounced your Your name probably Avedilo dennis David sorry Boom congrats That’s awesome so i’m gonna message you Bro And i’m gonna yeah me me me yep i’m Gonna message you and give you access as I jump off this live stream but any Questions you guys have you can Uh put it in the comments and i’ll Circle back and answer those questions For you excited to have you guys Avilio excited for you to be in as well Congrats everyone say congrats to him And with us said we’re going to say good Night And actually i’m now i’m gonna start Onboarding people to Uh ffd 2.0 and partner with ghost and And so

A lot of uh work to be continued but That’s going to make it easier for you So i’m excited for everyone to join And thank you for jumping on this uh This call as well what i’m gonna do now Is grab the share funnel link to Everyone on this call because you were Here live And i’m just gonna end the live stream And just come back here in 60 seconds And that way you’ll see the share funnel Link to the funnel agency template that I shared with you beginning of this call And so with i said go to the link in the Comments to enroll before sunday is when The price goes up to 2000 And now it’s 1 000 only and then i’m Gonna pay for two months of your Software which means it’s only 797 for Lifetime access to three programs in Total As well as all of the bonuses so just a Quick recap what you’re going to get Access to is full-time fun designer 1.0 2.0 partner with ghost and program where You can leverage my stuff and resell it To make money in your business as well As partner with me as an affiliate You tell me what to build i build it you Sell people to my stuff and you get paid 40 for everything literally everything Then we have a private facebook Community we can network with Like-minded people weekly q and a

Recording um coaching calls and they’re Live and then you also get the recording The replays obviously Six figure funnel agency templates where You can set everything up so you have Your funnel agency live in a day Copywriting master course where you can Learn how to write copy be a great Funnel builder start to finish funnel Walls with seven-figure funnel builds Literally like what are other people Doing they’re making their funnels Successful and just get inspired by Those and model what’s already working Offer creating systems so you can create Highly converting offers for yourself as Well as for other people 10 live funnel bills start to finish Plug and play team training system add Your team members to the course to the Program to the q a calls and you can Scale without you being involved monthly Monthly live funnel redesigns and new Funnel templates uh being added in there As well so Crazy stuff uh go to uh if you’re Watching on the replay you can see if we Have it live at Forward slash go other than that there’s A link below this where you can enroll And with that said thank you all and i Will see you on the inside

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