Freelancing is ALREADY STRESSFUL. Don’t make it harder on yourself! Freelance Tip #3

If you're a freelancer you've got to Stop putting too much pressure on Individual clients and individual Prospects and this is something that we Often do especially when we're just Getting started out and we don't have a Whole lot of clients or prospects so we Put a ton of pressure on them and we Think too much about them and we Overthink things and we end up not Performing as well and we also set Ourselves up to get discouraged and Devastated when they don't hire us or When they don't like our work so instead What you need to do is disconnect Emotionally from these types of things And focus on what you can control which Is your input and your work ethic if you Can disconnect emotionally and of course If you can get more clients and more Prospects you're not going to put so Much pressure on every individual sales Call or every individual onboarding call And things are going to get more Comfortable and you're going to be able To do this for a longer period of time Without burning out

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