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You want to start an online business if You want to make sure that it's the Right one if you look at e-commerce or Coaching for an example you gotta have Like the years of experience to coach Someone or you got to create the product Source it find it buy the inventory Versus freelancing where you can take a YouTube playlist or mini course on udemy Or skillshare on video or graphic design Or funnel building or Tick Tock editing Or like all these new trends that pop up And it's a growing need you could learn That in a weekend obviously you got to Be good at it so it's more of like Instead of buying inventory you build a Portfolio I don't have a portfolio I Have clients how can I get a portfolio I Don't have a clients well if I sell Videos I'm gonna create a few videos Right and they could be concept videos Or free work and I have a portfolio now I use that as the main thing that can Sell for me in the future so when I Message people on social media platforms I just simply ask them to check out my Portfolio you're gonna ask me what I Charge and I send the invoice no calls No proposals because they see my Portfolio

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