Funnel Pages in ClickFunnels 2.0

Learn about how to set up Funnel Pages in ClickFunnels 2.0.

ClickFunnels Education I hope you’re having a great Day today In this video we’re going to talk about Funnel pages There are two ways to create a funnel Page and we’ll go over both of them In both cases however we need to start By going to the site and funnels tab on The left hand side of your screen so Click on that now We can either create a new funnel page From inside an existing funnel or create A new funnel page and then create a new Funnel that will use it Let’s start by going to pages In this part of the exercise we’re going To create a new funnel page and then Create a funnel that will use it We’ll start by clicking new page This will create a standalone page but In doing so We can then use that funnel that page as The first step in a funnel That will make it a funnel page We’ll click Start From blank for now Example funnel page you’ll notice that As usual the name of the funnel pair the Name of the page will determine the page URL It looks like this URL is available for Use but if we need to change this we

Could always edit the page URL Afterwards optionally we can add a Description to this page Or change the style You can also choose whether or not it Will be indexed in search engines as This will be the first page in our new Funnel let’s allow it to be indexed Finally let’s click create page Now that we’re in the editor We can change how this funnel page is Laid out adding sections Columns And elements as we see fit For now Let’s just save this funnel page and go Back to pages There will be another video that Describes how to edit funnel pages in The editor Now let’s go to funnels Clicking create funnel We’ll call it new funnel example just For for an example name obviously if You’re creating a new funnel for use in Your account you should use a name that Is descriptive that funnels contents For now we’ll click create funnel We can now choose To create a page And as we have Pre-existing pages that we can use for This We’ll choose example funnel page from

Our Standalone pages As you can see We’ll once again have to give it a name And as per before this page URL will be Determined by the example name that we Give it if I’ve used this name before so I’m adding One two three and you’ll see that the URL is available for use I’ll leave the description blank along With this search engine optimization Settings but you can fill these in To increase your funnel branding Now I’ll click create page As you can see Our previously created Standalone page Is now a funnel page We can also do this By going to a already existing funnel And adding a page directly there I once again I’ll go to new Final Example By clicking on the title I can now click the plus button Select a page And create a new page if I wish As before I can choose to fill in any or All of these fields although having a Name and a page URL are required As is the second page in this funnel I Won’t have it indexed in search engines I’m going to create the page And I can now edit it as I did the Previous one

My leisure This is how you would create a funnel Page either by creating a page first and Then a funnel or a funnel first and then A page in both examples we’ve created New funnel page types That we can see in the pages section of Our account And going to funnel Pages you’ll see That both example funnel name and this Is another example the pages we just Created are now indexed in the pages That’s all we have for this video if you Have any further questions or concerns Please feel free to reach out to our Excellent tech support team or check out Other Academy documents and videos for More information about building your Thick funnels account your funnels Courses and pages Thanks for stopping by and have a great Day.

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